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Penuche is an adorable low rider, she is an aussie/corgi/?? mix. We pulled her mother a few months ago, Wiglet, who was a corgi/aussie mix (dad was aussie/mom was corgi).  Penuche is around 1 1/2 yrs old.  She is very terrified of people as she was pretty much ingnored and left to her own devices.  She does well with other dogs and is trying to play with the foster's dogs!   Her foster parents are working with her and she seems to be doing better with the husband (her former owner was a woman).  We will update when we have more.  She is fostered in Thonotasassa, FL  NS2745

Kozmo is 5 yrs old, he's an Aussie/Border Collie cross. Kozmo is a bigger boy, weighing in at 70 lbs.  

He is fostered in a home with 2 other dogs; he's having a blast with one but the other is deaf/blind and pushy, something Kozmo isn't appreciating.  

According to his previous owner he's good with men/women/children and cats (foster doesn't have cats). He is still new to us so more info as we get to know him.  

Kozmo is fostered in Tampa, FL

Apply here for him.  NS2938
BearBear came in as a stray from a local shelter; he's pretty timid but we can tell he'll come around. He's already trusting his foster parents and is acclimating into the pack (2 other dogs). Shelter says he's about 4 but we feel he may be a bit older. BearBear was so matted the shelter couldn't even tell if he was neutered or not. Thankfully they had him shaved down and bathed for us and found that he is neutered!! He has been vetted all except a heartworm test. Right now BearBear is just taking it easy.  He's not thrilled with a leash so his foster home is just letting him drag it around and be chill. They will start working with him once he's decompressed. We think he's going to be a sweet heart of a Bear! BearBear is fostered in Ormond Beach, FL  NSXXXX

Scooby Doo is one fun guy in search of a new home! This two year old Aussie mix weighs about 45 pounds and has a beautiful coat that is mostly white with patches of black and brown. Scooby Doo is housebroken, has wonderful house manners, walks well on a leash, knows many basic commands and loves to ride in a car. What a guy!

Scooby Doo loves all people, including children, and gets along great with other dogs. He has not been cat tested. Scooby Doo loves to hang out with his foster family, doing whatever it is that they are doing. Playing in the yard with the other dogs or with a toy? Great! Eating? Perfect! Watching TV in the evening after dinner? Count him in! Everything is fun for this medium Velcro, medium energy boy.  

Scooby Doo’s ideal home is with a family looking for a great companion who is ready to be part of their human/dog pack. He is an adaptable guy who would do well in a number of living situations, but a fenced yard and another dog or two are required. Ready to add a Scooby Doo to your family pack? Apply now! 

He is fostered in Harrisburg, NC. 
Apply here for him.  NS3133
Sunny Boy is a shy guy around 22 lbs, his foster mom is working with him and he's doing really well. He's probably not been well socialized and needs to learn about the world. 

He is good with other dogs, no cats or children since we don't know how he is with them. Sunny Boy will need a loving, patient home to help him be all that he can be. He's such a sweet guy!  

Sunny Boy is fostered in Thonotosassa, FL  NS3189

Miggy is a very cute, mostly black Aussie mix who is in search of a new home. Miggy weighs 40 pounds and is about 1 1/2 years old. Miggy is housebroken, crate-trained and is learning his basic obedience commands. He rides nicely in the car and does pull on a leash when walking.

Miggy absolutely loves people of all ages, although his playfulness may be too much for very small children. He also loves to play with other dogs and still has a lot of that puppy rambunctiousness with them. He is very interested in cats but not obsessed, and the dog-savvy cats he met were fine around him! He will play ball with his family but is otherwise not a real toy lover. We would describe Miggy as a medium energy, high Velcro young guy – he loves to play hard but then settles nicely when playtime is over. 

Miggy’s ideal home is with an active family looking for a happy, playful, people-loving buddy. Children should be over the age of 8. Another dog and a fenced yard are nice but neither is required – he is all about the people! Are you ready for a friendly, cute, best friend? Apply today!

 Miggy is fostered in Decatur, GA. 

Apply here for him.  NS3190
Young Mickey

​Young Mickey is a loving, handsome black tri male Aussie mix who is about a year and a half old. He weighs just 40 pounds - a great weight! He is house broken and has great house manners, he is crate trained, he walks well on leash and he also rides well in the car. Young Mickey knows some basic commands and he is a quick learner. 

People of all ages are the center of Young Mickey's universe. His foster family reports that he loves to crawl into their laps and lie on his back for belly rubs. He wants to be a part of whatever the family is doing, whether it is playing or relaxing on the couch. Young Mickey also enjoys the company of other dogs, and he plays with them with the typical energy of an Aussie his age. When the family is busy with other things, Young Mickey will quietly entertain himself with his toys. Because he will sometimes jump and greet people enthusiastically, a home without very young children is best - he may knock them over! He has not been cat tested, but he is not a squirrel or rabbit chaser. We would describe Young Mickey as a medium energy, high Velcro young guy. He is a real sweetie.  

The ideal family for Young Mickey is one who enjoys a smart, loving young Aussie, who will continue his training and who will include him in their family life. Another dog in the home is fine but not required.

Young Mickey is fostered in Cumming GA.

 Apply here for him.  NS3200
Sweet Natty - ADOPTION PENDING is a sweet, pretty black tri Aussie female in search of a new home. Weighing just 38 pounds, this 11 year old beauty had a rough life before rescue but look at her now! Natty is housebroken, crate-trained, walks OK on a leash, loves to ride in a car and is learning her basic commands. She LOVES people, is fine with other dogs and ignores cats! Please check back as we continue to learn more about this little beauty. Natty is fostered in Hendersonville, NC  NS3206
Blue Chaser 

Blue Chaser is a friendly, happy purebred Aussie “of a certain age” who would love to find a new home. He is a beautiful blue merle with copper trim, weighs 45 pounds and is 10-12 years old. Blue Chaser has slightly diminished hearing and vision, but hey, he is not a youngster!! He gets around fine and can hear when you call. Blue Chaser is housebroken, crate-trained, walks very well on a leash and loves to ride in the car. He is just starting to learn his basic commands.

Blue Chaser spent most of his life alternating between a small, dirt-floor kennel and a very small crate, and so he is just learning about the world. He loves people and gets along great with other dogs. He has not been cat tested. Blue Chaser is a lower energy guy who does not play games or run after balls, but he loves to take walks, loves to roll in the grass, and loves to just stroll around and sniff in the yard. And of course, Blue Chaser loves to be wherever the humans are, especially if they have a dog cookie or two!!

The ideal home for Blue Chaser is a low-key home with a person or people who are looking for a very sweet and loving companion. He will need a crate for sleeping as that is his “safe place”, another dog would be fine, and a fenced yard is probably important if he is going to live in an urban setting. If Blue Chaser sounds like your perfect pal, please apply!

Blue Chaser is fostered in Birchwood, TN.

Apply here for him.   NS3207

Looking for a sweet best friend? Then Miss Tink may be the one for you. This 11-year-old, purebred, red merle with one blue eye is as gentle and sweet as they come. Weighing 45 pounds, this beauty is housebroken, crate-trained, knows some basic commands and walks nicely on the leash. She also rides very well in the car, even for longer trips!  

Miss Tink loves people and she is great with other dogs. She has not been cat tested. She is not a real player. Her idea of a good time is to go on walks with her humans (other dogs welcome!) or just hang out near her foster parents but not underfoot. We would describe her as a medium Velcro, low-to-medium energy dog. She spent much of her previous life in a crate, and she is clearly enjoying her new life of walks, car rides, and plain old companionship.  

The ideal home for Miss Tink is one that includes people who are looking for a sweet, gentle, loving dog companion. Other dogs are fine and since she has never had any recall training a fenced yard is preferred. Miss Tink has a lot of love to give, and if she sounds like your new best friend please apply! 

Miss Tink is fostered in Nags Head, NC.

Apply here for her. NS3204

Red Pearl is a gem of a dog! This 7-year-old purebred Aussie weighs 45 pounds. She was found alone in a home with her owner who had passed away, and was clearly suffering from a very long-term flea allergy. Her coat and skin are still in rough shape, but she has started treatment and if you look closely you can see that she has a beautiful, very deep red merle coat. She is on her way to being gorgeous! Red Pearl is housebroken, walks OK on a leash and loves to ride in a car.

Red Pearl is a bit shy with new people but she warms up quickly. She LOVES to snuggle and get pets. She is fine with other dogs and ignores cats. We would describe Red Pearl as a medium energy, medium Velcro, go-with-the-flow dog. She loves walks, loves to follow her people around the house, and then settles nicely with a good marrow bone.

The ideal home for Red Pearl is with a person or family who is looking for a sweet, affectionate friend for life. Other dogs and cats would be fine. Some type of regular, moderate exercise is important in order to make sure she keeps her girlish figure! If this little gem of a dog sounds like your perfect match, apply today! 

Red Pearl is fostered in Johnston, SC. 

Apply here for her. NS3209
Guinness Stout is a sweet young Aussie mix. What an unusual coloring this boy has! He is about 18 months old and weighs just under 30 pounds. Poor Guinness Stout was so scared while in the shelter, but within an hour of leaving there his tail started wagging and he started to lick the volunteer’s hand asking for pets! We are just starting our evaluation of him, but so far we know that he loves people, rides well in the car, and needs time to just relax and feel safe. Unfortunately, we also know that he is heartworm positive, and so we are starting his treatment immediately – he will be as good as new in about 6 weeks! Please check back as we update our posts. Guinness Stout is fostered in Georgetown, SC.  NSXXXX
Duke of Earl 

The Duke of Earl is ready for his new home!! This wonderful, handsome Aussie mix is about 1 ½ years old and weighs 60 pounds. The Duke of Earl has a beautiful red bi coat and a full tail. He is housebroken, crate-trained, knows his basic obedience commands and loves to ride in the car. He does pull on his leash when walking and needs more training in this area.

The Duke of Earl loves people and loves to play with other dogs. He has not been cat tested. Duke of Earl loves his toys, especially chew toys. We would describe him as a medium energy, low-to-medium Velcro kind of guy. He has also been described as a big, fun “goofball”! He loves to lie near you on the floor and is very good about not hogging the couch!  

The ideal home for the Duke of Earl includes an active family who wants to add even more fun to their lives. He would also appreciate a home with another playful dog and a fenced yard. Sound like your place?

Duke of Earl is fostered in Dallas, NC.

Apply here for him. NS3211
Miss Milly is a 10 year old, 42 pound, red merle, purebred Aussie who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She is so sweet! This poor girl spent most of her life in a crate and it is so fun to watch her discover the world. She loves everything – people, sky, grass, dogs, walks on a leash, rides in a car, food, you name it! We are completing our evaluation now, including a biopsy of some growths in her mouth. We will post our updates as we get them so check back! Miss Milly is fostered in Cary, NC.  NS3205
Minnie Mouse NSXXXX (Black tri female) and Good Golly Miss Molly NSXXXX (Blue merle female), both girls are around 1 - 1 1/2 yrs old. Minnie Mouse is around 29 lbs and GGMiss Mollie is around 31 lbs. We would like to try to place them together since they are bonded. MM depends on GGMM more. They do NOT like to be crated but do well in an xpen together. They are working on housetraining. They are not leash trained; yet, we will be working on that also. They are very timid but once they trust you they can be affectionate. They do well with other dogs. Fearful of children so no children please. More info once they are available.