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Maximum Speed

Maximum Speed just begins to describe this firecracker. Max is a 19 month old blue merle with a full tail, generous freckling, and brown eyes that are full of anticipation and mischief. He is very lean at 37 pounds and is in constant motion so putting and keeping weight on him is a challenge. Max is unmannerly yet endearing. He has had a willy nilly past in terms of socializing and exposure to the world outside of his homes, it seems. As a result, he is always on high alert and quite the alarmist in terms of what he perceives as potential threats. He has acute auditory and visual senses and has a pretty high prey drive so if his new family has cats, they must be dog savvy and the introductions must be carefully managed. He should not live in a home with small caged animals or small children. As mentioned, Max's manners are a work in progress. He is impulsive and somewhat unaware of his body in space so he tends to charge around with wild abandon if allowed. He is enthusiastic!

Max was both too interested and scared of the three cats in his foster home but has come to live peaceably with little intervention needed after two months of careful management. He is a rough playmate and so far has never been the first to tire of play when with another dog. He ignores no one when out on walks and can become very vocal and agitated but can also be redirected with high value treats and good timing. He is HIGH on the energy scale and needs to be adopted by a family who truly understands that daily exercise of many sorts are critical to his well being. He would benefit from a basic obedience class and once that is mastered and practiced, would be a fantastic Agility, Rally-O, and/or Flyball guy. I believe that Agility would be the best path for this whip-smart, athletic, energetic dog. 
He needs many jobs and much mental and physical stimulation. He LOVES to play ball and can catch just about any ball with lightning speed and accuracy. He is medium on the Velcro scale but mostly because he gets distracted; truth is he loves being with you. He is UTD, on heartworm prevention, and has recently been neutered. The late neutering is ideal for his bone growth! Max seems to be indiscriminate with regard to gender preference but is too rough and rowdy to be placed with small children or even older children who are not dog-savvy. His leash skills, wearing a front clip harness, are improving but he is far from perfect especially when aroused. 

Yes, Max has been known to counter surf but that has lessened over time. He must have a hard fence; no e-fencing or collars. He does need mindful introductions to new people and his next family needs to be very familiar with all of our GREAT New Spirit Tip Sheets. Max has been snarky/aggressive with my Aussie twice and both times have been a result of "resource guarding". Once it was a marrow bone unwittingly left outdoors, the other time he got on the bed and decided I was his. He no longer is allowed on the bed. Max is a dog who needs to be managed and the NILIF doctrine "Nothing In Life Is Free" is a great guide to follow (easily looked up on the web). Max is a diamond in the rough for sure. He could love being an only dog and he could also love being with another grounded, confident Aussie that would not be either intimidated nor put out with his impulsiveness, frivolity and pushiness. ,He totally and proudly wrecks stuffed toys.

Max is fostered in Coastal, NH.  Apply here for him.  NS2869