Every dog has his day!
No truer words were ever spoken.  Each one also has his or her own story. Some of those are recounted here, for your enjoyment, amusement, or heartfelt sympathy. 

New Spirit volunteers work hard to make sure that our dogs get that day in the sun!
Siggins' Story
Siggins was found in an outdoor shelter, dirty, matted and so debilitated that he could not wag his tail. The victim of what appeared to be years of neglect by his owner, he was picked up as a stray after being hit by a car. Due to his age, about 12 years, he was not a good candidate for adoption in the shelter. 
Fortunately, he caught the eye of a rescue worker and was pulled from the shelter.  After months of rehab, his injuries healed as well as could be expected for a senior dog and he was eventually adopted by a loving couple that wanted to give an old dog a good home.  As of early 2010, he is still going strong!  Every day is now Siggin's day thanks to people who cared.   His story is the essence of rescue.

The dogs listed on this page are in their homes with their owners and are not part of the New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue program. All information has been provided by the private individual or group responsible for the dog. NS4AR makes no guarantee to the accuracy of the information and NS4AR has no obligation, responsibility or liability with respect to the adoption, placement, or transportation of the dog. NS4AR has provided this space only as a courtesy to help place dogs in need.
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​Sweet Shadow

Sweet Shadow is looking for his new forever home because his owner can no longer care for him. He is a purebred mini Australian Shepherd with no tail, only 6 years old, and weighs 25-30 pounds (must be 5 pounds of hair in that coat!!). He is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations. 

Shadow is house trained & dog door trained. He is excellent on a leash and plays great with the other dogs in daycare, although another dog in his new home is not required. He is not fond of cats. 

Shadow enjoys lots of petting and nice long walks in the nature trails. Can you share your home with him? Shadow is currently living in Salisbury, NC. Please contact Nicole@lovingpup.com if you are interested in learning more about him.

​Gunner is a 5yr, stunning blue merle boy that is looking for a forever home for the second time ☹ Gunner was initially purchased as a puppy by a young couple wanting their first fur baby. By the time Gunner was 3 years old, the couple had 3 children and clearly had no time for Gunner. Gunner did nothing wrong but ended up on Craigs List because he was a child with fur.

A nice couple came along who had owned aussies in the past and recently lost their only aussie. They found Gunner on Craigs List and tried to give him a great home. They took care of all his veterinary needs and still love him very much. Due to health issues the current family are not able to meet Gunner's physical and mental needs. He is higher energy than their prior aussie. Gunner has even been taught to run on a treadmill to help get the exercise that he needs but it's simply not enough for an active aussie boy. 

Gunner is a higher energy aussie that needs an active family with some experience with the herding breeds. He is housebroken and up to date on all vaccinations and preventatives. Gunner has always been an only dog, he has played with some dogs but will fight with dogs that are dominant or rude. He could probably be introduced to a playful female dog but his owner can't be sure how he would do. So, for now, the safest thing would be for Gunner to be an only dog. He likes to ride in a car, is fine on a leash and enjoys hiking. He is probably not a good candidate to take to the dog park since many dogs are off leash and some can be very rude. Gunner has not been trained in agility, fetching, or disc but could probably learn with a little time. He would also be a great companion for a runner!

Gunner will bark when people arrive at the home, according to the owner but settles down and gets along well with people. He also likes to bark when he sees squirrels, bunnies and other animals out the window. Depending on where you live, please take into consideration his had a voice. If kept exercised, he may bark less but keep your neighbors in mind if this could be an issue. Gunner has not lived with cats to his owners knowledge.

Gunner is looking for an active, herd dog savvy home with a traditional above ground fence.

If you are interested in Gunner, you can contact Joy at joytrux1@aol.com 


Puck is one handsome guy in search of a new home. Puck is a purebred, two-year-old blue merle Aussie with lots of pretty white and copper accents. He weighs between 45 and 50 pounds and is housebroken, crate-trained (reluctantly!!), neutered and up to date on all of his vaccines. He walks OK on a leash and rides well in the car.

Puck loves people and other dogs! Children make him nervous, though, and although he has not been around cats he chases squirrels with a passion – so cats may not be a good option in the home. Puck is described as a high Velcro, high energy guy who has an off switch – he settles nicely at the end of a good play period. Puck loves to play fetch, frisbee and tug-of-war. He knows all of his basic obedience commands and lots of tricks!
Puck is an anxious young boy, and he is currently on medication and working with a behaviorist to learn that the world is a pretty safe place after all. He is improving but he is still anxious, especially in new situations and when hearing loud noises. This will take time.

Puck’s ideal home includes an active family who is home for at least part of the day and who will love him enough to continue his behavioral training. A large fenced yard and a dog-pal for exercise, play and companionship are must-haves. No small children please. Interested? Puck lives in Bethesda, Maryland and you can contact his owner directly at ericasteph@gmail.com.