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Ben is a recently neutered, red merle male, thought to be 4 years old, and weighing in at around 42 pounds. He is new to indoor living and very easily spooked at any and all of the normal sights and sounds of the world, both indoors and out. We call Ben a project. He had never lived indoors, was intact, not house-trained, and exhibited a strong fear of men when he was taken into custody by his local ACO.  Fortunately for Ben he was turned over to NS4AR. Ben is jumpy, jittery, anxious, and has very low confidence; however, he is loving, lovable, and athletic.  And, if he can figure out how, he wants to please. 

Ben is great with my cats and dogs. He can be rough when playing and racing around but it's more a matter of him not seeming to know where he begins and ends, along with the speed at which he is traveling. If my other dogs don't want to play anymore, Ben is fine to entertain himself or better still, we play fetch with tennis balls. 
Here are some videos of Ben in action:

Video 1

Video 2

He has come to love stuffies and balls and collects his favorite items, including bits of my small laundry, to keep him company when he is in his crate (door opened or closed.) He is high energy but that may temper over time.  He likes to be near his person, has a clean bill of health, and is now house-trained! He may have some set-backs on this score when initially placed in a new home. 

We don't know how Ben is with children but due to his velocity and lack of spatial awareness at times, older children (12+) or adults only may be his best family option. Ben has had a history of several attempted biting incidents with MEN only in a previous foster home but we've "staged" a few meetings with men and Ben sticks close to me but has not attempted to bite. Indoor living and the joys of regular meals, patience, love, and lots of play have been important factors in gaining Ben's trust and allowing him to relax and develop his personality and sense of joie de vivre!
Ben does not counter surf although he loves to eat. He takes treats very gently and prefers to eat in his crate. He is on grain free kibble, with plain yogurt and a fish oil capsule daily; his coat was in poor shape upon arrival but is coming along nicely. 

He has a medium prey drive in the fenced yard but nothing unusual. He MUST have a secure fence! No short fencing and no e-fencing. Ben's biggest danger is his terror when he is afraid or startled and he has many fears and may startle-triggers. (sights and sounds) Ben comes when called in the house and yard but if he is scared, his dinosaur brain takes over completely and tells him to RUN FOR COVER!! HEAD FOR THE HILLS! For this reason alone, it will take a very patient, dedicated, devoted, Aussie-experienced home before Ben is placed from NS4AR. 

Ben is fostered in New Hampshire.

Apply here for him.  NS2915
Please check back for updates.

Mocha is an 1 1/2 year old 56 lb. well trained red merle female with a gorgeous plume of a white tail that her body had to grow into! She walked into the foster's house, met the 3 resident dogs and bonded with them almost immediately. She is reserved when first meeting people but warms up quickly and sits patiently to wait for a nice pet. 

Mocha quickly bonded with the resident dogs and especially loves playing with the female at every opportunity, but will settle when told to. She passed intermediate obedience class and knows many commands - off, leave it, come, etc. She is new to foster so we don't know what else she knows, or what she will pick up from the residents. 

She was said to be high energy but now that she's in a pack she's not over the top running laps around the yard. She is high on the Velcro scale, giving lots of kisses when she's not laying on her foster mom's foot. She loves balls and a good tug of war. She's not perfect on a leash, but came with a no pull harness.
Mocha came into rescue due to fear aggression of small children and trying to herd them. Because of this, she will need a home with children who are 12 or older and dog savvy. There was some resource guarding of her food bowl but this has not been a problem at the foster home. The foster home has not seen any fear issues so far. She is very happy being part of a pack, so she will need an Aussie savvy home with at least one other playful dog to keep any anxiety at bay. 

Mocha is fostered in Granby, CT  NS3108