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Please visit our adoption page to read about applying for a New Spirit dog.  The link to the application is at the bottom of that page.
Our fee is $250 and dogs come spayed or neutered and up to date on basic shots except under unusual circumstances.  See the adoption page for more detail on what vetting is done.

Many times, a dog on this page will already be adopted by the time we process your application. If a dog you were looking at no longer appears on this page, please check our "Happy Endings" page to see if they've been adopted.
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NS4AR Southeast

Andy is a young adult Aussie that was abandoned with two other dogs. He was confiscated by animal control and spent several months there until the court case was settled. A kind veterinarian (who is friends with a NS adopter) contacted New Spirit about helping Andy.

Andy is a wonderful boy that does extremely well with the other Aussies in his foster home. In fact, he must have a canine companion to follow and lead him. Andy is also fostered with cats and completely ignores them.

Andy is such a sweet, loving dog who wants his own person so very much.In most respects, he's the perfect dog - he's gorgeous, very smart, very sweet, loves to learn, loves other dogs, loves to play, with people and with dogs, has a nice drive (agility and herding are possibilities except for the man thing), totally ignores cats. And yet, he has such a deepset fear of men. He has a feral dog attitude when it comes to men.

Ideally Andy will require a home with no men, or one that is extremely understanding of his needs and fears and continuning his training. He will also require an Aussie experienced home, preferably one that has worked with neglect cases before and has the time and patience to help Andy transition into a new home.

Andy is fostered in Lawrenceville GA. 
Apply here to meet him.  NS 1992


Phoenix is a 14 month old 28lb mini Aussie. She was purchased from a pet store by a young woman in Long Island. After a week, her owner realized that Aussies aren't the right fit for everyone, and placed Phoenix with her parents - who were not wanting a dog and asked that rescue take her.

Phoenix is a beautiful little girl. But please don't let her size fool you. She has grown up in a very loving home, but was also allowed to rule her own and her foster home is working very hard to set some boundaries for her. Phoenix is more responsive to men than she is women and does very well with other active dogs. They help in draining her high energy, but they also overstimulate her a bit, so play sessions need to be structured.

Phoenix is housetrained, rides well in the car but does pull a bit on leash. She did live with a cat previously and did well; however she must go to a home with cats that are accustomed to high energy dogs and can stand up for themselves and set boundaries with her. She must have an Aussie experienced home. One that is dedicated to training and setting boundaries for Phoenix or she will take over the home. She can also be a bit standoffish when meeting new people and needs and owner that can assist in her continued socialization. She is fostered in .   

Phoenix is fostered in
Dallas, GA
. Apply here to see if
she is right for your home. 
NS 2103


Sport is a gorgeous 4 year old Aussie with a big beautiful tail.  He was rescued as a stray in TN and brought to GA for adoption.   He has a little scar on his nose that is in the perfect shape of a heart. Sport is a gorgeous boy and must have belonged to someone at some point because he walks wonderfully on leash, is crate trained and knows how to sit.  He completely avoids cats actually he's terrified of them.  He does very well with other laid back dogs and his personality is showing more and more as he settles in.  He also has great recall. Sport can be talkative and is a "grinner".  The untrained person might think he's snarling, but he's actually smiling in a submissive way. Sport has a little anxiety about grooming and being lifted into a car but otherwise is extremely affectionate and loves hugs and scratches.

Sport is fostered in Cumming, GA.  NS 2106

Rin is a pretty black tri female around 7 1/2 yrs old.  She is probalby about 50lbs.  She is an independent girl but still very loving.

Rin would probably not do well with cats, she is of higher engery but can chill.  She loves to play with other dogs but may be intimidating to small dogs.  She like people and is a bit exuberant when meeting them but does settle down.  She might be a bit much for young children.  Rin loves to go for walks, she is still a little strong on lead.  She loves to go for car rides.

Rin was adopted out 5 yrs ago and is still with her family.  They are an older couple and both are having medical issues which prevent them from keeping her.  They are heartbroken to have to give her up but it's what's best for Rin.

She is in Orlando, FL.  Apply here for her.  NS 0190

Riker is a gorgeous 2 year old red tri Aussie mix with a tail. He was sent to the shelter as a result of an abandonment case with several other dogs.

Riker has not had an accident inside so we assume we're either really lucky so far or he was house trained at some point. He doesn't seem to be fearful of anything despite being abandoned & not socialized. He's fine with men, storms, & dogs. Cats are very intriguing to Riker. If a cat runs, Riker loves to chase & he won't let up however if a cat ignores him or walks up to him he walks away & leaves them alone after realizing they aren't interested in a game of chase.

Riker is still in the stages of exploring & taking in all the new things he never got to experience. He's constantly using his nose to sniff everything and does it all while sprinting around as if he thinks that he better hurry & take it all in or it will be gone. He is starting to catch on to the game of fetch but doesn't show interest in toys other than that.
Riker would benefit greatly in an obedience class to improve his manners & work on his recall & leash walking so that nose doesn't get him in trouble! We are working on not jumping up on people with the "off" command and he's making great progress. Overall sweet boy that just needs someone who promises to give lots of neck rubs!

Riker is fostered in Carrollton, GA.

Apply here for him.  NS 2172

Deanna is doing so much better and feeling great. She is wonderful with people and makes sure all of her puppies are safe and sound. Deanna does well with other dogs and has enjoyed meeting neighbors as young as four years old as well as an elderly neighbor with a walker.


Deanna is a pretty solid red Aussie mix. Just out of puppyhood herself, she found herself abandoned with several other dogs. She had to give birth in a noisy scary shelter. Deanna came to rescue with her puppies and all suffering from upper respiratory illness. Deanna does have a pronounced overbite; however it doesn't hinder her eating or playing normally. She loves treats.
She is a very affectionate girl with a cute little attitude. Deanna would love to be a cherished member of a new family.

Deanna is fostered in South Carolina.
Apply here for her.  NS 2107

Unity, one of Deanna's puppies, is more Lab looking than her sisters (Trinity, Honesty and Charity).  Her father is a purebred Lab and her mom is an Aussie mix.  She is a confident and active young lady who would love an active family to keep her mind and body busy.  She will likely grow to be a medium sized dog. 

She is fostered in South Carolina.

Apply here for her.  NS 2108
Lady Jane

Lady Jane is an 8 y.o. almost miniature Aussie (35 pounds) who lost her owner due to death. It is hard to tell her color as the interim owner clipped out all her knots so she is sort of blue merle, probably red merle but maybe the 'unacceptable' brown merle. It will be months before we know for sure!

Lady Jane is a super sweet, mellow girl who loves men (interrupted all the work when men were trying to do some construction work here); walks well on leash, has great recall, gets on well with all visiting dogs and loves to ride in the car.  She doesn't have a high drive to herd, would rather hang out with you. Super velcro...you have to look before you step because she will be right THERE.  She is housebroken, and doesn't try to get on the furniture and waits for you to go out the door or give a direct command that she must go first.  Lady Jane is low on the energy level but high on the velcro scale. Plan to be accompanied to the kitchen, bathroom or where-ever you go outside. Her funniest attribute is that she hums. Not roo's like many aussies but hums to let you know she wants to go out, wants attention or is hungry.  She only barks when nothing else gets your attention. She is NOT a barker. Trucks come and go without her acknowledging them! Lady Jane is definitely not going to be your guard dog!

Lady Jane can be a bit of a food guardian and given the opportunity, will steal other dog's food. She doesn't like having her collar grabbed but will sit for her leash to be put on or taken off. Her cutest skill is that, rather than sit for her dinner, she'll stand quietly on her hind legs! She's shy and quiet and just wants someone to share her life, with lots of loving.

Lady Jane is currently in Johnston, SC sharing a home with an active mini aussie and an aged, grumpy aussie. She's good with male and female dogs.
Apply here to meet her. NS 2155


Bandy is a 6 yr old blue merle male.  He is a wonderful boy and does well with everyone.  He does well with most dogs, but prefers submissive males or females.  He loves to play ball! 

He can NOT be with cats and may chase livestock. 

Bandy is affectionate and will follow his person from room to room.  He is a great house dog and can chill with the best!

Bandy is fostered in Winter Springs, FL.

Apply here to meet him. NS 0966

Meet Chancellor, Chance for short.  He's a handsome almost 8 yr old blue merle male (birthday in Jan).  He weighs 55lbs. 

He's a sweet boy who loves to play. He is good with other dogs, not sure about cats. 

He is house and crate trained.

Chancellor is fostered in Dunedin, FL.

Apply here to meet him. NS 0967