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Luci is a 2-year-old Aussie mix, spayed, blue merle with a tail. She's 36 lbs but needs to shed a couple of them. Her fur is shorter than a typical Aussie - medium length, except for a full, fluffy plume of a tail, which curls up over her back when she's alert. She's as sweet as can be. She's unsure when she first meets people and looks to her foster mom for reassurance, but she warms up with quiet words and soft gestures.

Luci is curious about the resident dog-savvy cats, but has not chased or shown any aggression. They do not run from her so she gives them a sniff-over and walks away. She has shown no possessiveness with treats or toys, gives up bones willingly and quickly. Is respectful of resident Aussie. She is overwhelmed by his exuberance and not terribly interested in playing with him, much to his disbelief. Luci is housebroken. She has a medium level of energy and a high level of velcro-ism. She is good on a leash, pulls some, but with practice will be a pleasant walking companion. Knows sit and down, is working hard on stay. She's crazy-smart, learns quickly and is sensitive to verbal corrections. Heavy-handed corrections will shut her down. She's not a barker, but will alarm-bark when she hears strange noises.
Maximum Speed

"Max" is fast and adorable. He is a 15.5 month old, neutered, microchipped, and UTD blue Merle with a lot of black, some great freckles, a full active tail, and the beginnngs of a gorgeous ruff. At 38 pounds he is super lean. He is loving and affectionate while still being all over the place in terms of overall manners. Initially he had the typical aussie reserve, but that dissolved quickly with soft talking and a calm and gentle petting session. His manners are a work in progress.

Max is HIGH energy and will need an aussie sibling to romp with for both physical exercise, social exercise, and confidence building. He plays, plays, and plays some more before he can settle. His speed and agility are amazing and he could well be a great agility prospect once his focus can be channeled. His leaps, sprints, and ball skills are nothing short of impressive.

He joined us after being returned to the shelter when his family realized they really could not meet his level of Aussie panache! He is fine with dog savvy cats, great with our two dogs, and has been pretty good on town walks when seeing other dogs. His leash manners leave a bit to be desired at this point but are in line with his age, his energy level, and his recent transition to his foster home. Max is housebroken, crate trained, good with women and men but uncomfortable with young children. He is medium on the Velcro scale. Max is very smart!
Max will check out food left out and has a high prey drive when out for walks; squirrels beware! He must have a hard fence. His recall in the yard is reasonable given his age and the short amount of time he has been our guest. He sometimes appears a bit head shy but overall is sweet, lovable, and will be someone's very fine companion and personal trainer. Max is currently on heartworm prevention meds.

Max is fostered in Coastal, NH.

Apply here for him.  NSXXXX
New things are scary for Luci, but she can be encouraged with treats. Thunderstorms make her nervous and she needs help dealing with her separation anxiety issues. She does best when allowed to sleep with her family. When left alone, she's been allowed to be loose in the house (not crated, but confined to non-carpeted areas) with the crated resident Aussie. She has been okay for periods of 2-3 hours, not yet tested with longer periods. She is not well-socialized and needs low-key, calm introductions. Though she was raised with young kids, she would do best in a quieter home environment with either much older or no children. She needs to be allowed to check things out at her own pace and not be forced into anything. She's come a long way already, having been afraid of her food bowl for the first two days.

If you're looking for an affectionate little companion, can give her the gentle understanding that she needs and the affection and attention she craves, Luci is your girl and will love you forever.

Luci is fostered in Rochester, NY.

Apply here for her.  NS2864