Every dog has his day!
No truer words were ever spoken.  Each one also has his or her own story. Some of those are recounted here, for your enjoyment, amusement, or heartfelt sympathy.

New Spirit volunteers work hard to make sure that our dogs get that day in the sun!
Siggins' Story
Siggins was found in an outdoor shelter, dirty, matted and so debilitated that he could not wag his tail. The victim of what appeared to be years of neglect by his owner, he was picked up as a stray after being hit by a car. Due to his age, about 12 years, he was not a good candidate for adoption in the shelter.
Fortunately, he caught the eye of a rescue worker and was pulled from the shelter.  After months of rehab, his injuries healed as well as could be expected for a senior dog and he was eventually adopted by a loving couple that wanted to give an old dog a good home.  As of early 2010, he is still going strong!  Every day is now Siggin's day thanks to people who cared.   His story is the essence of rescue.
The dogs listed on this page are in their homes with their owners and are not part of the New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue program. All information has been provided by the private individual or group responsible for the dog. NS4AR makes no guarantee to the accuracy of the information and NS4AR has no obligation, responsibility or liability with respect to the adoption, placement, or transportation of the dog. NS4AR has provided this space only as a courtesy to help place dogs in need.
Please contact Brandy Mercier to place a listing on this page.

Meet Ajax!  This great Aussie mix guy finds himself in a home with toddlers and it just makes him TOO nervous.  So he has packed his bag and is looking for another place to hang.

Ajax is about 10, but don’t let that bit of gray on his muzzle fool you.  He loves to play fetch, swim, walk, hike, you name it.  Joining you on the couch or lying in the backyard in the sun also works for him.  He gets along great with other dogs and even cats – what’s not to love?
Ajax weighs about 70 pounds, he is neutered and up to date on all his vaccines.  He is housebroken, crate-trained and knows all of his basic commands.  He is just an all-around good guy that needs a new home.

Ajax currently lives near Charlotte, NC.  If you would like to learn more about him, please email his owner at lisamaloy19@gmail.com


Ruby was adopted from a shelter in Sept. 2016. She is a 2-3 year old red bi Australian Shepherd with a docked tail. She is a terrific dog, friendly with people and kids. She still needs some training to not jump up when meeting new people.

Ruby has a high predatory drive and there is a much loved cat in her adopted home. Her current owner worked with two trainers and also with an animal behavioralists they advised that Ruby always wear a muzzle when in a home with cats and that she be kept separate at all times which isn't possible in her current situation.

Other than this issue, she has made great progress on behavior training and loves to work. She is clicker trained and would be a great candidate for agility or flyball.
Ruby is loved dearly by her current family who have even trained her to walk on the treadmill for morning walks. She forms a strong bond with her person but socializes with other dogs at the pet hotel with no incidents though her guardian instincts have been increasing especially when the kids are present and when someone approaches the house. She does settle down fairly quickly with strangers and is learning to stay on her bed when her mom tells her to.

Ruby will definitely need a cat free home. She is a dominant female so she should be either the only dog in the household or with a submissive male dog.  She also needs a home with a high fence. She jumps standard chain link fences and has jumped over a 41" indoor dog fence. She is a strong willed Aussie from working lines; she would be a great working dog and would make a loyal companion for someone who has the time to work with her and give her the attention and love she deserves. 

Ruby weighs about 45 pounds, is spayed, microchipped, up to date on all vaccinations and is on heart worm and flea and tick preventative. Ruby will remain in her current home in Rochester Hills, MI until she can find her forever home. Her current owner is willing to travel to ensure Ruby finds the right family.  Please contact Julia via email juliarodmichigan@gmail.com

Solo is 3 year old Australian Shepherd. He is Red Merle with a docked tail. With one brown eye and one blue marbled eye. Unfortunately Solo is not living his best life here at home. He has a large back yard to run around and play in but he needs a human companion that can spend more time with him than I can.

Solo is very friendly and loves every human that he meets. He is a bit excitable which is to be expected with the breed so he probably wouldn't be great around the elderly or young children as he does jump some. He knows a few simple commands such as Sit, Lay, and Shake and is very eager to please. With the proper time and attention I have no doubt that he can learn more commands.

Solo is dog aggressive and would need to be put in a home where he is the only dog. He has grown up with two cats and doesn't bother them when they are around. But I have never seen him around any other animals besides the two cats he is familiar with, and several neighborhood dogs that have come to his fence to whom he did not react well. Solo does well in a car and rides quietly.

Any questions feel free to email me at: johnson.cassandra1992@gmail.com He is located in Madisonville, TN in East Tennessee.