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Please visit our adoption page to read about applying for a New Spirit dog.  The link to the application is at the bottom of that page.
Our fee is $250 and dogs come spayed or neutered and up to date on basic shots except under unusual circumstances.  See the adoption page for more detail on what vetting is done.

Many times, a dog on this page will already be adopted by the time we process your application. If a dog you were looking at no longer appears on this page, please check our "Happy Endings" page to see if they've been adopted.
Don't wait until you see the dog of your dreams to put in an application!
Coming Attractions: 
The dogs in Coming Attractions are not yet available but if you see one that interests you, please submit an application now to allow time for processing.
Hold: These dogs in the New Spirit program are currently undergoing medical treatment or behavioral                                   assessment.  No applications are being accepted on them at this time.  Please check back for updates.
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NS4AR Southeast
Big Buddy

Since Buddy was pulled from the shelter a year ago, he has grown his fur out and transformed into a stunningly handsome dog. He was successfully treated for heart worms and had no problems during the treatment.

Buddy is a Senior Citizen (around 9) who is blind and who thoroughly enjoys life. He gets along with other dogs and ignores cats. He LOVES people. Whenever visitors come to the house, he makes his way over to them and stands politely waiting for them to notice him and pet him. He loves attention and affection, but he is not pushy about getting it.


This 2 y.o. 40 pound bundle of energy is looking for a loving family that will provide him with lots of exercise...running, playing ball or having a dog buddy who loves to play. Julian is the happiest dog in the world and greets the day with a smile and a wish for you to play.

He does well with other dogs but has a high prey drive and will NOT be placed with anyone with cats or other small animals. Because he's still a bit of a puppy, older children are recommended.  Julian rides well in a car, is moderate on a leash (pulls if there is something he's really interested in or really needs to potty). He is perfect in the house and is crate trained.

A fenced yard is strongly recommended unless you are willing to give him the exercise he loves.  At home he'll ask you to throw a toy or will chill out on the sofa if he's had enough exercise.  This love-bug needs a good home that enjoys an active lifestyle and is willing to give him additional training. His athleticism makes him a great candidate for agility, flyball or parcour. 

He is currently fostered in Johnston SC

Apply here for him.  NS2636

Hugo is an awesome dog. Very sweet! He is definitely the gentle giant and is patient with the kids. He leaves them alone for the most part but will occasionally stand on top of them if he thinks something is wrong. He is content to lay around and be lazy and loves long walks. He doesn't jump on the furniture, but we think this is probably due to his age; he is about 7 years old.

Hugo is not accustoed to being crated and refuses everyone else but his foster mom.  If you do crate him and try to leave he will damage the crate.  On the upside we've left him alone in the house for a few hours at time and he hasn't been destructive! We have left him in the fenced in yard while home and he has done OK with that too. He can be very stubborn about loading in a vehicle; he just lays down so you have to pick him up!!

He walks well on the leash but it must be a chain. He has chewed through a nylon leash and even a retractable one LOL!! Poor guy tried to chomp the one made of chain and looked at me like really, why?!
We visited my parents recently and he was not interested in the livestock. So he appears to be OK with sheep and cows but he was on leash the whole time.

Hugo is a big, fluffy lovebug who needs a home that will be patient as he adjusts to his new surroundings.  That and a good diet (a little heavy at 81 lbs.), and he will be a great addition to his new home.

Hugo is fostered in Jasper, GA                                                                                                  Apply here for him. NS2679

Who's ready for frisbee?  Jaxon is!  He is an Aussie/lab mix that absolutely loves to play frisbee.  Boy can he jump to catch it too!   He brings it back to you to throw again and again and again.

Jaxon is a 1 year old with a beautiful tail weighing about 55#.  He rides well in the car and settles right down quickly for the ride.  He is crate trained, housebroken and gets along with other dogs.  He has not been cat tested.  Jaxon walks well on a leash but can pull a bit when he is excited about something he sees.

Jaxon should ideally have a home with a fenced yard as he is not as focused on recall when he sees something interesting in the distance.  In a fenced yard he responds well to recall and is happy to follow you around with his frisbee. 

Did I mention he likes water too?  Spray from the hose is a great game.  Not sure if he likes to swim, but catching those water drops is definitely on his list of warm weather games.

Jaxon will be getting neutered and updated on vaccines in the very near future.  If he sounds like the dog for you, fill out an application today. 

Fostered in SC.

Apply here for him. NS2649
Spritz ADOPTION PENDING is a seriously cute, 1 year old, 45 pound purebred Aussie who was dropped off at his local shelter by the breeder.  He gets along great with other dogs and is as sweet as can be, but give us a little more time to really get to know this little guy.

He is fostered near Dalton, GA.  NSXXXX

This three year old neutered male has had a challenging past, but with love and support he is looking forward to his bright future with a loving family.  He is a stunning red Merle with two captivating blue eyes.  His sight and hearing are intact.  
Cinch is approximately 54 pounds and extremely docile with other dogs and humans. He has to learn to trust and gain self confidence.

He has been enjoying many kisses accompanied with lengthy massages.  Currently he is learning how to enjoy his environment that he is sharing with the foster families three other Aussies.

Cinch is fostered in Harrisburg NC

Apply here for him. NSXXXX

Since he has been in foster care, he has had limited experience with children; he did fine with them, however. He moves slowly and carefully in his familiar environment so that he does not get hurt bumping into anything. He really enjoys strolling in the backyard.

Buddy cherishes a simple life with an established routine. He exudes peace and contentment. He is truly a Gentle Soul.

Buddy is fostered in Lawrenceville, GA.

Apply here for him. NS 2557

Torien is a natural bobtail Aussie mix puppy with a short, but silky-soft, coat. He is a confident and athletic boy who is super smart and super sweet!

Torien is learning basic commands with ease. Torien enjoys rough-and-tumble playtime with his littermate but definitely prefers cuddling with people.

Torien is a real cuddle-muffin! Predicting he's going to grow into a Velcro dog who enjoys hikes and outings with his favorite humans.

Torien is fostered in Atlanta, GA.

Apply here for him. NS 2725

Dulcinea is a petite 25 pound, 11 y.o., visually impaired girl (cataracts) who doesn't care that sometimes she has to use her nose or her paws to sort out her world. She wants to sleep on the bed, walks on a leash like you don't have a dog there, knows come and sit but wants to be in your lap in the car. 

She gets along (ignores) the bigger dogs in the house, is house trained and crate trained. She was attacked by another dog and it took the previous owner 7 days to get her to the vet when the maggots developed. Now, however, the vet has cleared her for adoption.

She is fostered in Johnston SC. 

Apply here for her.  NS2713

Baylie is a 7 year old red bi female weighing about 25 pounds.  She came to New Spirit with Bayla due to health issues with the owners.  She is an energetic girl who loves being outside.  Baylie crates well but really loves to sleep on the couch.  She is doing well with the other foster dog who is a much bigger dog. She rides well in the car.

Baylie had some flea dermatitis and is missing some patches of hair.  She is on flea control now and her coat will begin to grow back nicely over the next several weeks.

Like many of our new dogs, Baylie is a bit timid at this point as her life has been changed.  She is starting to settle in and enjoy life. 

Baylie is fostered in Dallas, GA.

Apply here for her.  NS2732

Bayla (aka Bella) is a 7 year old petite Aussie, about 40 pounds, who is low energy.  She absolutely loves other dogs so she'd be thrilled to have a canine pal for life.  She loves being with her people and wants to know what you are doing at all times.  She is sweet as can be and rides well in a car, settling down nicely once the car is moving. While she has not officially been cat tested, it doesn't appear she is interested in chasing them.

Bayla is food motivated and knows sit, stay, down.  You can take her food bowl from her with no problem.

Bayla came to New Spirit from the same home as Baylie, due to health issues with the family.  She has some flea dermatitis with some patches of missing coat, but this should improve with flea medication. 

If you are looking for a great addition to your family, check out Bayla.

She is fostered in Griffin, GA

Apply here for her.  NS2731

Miss Lucie is a spirited 6-8 month old Aussie mix pup who is now taking applications for her new best friend!

She is incredibly smart, having picked up house training and some basic commands very quickly, despite being on her own in the Georgia wilds for her first few months of life :) She is very observant and picks up on the moods of other dogs and people easily.   In addition to beauty and brains, Lucie loves to play and explore her world.  She is happiest playing outside with her friends on a nice day.
Lucie's soulmate would be a dog savvy person with an active lifestyle, who is kind and patient and who understands she will need a little extra time to adjust and learn to trust. She would also really love if there was a confident, easy going dog in the household to show her the ropes.

Lucie is fostered in Powder Springs, GA

Apply here for her.  NS2695

Tad is just the sweetest puppy! This little Aussie mix loves to cuddle and will be in your lap in a second. And he is little! He weighs about 19 pounds and is 6 months old, and we expect him to be a smaller dog when full grown.

Tad may be small, but don't let size fool you - he can zoom across the yard in a flash! He loves to be outside, loves to play, loves his toys, loves people, loves attention and loves other dogs. He also LOVES to be told that he is a good boy - he is just plain sweet! Tad is very food motivated which makes training easy. He is quiet in his crate, happy to chew on a bone while curled up in his dog bed, watching all that goes on around him. 

Maple is a beautiful 2 yr old red tri.  She is house and crate trained.  She walks well on a leash.  She is good with other dogs as long as they are good with other dogs!   Maple is a sweet and affectionate girl who will make someone a wonderful companion.

Maple needs a home that will give her some training, She likes to counter surf; she is very food motivated and will snatch food out of small ones hands.
She can be protective of bones with small children so children over 10 might work best (or no children).    Right now she is living in a home with 4 yr old and a 10 yr old. 

Maple is being fostered in Debary, FL.

Apply here for her.  NS2594
Tad's ideal home includes humans who are looking for a little love bug and who will enjoy watching him grow into a wonderful best friend. While another dog or two would be nice, he would also do fine as an only dog. He will need more training, especially leash training, and a fenced yard would be a real plus.

Tad is fostered near Greenville, NC.

Apply here for him. NS2737

Lake is very friendly 2 yr old red tri female.  She is sweet and loving but needs manners, she loves to jump on you, a lot, but can also be laid back! 

Lake is good with other dogs and cats.  She loves to play ball! I would not place her with children, she'd knock them over with her exuberance. She had puppies a while back so her coat is in poor shape.  It should start growing back in soon, she just needs some good nutrition!

Lake is fostered in Port Orange, FL

Apply here for her.  NS2740
Phoenix Blue

Phoenix Blue is a 4 yr old blue merle female.  She is a very loyal, sweet, and cuddly companion. She loves belly scratches and snuggles. But she doesn't like large crowds, meeting new people, unexpected or loud noises.

She takes a bit of time to warm up to people, but once she finds her favorite person, she will latch onto that person and love them more than anyone else. She doesn't mind other animals and she makes friends quickly with them as long as they are not aggressive. Aggressive animals scare her.

However, people are a different story.  She is very cautious of meeting new humans. She prefers a quiet place without lots of new people being introduced into her environment. She gets along with kids, but she really prefers adults because kids jump around too much for her cautious personality. She is very protective of her most favorite person and will not like it if anyone quickly approaches that person or gets too close to them.

She needs lots and lots of room to run.

Phoenix Blue is fostered in West Palm Beach, FL

Apply here for her.  NSXXXX

Penuche is an adorable low rider, she is an aussie/corgi/?? mix.  We pulled her mother a few months ago, Wiglet, who was a corgi/aussie mix (dad was aussie/mom was corgi). 

Penuche is around 1 1/2 yrs old.  She is very terrified of people as she was pretty much ingnored and left to her own devices.  She does well with other dogs and is trying to play with the foster's dogs!  

Her foster parents are working with her and she seems to be doing better with the husband (her former owner was a woman).  We will update when we have more. 

She is fostered in Thonotasassa, FL  NSXXXX
Ellison - ADOPTION PENDING We are delighted to introduce you to Ellison!  This handsome blue merle is about 6 years young, weighs 45-50 pounds, and is wonderful with dogs and cats.  Ellison is so well trained; the commands “sit” and “stay” are way too easy. On command Ellison will sit, come, stay, shake, bark, lie down, roll over, and the list goes on!  Ellison will soon be available for adoption, so check back for updates.  He is fostered near Raleigh, NC.  NSXXXX
Adamina and Nigel

Adamina is a 7 yr old red merle female.  She has an underbite but it's not an issue.  She is lovable and velcro and follows Nigel everywhere.  Sweet as pie!

Nigel is a 6 yr old black tri male.  He is super sweet too, just wants to be leaning against you and getting loved on.  He also follow Adamina everywhere she goes. 

These two are love bugs to people and to each other.  They are VERY bonded and we'd like them to go together.  These two kiss and clean each other's ears!  They are overweight and will be on a diet!  They are both heartworm positive too so will need to be treated before they can go to a new home.  It would be wonderful if they had one waiting for them when they are ready to go!!!  They should be ready the middle/end of May
They are fostered in Port Orange, FL

Apply here for them.  Adamina NS2748 / Nigel NS2747
Halle Berry is a cute 7 month old black tri girl weighing 38#.  She has an adorable half tail.  She will be spayed soon and ready for adoption.  Currently in TN.  NSXXXX

Everyone welcome Jamey, a two-year-old red tri Australian Shepherd with a long, gorgeous coat. He is sweet, affectionate, and eager to please. True to his Aussie nature, Jamey is energetic and wants nothing more than to be your 50lb cuddle buddy. He crates well, is house trained, and is a great car rider.

Jamey is proving to be a fast learner. He has learned “sit” and “down” and is also learning to “wait” at the doors. He is highly food motivated but getting more of your attention is also a great reward!
Jamey is a joy to be around and you can always find him looking at you with a big smile. For him, the best thing in the world is to be your buddy. He will follow you around the house and of course loves when you take time to play with him. He may be a Velcro dog, but he also loves his crate and is quiet while you are away. Jamey is energetic and he loves people – he has never met a stranger. He is easily excited which can lead to him jumping up on people, and he will also mouth your hands for attention.  He will need more time and training to stop these behaviors, and for this reason he will do best in a home with older children.  Jamey is currently being fostered with a female border collie and has not really shown an interest in playing with her.

The ideal home for Jamey would be an active home with an owner who has some dog experience and the ability to be a leader. He is a little insecure and will need time to learn manners and his role in your family. He would love a yard, but that is not a requirement as long as he gets daily physical and mental exercise. Jamey was never taught to walk on a leash so he tends to throw his body around like a bowling ball, but with consistent training and patience, he will improve - you will see his progress every day. 
Jamey would be a great only dog, but could also join a family with other dogs as long as you are willing to do a slow introduction and understand that he is submissive and may feel insecure in certain situations.  He isn’t shy, but around other dogs he may feel the need to protect himself or his people if not given proper direction.  He loves to chase cats, squirrels, birds, etc., so a home without cats would be best. 

This beautiful, happy boy is fostered near Augusta, GA. 

Apply here for him.  NS2749