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Please visit our adoption page to read about applying for a New Spirit dog.  The link to the application is at the bottom of that page.
Our fee is $250 and dogs come spayed or neutered and up to date on basic shots except under unusual circumstances.  See the adoption page for more detail on what vetting is done.

Many times, a dog on this page will already be adopted by the time we process your application. If a dog you were looking at no longer appears on this page, please check our "Happy Endings" page to see if they've been adopted.
Don't wait until you see the dog of your dreams to put in an application!
Coming Attractions: 
The dogs in Coming Attractions are not yet available but if you see one that interests you, please submit an application now to allow time for processing.
Hold: These dogs in the New Spirit program are currently undergoing medical treatment or behavioral                                   assessment.  No applications are being accepted on them at this time.  Please check back for updates.
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NS4AR Southeast
Big Buddy

Since Buddy was pulled from the shelter a year ago, he has grown his fur out and transformed into a stunningly handsome dog. He was successfully treated for heart worms and had no problems during the treatment.

Buddy is a Senior Citizen (around 9) who is blind and who thoroughly enjoys life. He gets along with other dogs and ignores cats. He LOVES people. Whenever visitors come to the house, he makes his way over to them and stands politely waiting for them to notice him and pet him. He loves attention and affection, but he is not pushy about getting it.


Julien is finally growing up and becoming a wonderful family pet. He is 2 years old.  He loves to ride in a car, has never met a stranger, two legged or 4, and loves to play. In the house he is a real gentleman who will come for some loving but then head off to play with whatever toy catches his interest like a stuffy, a ball or maybe a tug toy.  Julien crates well, goes to his mat to sit for his meals and can stand on his hind legs to see what critters are out there. 

This dog will thrive with an active family or a fenced yard with another dog that likes to play.  At 45 pounds, he's a nice size for a house dog. 

He is currently fostered in Johnston SC but transport can be arranged.

Apply here for him.  NS2636
Since he has been in foster care, he has had limited experience with children; he did fine with them, however. He moves slowly and carefully in his familiar environment so that he does not get hurt bumping into anything. He really enjoys strolling in the backyard.

Buddy cherishes a simple life with an established routine. He exudes peace and contentment. He is truly a Gentle Soul.

Buddy is fostered in Lawrenceville, GA.

Apply here for him. NS 2557
Phoenix Blue

Phoenix Blue is a very pretty 2 yr old blue merle female.  She is a very loyal, sweet, and cuddly companion. She loves belly scratches and snuggles. She takes a little time to warm up to people, but once she finds her favorite person, she will latch onto that person and love them more than anyone else (right now it's the foster homes adult son). 

She doesn't mind other animals and she makes friends quickly with them as long as they are not aggressive, aggressive animals scare her. She gets along with kids, but she really prefers adults.  A more quiet household would be exactly what she needs, and her own person to love.

Phoenix Blue is fostered in West Palm Beach, FL

Apply here for her.  NS2744

Penuche is an adorable low rider, she is an aussie/corgi/?? mix.  We pulled her mother a few months ago, Wiglet, who was a corgi/aussie mix (dad was aussie/mom was corgi). 

Penuche is around 1 1/2 yrs old.  She is very terrified of people as she was pretty much ingnored and left to her own devices.  She does well with other dogs and is trying to play with the foster's dogs!  

Her foster parents are working with her and she seems to be doing better with the husband (her former owner was a woman).  We will update when we have more. 

She is fostered in Thonotasassa, FL  NSXXXX
Adamina and Nigel

Adamina is a 7 yr old red merle female.  She has an underbite but it's not an issue.  She is lovable and velcro and follows Nigel everywhere.  Sweet as pie!

Nigel is a 6 yr old black tri male.  He is super sweet too, just wants to be leaning against you and getting loved on.  He also follow Adamina everywhere she goes. 

These two are love bugs to people and to each other.  They are VERY bonded and we'd like them to go together.  These two kiss and clean each other's ears!  They are overweight and will be on a diet!  They are both heartworm positive too so will need to be treated before they can go to a new home.  It would be wonderful if they had one waiting for them when they are ready to go!!!  They should be ready the middle/end of May.
They are fostered in Port Orange, FL

Apply here for them.  Adamina NS2748 / Nigel NS2747
Halle Berry is a cute 7 month old black tri girl weighing 38#.  She has an adorable half tail.  She will be spayed soon and ready for adoption.  Currently in TN.  NSXXXX

Benz is a 5 yr old black tri male.  He is a very sweet guy who gives kisses and loves to be petted.  Benz is a bit overweight at 69 lbs and needs to lose abut 20lbs. 

He likes to chase after my dogs when they are going after the ball but isn't quite interested in the ball itself.  He is good with cats and kids.  He seems to want to see the kids when they are out and he did ignore the cat at the vet clinic. 

Benz does bark at dogs when out on walks so he's being redirected and is doing much better.  Benz is house trained and does not seem to care for the crate. He is a low energy dog who just wants to be loved! 
Benz is currently fostered in Windemere, FL but will be moving to a foster home in Castleberry, FL soon.

Apply here for himNS2757


Little Miss Darlie is amazing!  This little 20 pound bundle of fun is about 9 months old.  Darlie is a mini Aussie mix who was found as a stray, and she is making great progress with her housebreaking and basic obedience skills.  She is completely crate-trained and rides well in a car.
And what fun!  Darlie is energetic, loving, gentle, full of life and extremely eager to learn and please.  She loves to play with her toys, her humans and dogs of all sizes.  Some of her best play pals are dogs who weigh 60 pounds. 

And did we mention that Darlie loves water?  She adores water!  Splashing, drinking, rolling, playing, you name it.  You can watch Darlie playing with a bucket of water here.
Darlie’s ideal home is with a family who will welcome her into their lives, continue her training and enjoy her company.  A dog pal or pals would be great, and of course, access to water!  Darlie is fostered near Charlotte, NC. 

Apply here for her.  NS2754

Here is a video of Darlie in action!

Got game?  Then you need to meet Tad!  Tad is a funny, fast, fun, seriously happy little Aussie mix puppy, around 8 months old.  We are not sure what he is mixed with because he is small, weighing just over 22 pounds.  Tad is crate trained, house broken and knows his basic commands. 

He also LOVES to be told that he is a good boy - he is just plain sweet!  Tad is very food motivated which makes training easy.  He is quiet when in his crate, happy to chew on a bone while curled up in his dog bed, watching all that goes on around him. 

Tad's ideal home includes dog-experienced humans who are looking for a little love bug and who will enjoy watching him grow into a wonderful best friend.  While another dog or two would be nice, he would also do fine as an only dog.   A fenced yard would be a real plus.

Tad is fostered near Greenville, NC.  Apply here for him.  NS2737
Tad is just the sweetest puppy! This little Aussie mix loves to cuddle and will be in your lap in a second.  He loves to be outside, loves to play, loves his toys, loves people, loves attention and loves other dogs. 

This is one amazing guy looking for one amazing home.  This young Aussie/Border Collie mix is a black tri, about 18 months old and 5 pounds too thin at 35 pounds.  With a little stub of a tail he is as cute as can be.  He crates beautifully, is housebroken, knows his basic commands, and his leash-walking manners are improving every day.
And what a fun, happy guy Wilson is!  He loves all people of all ages, all dogs of all sizes and even the resident ferret.  He has never met a stranger.  Wilson loves to run and play with the other dogs in his foster home, but he is also self-entertaining.  Wilson is an active guy, but he also loves to be groomed while watching TV with you at the end of the day.  He just wants to please and is a perfect houseguest.

Wilson’s ideal home is an active one, with some combination of humans and dogs who are ready to open their lives to this amazing dog.  A fenced yard would be ideal.  Wilson is Heartworm positive, is in treatment, and once the treatment is complete he will be as good as new!  He will be available for adoption later in May, and he is already accepting adoption applications.  Wilson is fostered near Raleigh, NC. 

Apply here for him. NS2765
Asher is heartworm positive and once he completes his treatment he will be available for adoption in May.  He is a beautiful blue merle!!  He weighs a little over 40 lbs right now and is between 3-4 years old.   He is crate trained and knows basic commands…sit and lay down.    His leash walking needs a little improvement but that will come with time.  Asher is a little reserved at first but once you’ve earned his trust he’s great!!   He’s wonderful with women and other dogs!!  He is a little mistrustful of men so it takes him longer to warm up to them.  He does love to chase cats if they run.   He also loves walks and gives fabulous hugs to those he trusts!!  He is very playful!  He is currently fostered in N. GA  NS2766

Hopper is a handsome young red and white male Aussie mix with a gorgeous plume of a tail. He is about 1 ½ - 2 years old and weighs 55 pounds. Hopper is very attuned to people and is so eager to learn what is expected of him and to please the people in his life. He walks very well on a leash with no pulling and he crates well.

Hopper loves to play with other dogs, with toys, and with people, and he is learning to curb his enthusiasm for cats. He is not aggressive with them... but he does like to observe and admire them up close! Hopper seems to be a dog with a moderate energy level. He is calm, even-tempered and sweet.

Hopper is heartworm positive and has started treatment. Once treatment is complete, in late May, he will be as good as new and available for adoption. This wonderful boy is fostered in Georgia, and if you are thinking about adding a boy like him to your family, apply today! He is a keeper!
Apply here for him. NS2763
Geralt 2 yr old neutered red merle male, about 45lbs.  Good with other dogs and kids.  Don't know about cats. Fostered in Deltona, FL NS2768
Yennefer 2 yr old spayed red merle female on the small side, about 30lbs.  Good with other dogs and kids.  Don't know about cats. Fostered in Callahan, FL  NS2769
Hugo the Huge

Let me tell you about this big guy! Hugo is 7 years old and weighs around 80 lbs.  He loves cuddles and food, any food! He's not picky and keeps my dining room floors immaculate!

He has adapted well to our house and our sometimes crazy routines with two small children. He tolerates all their shenagins with ease. He's a moderate to low energy dog who likes to snooze away the day. He also loves being outside and going for walks.

Since he does not crate well we leave him in the house when we are not home. He does fine with this set up and usually stays out of trouble (unless I leave the bread where he can reach it!).

Hugo the Huge is fostered in Jasper, GA.

Apply here for him. NS2679