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Please visit our adoption page to read about applying for a New Spirit dog.  The link to the application is at the bottom of that page.
Our fee is $250 and dogs come spayed or neutered and up to date on basic shots except under unusual circumstances.  See the adoption page for more detail on what vetting is done.

Many times, a dog on this page will already be adopted by the time we process your application. If a dog you were looking at no longer appears on this page, please check our "Happy Endings" page to see if they've been adopted.
Don't wait until you see the dog of your dreams to put in an application!
Coming Attractions: 
The dogs in Coming Attractions are not yet available but if you see one that interests you, please submit an application now to allow time for processing.
Hold: These dogs in the New Spirit program are currently undergoing medical treatment or behavioral                                   assessment.  No applications are being accepted on them at this time.  Please check back for updates.
NS4AR Florida Chapter
NS4AR Southeast
Lady Jane

This little girl is a 9 years young, blue merle with lots of brown and weighs in at a slender 37 pounds.

Lady Jane loves men, women and children over the age of 6. Car rides are a  treat for her. Lady Jane is housebroken and not a barker. However, she is a talker. She hums and can carry on a conversation if you hum back in  a similar tonal range. She can be left safely uncrated while you are out. She ignores cats and chickens and gets along well with other dogs. On the low side of the energy range, Lady Jane wants to be with you without be annoying about it.  She pulls a bit on the leash at first until she's pottied. She is better in her harness. She also has great recall, so returns promptly when called.
Lady Jane will greet your guests politely but prefers not to be crowded. It is better to let her greet people at her pace. She gets a little stressed when put into very busy situations where there is a lot of activity and commotion. She will do best with an older couple or single person with a moderately quiet lifestyle. She likes a good bone to lick/chew but otherwise is not interested in toys.
Lady Jane is fostered in Johnston, SC.  Apply here for her.  NS 2155

Lottie Dottie

Lottie Dottie is a delightful little freckle-faced redhead. She gets along well with other dogs and is not interested in cats. She loves her treats and is quickly learning her basic commands. What a love bug! 

Unfortunately, she has been diagnosed with heartworms and so we have just started her multi-month course of treatment. 

She will be as good as new when the treatment is done. 

In the meantime she is fostered in Wilmington, NC.  NS 2184

Are you looking for a cuddler with a tail that wags so hard her entire back end wags?  Ingrid just might be the dog for you!  Ingrid loves to be next to you or in your lap and will smother you with many kisses.  This silly girl specializes in the belly crawl and then is very happy to roll belly up for some attention.
Ingrid is probably more honorary Aussie than anything else, but she just won't tell us, so we have to guess!  We believe she is about 2 and weighs just under 40 lbs.  Ingrid has a great personality, is doing well on housebreaking and stays loose in the house with some of the other dogs.  She gets along well with all the dogs in her foster home. 
So far she does not seem overly interested in cats but would need further testing before a final ruling on that.  She would do well as an only dog or with other dogs.  Ingrid rides fine in the car.

Ingrid is fostered in Murrells Inlet, SC.  Apply here for her.  NS 2185
Sand Dollar

Sand dollars are a special find.  This girl is no exception. Sand Dollar is 3-4 years old and sweet as can be.  As you can see, she enjoys the beach and the ocean.  She walks wonderfully on a leash and lays right down in the car. 

Sand Dollar is an Aussie/Corgi mix who has had several litters of pups in the past.  She is a quiet girl and absolutely loves attention.  In fact, if you sit down, she will be there with her head on your knee for some petting.  She is housebroken and stays loose in her foster home.  Every night she comes to the side of the bed for a goodnight pet.
Sand Dollar is a little bit wary of quick movements and loud noises.  She will get up and move away until she sees it is okay to lay back down.  Something in this girl's past has scared her and she just wants to feel safe and loved.  For this reason she would probably do best in a home with either older children or adults.  She would be fine with visiting grandchildren. 
Don't look past this special find!  She would make a wonderful addition to your family.

Sand Dollar is fostered in Murrells Inlet, SC.

Apply here for her.  NS 2183
Meet Finnegan!  With his green eyes and red merle coat he is about as Irish as an Aussie can get!  This beautiful purebred little boy is about 1 year old and just under 40 pounds.  He has had a rough first year, so stay tuned for updates as we learn more about him.  He is being fostered in Wilmington, NC.  NS 2272

Nell will be 2 yrs old in April and is about 45lbs.  Her litter was not docked so she has retained her lovely long tail!  She's a sweet girl who does well with other dogs (not so sure about little dominate ones) and has shown no interest in her former owners cat. She did well on her outing to the dog park, even swam in the pond.

She is fine with older children, little ones may be a bit much for her at this age. She is house and crate trained.

Nell does seem to get somewhat car sick but it's getting much better, but does ride well otherwise. She likes to play with toys (will chew them a bit) and loves to chew on bones.

She will go after a ball but doesn't bring it back, a little work and she probably would.  She is VERY food motivated.  She knows sit and will down 90% of the time.  Nell  is sweet and affectionate and loves to lay on the couch with you.

This is a sweet girl who will make someone a great buddy!

Nell is fostered in Deltona, FL.

Apply here for her.  NS 2271
Kassie is the sweetest little 2 year old aussie mix you could ever meet.  She is housebroken and crate trained but has had no real obedience training.  She LOVES people, including children, loves to play with other dogs and is looking for her forever home.  She will chase cats but her foster mom reports that she leaves the Guinea hens alone.  She is brand new to our program so check back for updates.  She is currently fostered in Morganton, NC.  NS TBD

Born to be cute!  Meet Nalia, 25 pounds of seriously cute, 6 month old aussie puppy!  Nalia is still growing, so we expect that her adult weight will be closer to 30-35 pounds.
Nalia is crate trained, almost housebroken, and is learning her basic commands.  Nalia has not been cat tested.  She loves to play with her foster brother, loves to play fetch and REALLY loves to snuggle with her foster dad.   Nalia steals the heart of everyone she meets.
Nalia’s ideal home would come complete with a fenced yard and parents who will enjoy the playful energy of a puppy and continue the training of this smart little girl.  She would love a doggy brother or sister who is as playful as she is, but active humans and access to doggy friends is fine too. 

Nalia is fostered in Wilmington, NC.  Apply here for her.  NS 2273