Available Dogs - Heartland

Please visit our adoption page to read about applying for a New Spirit dog.  The link to the application is at the bottom of that page.
Our fee is $250 and dogs come spayed or neutered and up to date on basic shots except under unusual circumstances.  See the adoption page for more detail on what vetting is done.

Many times, a dog on this page will already be adopted by the time we process your application. If a dog you were looking at no longer appears on this page, please check our "Happy Endings" page to see if they've been adopted.
Don't wait until you see the dog of your dreams to put in an application!
Coming Attractions: 
The dogs in Coming Attractions are not yet available but if you see one that interests you, please submit an application now to allow time for processing.
Hold: These dogs in the New Spirit program are currently undergoing medical treatment or behavioral                                            assessment.  No applications are being accepted on them at this time.  Please check back for updates.
Rosebud is a red tri female that is  11 yrs young.  She is deaf, but a lovely senior girl.  Stay tuned as she adjusts to her foster life.  She is fostered in Loveland, OH.  NS 1944
Bullet is an 8 month old red tri neutered male who weighs about 38 pounds. Right now he is a pretty shy boy but is coming along.  He is a very sweet guy.  He loves to play with all the toys.  He is medium on the energy and Velcro scale. He would do best in a fenced yard.  Bullet is being fostered in Versailles, KY.  NS 2027

Gingko is a love of a dog who should have a forever home, but was left in the shelter.  She is 8- 10 years young, and has a lot going for her. She is very healthy and is smaller at about 30lbs. She crates very well, is housebroken.  She did great with a bath and is  good with other dogs but likes a little more space when lying down.  She knows sit.

She is a little slow going up steps. Loves all humans of all ages, and does great on leash.  She is available for adoption with her fee donated by the foster home.  If you would like to do a great thing and give this little dog a forever home, she would love to meet you. 

She is located in Cincinnati, OH.
Apply here to meet her. NS 1985

Well if your looking for a toy aussie, Kirty is your man.  He is 2 yrs old, a bundle of energy and crate trained, house broken, and just sweet and fun. 

He is lots of dog in a tiny package.  He weighs in at 11.5 lbs.; knows sit, come, and kennel up. He is great with other dogs too.   We're working on the down command, but that's pretty low to the ground. 

He'd be a great apartment dog if you have a size limit. 

Consider giving Kirty a  Forever home.  He is fostered in Maineville, OH.

Apply here for him.  NS 1990

This is Jaccee, she is a black tri female mix aussie, who is just a delight.  She is good with all other dogs and loves to play.  She is crate trained, and kennel trained, and learning about all things. 

She can be a bit shy at first, but she warms up quickly, and is very food motivated.  Because of her past neglect, her hair needs to grow and improve in texture, but she is doing very well and has put on enough weight to be available for adoption. 

She is located in Maineville, OH. 
Apply here for her or contact ausse@aol.com for more information.
NS 1987
Lucille Ball

This is Lucille Ball. She is not an Aussie, but she is here with us nonetheless. We think she may be a mix of many breeds, including Beagle and Shepherd. She is a nice medium size, about 45lbs and she is spayed. We think she is about 6 years old.

Lucille Ball is a very quiet mellow girl. She is very pleasant, and just likes to chill and lay on her dog bed.  She is very good in the house and doesn't get on furniture or chew anything. She likes to receive belly rubs and snacks. She is housebroken and does not chew things. She is also very quiet in that she is not a barker. The foster home has only heard her bark once since she has been there!
Mealtimes are her favorite times of the day. That's when you see the most excitement out of her! If the other dogs didn't finish their food, she will steal it, literally. She will pick up their bowl of food and take it to her bed and eat it there.

Lucille Ball has been settling in well and getting along with the other dogs much better. She is very good with them now, no more snarling.  We don't think she would appreciate a home with high energy in-your-face type dogs.

She's very cute, very sweet, perfect for someone who just wants some easy to get along with quiet company in the house.

Lucille Ball is fostered in Kentucky.  Apply here for her.  NS 2209
Hamlet is a beautiful black tri male.  He is a very happy dog who weighs about 40 lbs.  He does not have a tail and is improving his leash skills.  He is probably about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years old and has a medium high energy level.  He gets along well with other dogs and he and Ophelia arrived together.  He will be fostered in the heartland. Stay tuned for further updates.  NS 2221
She loves to run around the yard with her tennis ball in her mouth so you can chase her.  She is an excellent house guest and does not need to be crated … totally house broken.  She has no toy or food aggression.

Tinsley does not appear to be thunder phobic or react negatively to loud noises.  If you were looking for the perfect well behaved dog to share your home with, Tinsley is your girl all she needs is love and she will be your best friend forever.

Tinsley is being fostered in New Tazewell, TN.

Apply here for her.  NS 2247

When Tinsley arrived in her foster home she was very sad for several weeks as she has lost her owner and her schnauzer buddy.  She has since blossomed in to a sweet loving dog and made herself right at home in her foster home.

Tinsley is a lovely black-bi Aussie mix that is about nine and a half years old and weighs about 60 pounds.  Don't let her age fool you, she's in very good shape with a medium/low activity level.  Her coat is medium to short and easily cared for and she loves to be brushed.  She is heartworm negative and on monthly heartworm preventative and up to date on her shots.

Tinsley is extremely sweet and patient with the 3 other dogs in the home.  She has not been cat tested and loves all people young and old.  She is very friendly and she doesn't mind being handled.  Tinsley loves to lay on the couch and be petted.  She is a Velcro girl but not overly needy.  She has a very good recall, sits on command and gives her paw.  Tinsley rides well in the car, and is always ready for a nice long walk.
Meet Falcone!  He is a black tri male that is about 5 years old.  He is housebroken.  More to follow on this dog as he is pending medical evaluation.  He is fostered in Maineville, OH.  NS 2306

Klondike is a black-bi male Aussie.  He is 4 and ½ yrs old and weighs 65 lbs.  Klondike is a long athletic healthy Aussie. He is extremely agile. Klondike comes when called or whistled to. He is very workman like, and loves doing tasks. Klondike assumes the leadership role.

He is gentle when taking treats and sits well. He can be very vocal and talkative. Klondike settles down well in a crate. He is medium on the energy scale and medium on the Velcro scale. He loves to catch.

Klondike is housebroken. He is a little hesitant meeting and warming up to new people but he does settle in. He needs work on the leash, he pulls at the beginning but relaxes after a time. He is fantastic in a car.  He does not resource guard at all.

Klondike is fostered in Marengo, IL. 
Apply here for him.  NS 2292
Hoppy and her puppies!
Hoppy is a 1 1/2 year old Aussie mix. She has 11 puppies right now (6 females and 5 males)! She is timid at first but warms up quickly. She is housebroken and likes other dogs. She will be a wonderful loving dog.  Her and her puppies are being fostered in Ohio.  NS 2297

Meet London!  He is an 8-9 yr old male black tri aussie.  He is a tall boy that weigns about 60 lbs.  He is good with other dogs, will alarm bark, but is good with strangers.

He is very strong, and we are working on leash manners, but he is great off lead.  He comes when called and knows sit.  He is crate and kennel trained.  He just wants to hang out.  He is up to date on all shots and neutered, and likes human attention. 

He has had a hard life, and was found wandering the streets, and an older gentleman took him to try to find his owner, but no one claimed him.  He'd love to spend his remaining years with you. 

London is located in Maineville, OH. 

Apply here for him.  NS 1943


Alyssum is a sweet, black tri female.  She is about six years old and weighs about 30 lbs. She hasn’t tolerated much grooming so far. Her coat is looking shinier all the same. When she allows grooming, she’ll be a star.

She arrived frightened and bonded to Snowdrop NS 2258. With the coming of spring, she has begun to blossom. She probably could be adopted separate from Snowdrop, but probably needs a home with other dogs to keep her company.

She enjoys going for walks, as long as she is joined by the rest of the foster home pack. She doesn’t like to go anywhere as the only dog.
For more than two months, she walked with her tail between her legs, and was too afraid to relieve herself outside. Now, she can be caught trotting along, tail in the air, checking out the world around her. She has a medium prey drive.

Alyssum is being fostered in Central Kentucky.  Apply here for her.  NS 2257

Snowdrop is a sweet, black bi gal that is about ten years old and weighs about 35 lbs. She appears to be deaf, or just ignores people. She perks up at the sight of squirrels and birds....anything that moves.

Snowdrop is pretty low key, not much interested in long walks or other activity. She does a dance when it’s mealtime. Otherwise, just give her a warm place to snooze, good food, and potty breaks outside. She arrived frightened and bonded to Alyssum NS 2257. She refused to go out for several weeks. It took more than a month for her to relax her tail. Now, she scratches in her crate when she needs to go out. She seems happy to be by herself, or with other dogs, as long as they don’t get in her face.

Snowdrop is being fostered in Central Kentucky.  Apply here for her.  NS 2258

Quinnlyn is an energetic young black-tri girl, possibly a BC-Aussie (Becaussie). Quinnlyn is 1-2 years old, weighs about 40 lbs, stands a tad taller than the resident aussies, and is thinner.

Quinnlyn has a gorgeous coat with tail that ends in a plume of white. She has a strong prey drive, and tries to herd everything. She definitely needs an active home to keep her busy mind occupied. She walks exuberantly on leash, preferring to be outside than in. She gets along well with the other fosters and resident dogs, as long as she can herd them.

Quinnlyn is being fostered in Central Kentucky.

Apply here for her.  NS 2210
Wren is a totally sweet, rambunctious two year old black tri, purebred, Aussie with no tail, just a tassel of white bringing up the rear. Wren just arrived over the weekend. Stay tuned for more. Wren is being fostered in Central Kentucky.  NS 2230
Hammie is a red tri male, just shy of 2 years. He does well with the other foster dogs. He's cute, and knows it. Stay tuned for more. Hammie is being fostered in Central Kentucky.  NS 2229