Available Dogs - Northeast

Please visit our adoption page to read about applying for a New Spirit dog.  The link to the application is at the bottom of that page.
Our fee is $250 and dogs come spayed or neutered and up to date on basic shots except under unusual circumstances.  See the adoption page for more detail on what vetting is done.

Many times, a dog on this page will already be adopted by the time we process your application. If a dog you were looking at no longer appears on this page, please check our "Happy Endings" page to see if they've been adopted.
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Coming Attractions: 
The dogs in Coming Attractions are not yet available but if you see one that interests you, please submit an application now to allow time for processing.
Hold: These dogs in the New Spirit program are currently undergoing medical treatment or behavioral                                    assessment.  No applications are being accepted on them at this time.  Please check back for updates.
Senorita Lacy

Senorita Lacy is a small, sweet red and white female Aussie that is about 12 years old.  She is a bit overweight, at 38 pounds but FULL of personality.  Senorita Lacy is engaging and friendly with everyone she meets and loves being with her people.  She is generally quiet and calm but loves going for walks on and off leash.  Senorita Lacy loves the water and will swim anywhere. 


Jiggs is a gentle 63 lb. red merle mix who is about 4 years old.  Jiggs happily greets you if you've been out and loves nothing more than to settle in and lie near his people and relax. He also enjoys meeting new people of all sorts. Jiggs is solidly housebroken. Jiggs loves riding in the car. He is in good health and UTD on all his shots.

He will go in a crate but there is no need to crate him. He is great around the house and does not counter surf or get into the trash. Jiggs happily chews bones and antlers. He is food motivated and could be taught a whole range of skills by someone who took the time to help him understand what is being asked of him. Jiggs is inquisitive and will explore and investigate everything. He is put off by loud noises (thunder, fireworks, etc.)

Jiggs is being fostered in RI. Apply here to meet him.  NS 1889

Jiggs enjoys romping in the yard but does not have much recall right now so a yard with a fence would be suggested. Due to his size a home with older children is recommended. While Jiggs plays nicely with his foster brothers, he is VERY selective in who he accepts. For this reason we think Jiggs would do best as an only dog in a dog savvy home. Jiggs tends to herd cats (even dog savvy cats), nipping at their backside, so no cats for Jiggs!
Short Willy

Short Willy is a 7 year old Aussie/Corgi mix with a full tail that never stops wagging. As his name indicates, Short Willy has legs that are more indicative of the Corgi part of his heritage.  He is housebroken and walks well on a leash. Short Willy rides well in the car. Short Willy is currently being fostered in a home with dog savvy cats but he has some interest in them.  He responds to being corrected when showing a bit too much interest.  Short Willy is about 50-55 lbs. and would benefit from a weight loss program.
He loves to go on walks and does like water so he would be more than willing to participate!  Short Willy has moderate recall and would probably do best with a fenced yard but that is not an absolute requirement for him.  Short Willy gets along well with other dogs.  He enjoys marrow bones. 

Short Willy is being fostered in Connecticut.

Apply here for him. NS 2001

Video of Short Willy Playing
Senorita Lacy is great with cats and learning to live with house rabbits.  She pays little attention to chickens and goats.  Senorita Lacy gets along well with all dogs in the house and is very patient with her very active 1 year old foster brother.  Senorita Lacy enjoys her walks but is very content to lie at your feet.  When she first arrived at her foster home she was high on the velcro scale with her foster mom but has become more independent over time.  Senorita Lacy is completely housebroken.  She is very good on and off leash.  She has been great with adults and teenagers and large groups of people but has not been exposed to younger children as of yet.

She is fostered in Foster, RI. 
Apply here for her.  NS 1890
Jiggs has shown no indication of resource guarding. He enjoys walks and walks nicely on an 'easy walk' harness, though he still pulls a bit if walked on his collar.

PEPperoni is a beautiful 2-ish year old blue merle Aussie without a tail.  He has brown eyes that have small blue flecks in them.  He is a lean and healthy guy, weighing in at just under 50 pounds, UTD on vaccinations, on heartworm preventative and flea and tick preventative. 

PEPperoni is a medium energy dog who is VERY people oriented.  You will feel his nose bump up against the back of your knees if you don’t see him directly in front of you.  He is submissive, playful, smart, curious and attentive.  PEPperoni will have a longer coat once his October short haircut grows out.  He is already sporting decent beginnings of a cute kilt.  His fur is soft and stays very clean.  He got a bath upon arrival and was excellent in the grooming tub. 

PEPperoni walks beautifully on a leash with his foster sister, a border collie mix.  He LOVES car rides and travels well, has a medium/high prey drive but is improving in leaps and bounds with his cat housemates as he corrects immediately when spoken to.  He is reliably housetrained, not a barker, very focused and friendly with dogs and people though we would not consider him a good candidate for family members under 12 or others who were frail or unsteady on their feet as he does not realize the power behind his moving body; and, he moves. 

We do not know how he is with thunderstorms or fireworks but we’d speculate that he would be fine.  He crates well, loves marrowbones and hard chew toys that contain treats and is hilarious in the games he makes up with stuffed animals and balls.  He is playful and sweet.  PEPperoni  is pretty reliably and will do his business on cue “pee” “potty”. 

PEPperoni knows “wait” at a doorway, “sit”, he is getting good with “down” and “stay” with hand signal for reinforcement.  He aims to please!  He is excellent at taking cues from his foster sister  and when given the ‘knock it off growl’ will cease and desist right away and lay down or go find some solo fun.  He has excellent recall from our experience over the past month, but he has always been on leash in open territory.

He had a habit of jumping up and latching onto your waist but has all but given that up with consistently having your back turned on him with a firm “no”.  As said, he just wants to be a good boy.  More than anything, PEPperoni wants his own home with a person or people who will love him forever.

PEPperoni is being fostered in NH.  Apply here for him. NS 1978