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Please visit our adoption page to read about applying for a New Spirit dog.  The link to the application is at the bottom of that page.
Our fee is $250 and dogs come spayed or neutered and up to date on basic shots except under unusual circumstances.  See the adoption page for more detail on what vetting is done.

Many times, a dog on this page will already be adopted by the time we process your application. If a dog you were looking at no longer appears on this page, please check our "Happy Endings" page to see if they've been adopted.
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Coming Attractions: 
The dogs in Coming Attractions are not yet available but if you see one that interests you, please submit an application now to allow time for processing.
Hold: These dogs in the New Spirit program are currently undergoing medical treatment or behavioral                                   assessment.  No applications are being accepted on them at this time.  Please check back for updates.
NS4AR Florida Chapter
NS4AR Southeast

Andy is a young adult Aussie that was abandoned with two other dogs. He was confiscated by animal control and spent several months there until the court case was settled. A kind veterinarian (who is friends with a NS adopter) contacted New Spirit about helping Andy.

Andy is a wonderful boy that does extremely well with the other Aussies in his foster home. In fact, he must have a canine companion to follow and lead him. Andy is also fostered with cats and completely ignores them.

Andy is such a sweet, loving dog who wants his own person so very much.In most respects, he's the perfect dog - he's gorgeous, very smart, very sweet, loves to learn, loves other dogs, loves to play, with people and with dogs, has a nice drive (agility and herding are possibilities except for the man thing), totally ignores cats. And yet, he has such a deepset fear of men. He has a feral dog attitude when it comes to men.

Ideally Andy will require a home with no men, or one that is extremely understanding of his needs and fears and continuning his training. He will also require an Aussie experienced home, preferably one that has worked with neglect cases before and has the time and patience to help Andy transition into a new home.

Andy is fostered in Lawrenceville GA. 
Apply here to meet him.  NS 1992

Mazzy is a beautiful blue merle with a half link bobbed tail.  She was trapped after running loose in North GA for a couple of years having litter after litter of puppies.  We'll be fixing that problem.  Despite this early beginning to her life, she is an absolute love and is gentle and laid back.  Mazzy will be fostered in Marietta, GA.  NS TBD

Cub is a 5 yr old black-bi mix that weighs about 50 lbs.

He really is a great guy! He is 100% respectful of the house, doesn't need to be crated, is completely housebroken, knows "sit," "down," "stay," and "beg." He is such a lover and just wants to give kisses and be snuggled all day.

He sleeps all night without wandering, and is content to stay in his bed until you wake up.  He LOVES people, and seeing other dogs on leash doesn't bother him. He's a dream in the car and just stares out the window. He takes his medicine easily, is low energy, and just wants to nap in the room you're in.
Cub is being fostered in Orlando, FL. Apply here to meet him.  NS2121

Phoenix is a 14 month old 28lb mini Aussie. She was purchased from a pet store by a young woman in Long Island. After a week, her owner realized that Aussies aren't the right fit for everyone, and placed Phoenix with her parents - who were not wanting a dog and asked that rescue take her.

Phoenix is a beautiful little girl. But please don't let her size fool you. She has grown up in a very loving home, but was also allowed to rule her own and her foster home is working very hard to set some boundaries for her. Phoenix is more responsive to men than she is women and does very well with other active dogs. They help in draining her high energy, but they also overstimulate her a bit, so play sessions need to be structured.

Phoenix is housetrained, rides well in the car but does pull a bit on leash. She did live with a cat previously and did well; however she must go to a home with cats that are accustomed to high energy dogs and can stand up for themselves and set boundaries with her. She must have an Aussie experienced home. One that is dedicated to training and setting boundaries for Phoenix or she will take over the home. She can also be a bit standoffish when meeting new people and needs and owner that can assist in her continued socialization. She is fostered in .   

Myronis fostered in
Myrtle Beach, SC.
Apply here to see if
she is right for your home. 
2002 TBD

Drifter is spayed, crate trained and house broken.  She has not had any obedience training yet and her recall needs work, but she is so smart we are sure she will do well with good training.  She enjoys her rides in the car.

Drifter loves people of all ages but may be too much for small children.  She is very affectionate and loves attention.  She does not want to share her space with cats, squirrels or birds. She seems to enjoy the company of male dogs but not females – what a diva! 

Meet Drifter!  Drifter is a 6-years-young, happy and healthy black tri.  This high energy little purebred weighs just 28 pounds.  She was given up by her owners who could no longer care for a dog.
She would also be a great only-dog.  Drifter’s ideal home is a home with a male dog or no other pets, humans who love her, a fenced yard and lots of opportunities for walks and exercise. 

Drifter is being fostered near Greenville, NC.  Apply here for her.  NS 2126

Nicholson is about 6 years old, but his condition makes him seem older. His teeth are in good condition; however are worn down to the gums in front most likely from chewing on hard surfaces.  He currently weighs 45 lbs.

Despite his years of neglect, Nicholson is a love of a dog. He won the hearts of all the staff at the veterinary clinic where he was seen. He is housetrained, walks nicely on leash, is good with other dogs and rides great in the car.

Nicholson is a quiet boy who just loves some gentle pets and likes to stick right by his person. We are working very hard to get him back to health so that his outsides match his insides.

Nicholson will be fostered in Smyrna, GA.
Apply here to meet him.  NS 2104

Myron has just arrived on a PNP flight from Tennessee.  He liked flying, but what he really wants it a home of his own with a family of his own.  Myron is a red merle weighing 41#.  His age is believed to be about 5.  Myron is housebroken and gets along fine with the other dogs in the foster home.  His front teeth are quite worn down but he has no problem eating.  Myron has an apparent mild allergy that requires his eyes to be wiped daily but he does not need any medication.

Myron is quite happy to be a couch potato and snuggle with you.  He also likes to go for walks and be out in the yard.  He rides well in the car and happily jumps in when the door is opened.

Myron would do well in any home that will offer him safety, loving and companionship.

Phoenix is fostered in
Dallas, GA
. Apply here to see if
she is right for your home.