Available Dogs - Midatlantic

Please visit our adoption page to read about applying for a New Spirit dog.  The link to the application is at the bottom of that page.
Our fee is $250 and dogs come spayed or neutered and up to date on basic shots except under unusual circumstances.  See the adoption page for more detail on what vetting is done.

Many times, a dog on this page will already be adopted by the time we process your application. If a dog you were looking at no longer appears on this page, please check our "Happy Endings" page to see if they've been adopted.
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Coming Attractions: 
The dogs in Coming Attractions are not yet available but if you see one that interests you, please submit an application now to allow time for processing.
Hold: These dogs in the New Spirit program are currently undergoing medical treatment or behavioral                          assessment.  No applications are being accepted on them at this time.  Please check back for updates.

Dilly is a three year old male with a stub tail.  He weighs approximately 55 pounds.  Dilly is a love bug.  He wants to get up on you to give hugs, and works hard to wrap his paws around you until you ask him to get down.  He goes into his crate on command and does very little barking.  He is a very very quiet dog.

Dilly would do great with a dog or dogs that love to play.   Dilly has high energy, and spends his days chasing after toys thrown for him and wresling with the visiting dogs.  He is house trained and settles down nicely in the house when given his favorite knuckle bone.
Dilly has the aussie herding instinct so small shy kids and cats would probably not be very entertained by him!   Dilly is up to date on vet work and looking for his forever home.

Dilly is fostered in Galloway, NJ. 

Apply here to meet him.  NS 2028

Snowflake is 2 years old and a compact girl, much smaller in person than you would think from hearing she weighs 50 pounds.  Like many of us, she could stand to lose a few, but she is in great shape and has a tail which is constantly wagging.  She's very sweet and submissive and bonds quickly, walks nicely on leash, and wants to be with her people all the time.  The good news is that she can be crated if you need to, and she can also be left loose when you're out if you prefer (and clear edibles from surfaces she can reach).
Her red merle coat is just gorgeous and very classic.  Snowflake keeps it lovely and clean, which is nice because she loves to snuggle--on the couch, or in bed if allowed.  So far she just craves love and attention, and although she's fine with other dogs, cares much more about people.  When she initially meets other dogs, if they get up in her face and make her nervous, she may growl, but that passes quickly and she actually gives other dogs kisses so with a little time to adjust, she actually starts to engage with a dog that is nice and mild with her.

Snowflake is okay with kids but chickens and rabbits not so much.  So probably iffy on cats too, although she is very easily corrected so if indoor cats are dog savvy and soemone handles the first few days right, she can probably be persuaded to leave them strictly alone.

Snowflake is fostered in Fredericksburg, MD.
Apply here for her. NS 2202
Red Riley

Red Riley is a red-tri, male Aussie(x) about 18 months of age. He is just a little thin at 50 pounds.  Red Riley was a stray and so we do not know anything about his history, but he has had basic training.  He is housebroken, crate-trained and is in the process of perfecting his leash-walking skills. He has not been cat tested.

Red Riley loves people and is a solid 7-8 on the Velcro scale.  He is wonderful with the noisy, energetic 3 year-old mini-human who shares his home.  He loves to give her gentle kisses, and he adores playing fetch with her in the yard.  He will even “sit pretty” while he waits for his toy to be pitched a whole 3 feet away. With his tail swishing and his butt wiggling, he will promptly bring it back to drop at her feet and repeat steps 1-3.   He does not chase her or bark at her, even when she is running around like a banshee!

Red Riley is on the medium-high level of the energy scale.  He likes to play fetch periodically throughout the day, go for short or long walks (with or without his dutiful doggy backpack), and play WrestleMania with his foster brother and sister.  He has an “off switch”.  He will promptly take a nap after playing, especially if a hard, cold floor is available. 
Overall, he is not a boisterous, in-your-face-first-time-I-meet-you Aussie; he is a sweet, loving boy that likes to please and wants nothing more than ear scratches, tummy rubs, and a little time out of your day!  Riley’s dream home would have a medium to large yard for frolicking, a few cool, tile/hardwood floors for napping, and a canine companion for playing and snuggling.  His dream family would like long walks and regular games of fetch. 

Red Riley is being fostered in Chesapeake, VA – come on down!

Apply here for him. NS 2215
Mr. Boone

Mr. Boone is a very sweet, very handsome 11 month old, 47 pound red tri purebred boy who through no fault of his own needs to find a new set of humans to love.  He is housebroken, crate trained and has been to obedience school! 

Mr. Boone loves to play, he rides well in a car, and he seems to do well with most dogs, even the bossy alpha female in his foster home.  He has not been cat tested, he mostly ignores the parrots in his foster home, but we are pretty sure that chickens and squirrels are fair game for him! 

Mr. Boone’s ideal home would have a fenced yard and humans who will love and play with him.  Chasing balls is his idea of heaven!  Another dog-type friend, or access to dog friends, would be ideal.  Small children seem to make him a little nervous – he is not aggressive at all but he clearly does not know what he should do around them - so Mr. Boone’s new home should not have very small children.

Mr. Boone is being fostered in Roanoke, VA. 
Apply here for him.  NS 2216

Looking for a gorgeous 11 month old male Aussie who will do anything to be included in his people's activities around the house and has lots of love to give?  If so, your search is over.  Jagger is waiting to meet you.  He is a fun and silly dog who hasn’t been introduced to much in his 11 short months of his life but he’s making up for lost time in his foster home.  He is learning manners very quickly as he is extremely food motivated and his brain is aching to be exercised. Since coming to his foster home, he has learned sit, down, clear and touch and runs to his crate and sits when it is mealtime.  He is house trained and accepts the crate willingly when offered a cookie.
Jagger is a complete love in a house and in a fenced yard, and a good playmate for other dogs.  After a few seconds of being a bit nervous when coming into a new yard or meeting a new dog he is quick to offer a play bow and is off to the races playing with a new friend.  If the new friend says no, he is pretty good about taking the hint and finding another dog to play with.

He has a great way of blowing off his nervous energy with lots of running and playing, but we're happy toreport that he settles down after a while, and he also has a great off button in the house.
He would do best in a home with a large yard and confident doggie playmate to help him get the exercise an 11 month old Aussie deserves.
Right now our one overriding concern is his reactivity to other dogs when out on leash.  He is very strong and the anxiety is pretty intense, so much so that he could easily up end a smaller or less strong handler in an attempt to get to the other dog.   We see this as a natural result of his youth and total prior lack of experience with the outside world.  His foster mom is working on this with him.  Nobody has taken the time to teach him his behavior isn't appropriate and give him something else to do and she reports that he is improving with each additional walk away from home.   If you are not one to go on trails or leash walks, he is perfect for you now, but his foster mom would like to equip him with some more experiences to overcome his anxiety.  After all, being afraid is no fun.  She is confident that he will eventually get past this one issue.

He’ll be one year old in February. Won’t you give him the best birthday present a boy could ask for…his own family to love him?
This gorgeous boy is fostered in Jamison, PA.  Apply here for him.  NS 2219

Watch Jagger here!
This is Heath, a 5 year old boy who is on the larger side at 70 lbs. He is very sweet and happy, great with other dogs, ignores cats, and loves people.  He has a bob tail.  NS TBD
This little doll is Blackie, 2 years old and only 25 lbs.  He's good with men and women, fine with other dogs, unknown with cats, and quiet overall, at least in the shelter, and nice on leash.  He will be fostered in Eastern PA.  NS xxxx
Annie Bonannie is 2.5 years old and larger at 63 lbs, but gentle and shy.  She's good with other dogs and fine with cats, and was very scared in the shelter where she was a favorite of the staff.  She will be fostered in Allentown.  NS xxxx
Dixie Doodle is just a kid at 8 months old, and she is great with human kids. At ony 30 lbs, she is liekly full grown.  She's olay on leash, a little shy at first with other dogs but then likes to play.  She will be fostered in Seaford DE.  NS xxxx
Dacota is 6 months old and has a tail, and he is fully of energy and super happy and friendly.  He has good doggie manners and loves to play but will take a "no thanks" gracefully.  He sniffed at a cat's behind but when it turned around, he whirled away and pretended not to be interested..  Dacota will be fostered in Furlong PA.  NS xxxx

Kodi is a dear and gentle soul, very affectionate toward people who treat him nicely, and that includes strangers after a few minutes.  At first he will retreat to a corner when someone new arrives and keep alert, but with a little encouragement, he comes forward and loves to be petted

He's a classic red merle, 4 years old, no tail, and weighs 61 pounds.  He's a beautiful guy, inside and out, and is getting used to lving indoors and having a bunch of dog friends.  His life up till now was limited to crates, tie-outs, and outdoor runs.  With indoor living and good food, his coat will get better and may show his red more.  In the meantime, he encourages you to brush him any time you want to in case it helps improve it faster.  He also uses his nose, aka the red rubber bumper, to remind you to pet him anytime you look like you aren't busy enough.  Well, even if you are . . . .
Kodi likes to stay close by a person, either at your feet while you work at a desk or watch tv, or in the kitchen, but despite his size, he is never in the way or underfoot or rough.  Outside he is loosening up with the other dogs and does get revved and like to run and play, which he was not used to doing.  He's a little shy with new dogs at first, but mannerly.  If he is scared or feels another dog is crowding him, he will do a deep grrr but nothing more.

Cats would no doubt be safe in his presence since he is such a perfect gentleman with other dogs and people.  He does like to keep an eye on things at the windows and will sound an alarm if he thinks you need to know about something.  It's just a quiet "woof" or two though.Kodi walks well on leash and has good recall.  He's completely reliable in the house and will let you know when he needs to go out.  So far he won't come up on a bed or couch even if invited, and likes to sleep on a folded quilt on the floor near the bed at night.  He's fine left loose when you're away.

This is just one special boy who loves big and is brightening up a little more each day as he gets used to living in a more active house. 

Kodi is fostered in Collegeville PA.  Apply here for him.  NS 2218.

Joni is an absolutely stunning self-blue merle and don't let her dignified and solemn pictures fool you: she is a fun-loving and goofy girl!  She loves all people--men, women, kids--and all other dogs.  She is playful and full of life.  She's between 1-2 years old, with a tail, one blue and one brown eye, and weighs 62 lbs.  She is mixed with something long-legged and larger, and she runs like a gazelle.  Her dog manners are wonderful--no one can resist her charming play bows and twirls for long, not even dogs that are shy or don't really play a lot.
She'd be fine with dog savvy cats who either want to play with her or can tell her to go away effectively.  Joni is a smart and polite girl and will listen to them.

She also listens to peope beautifully.  She is very willing to please and tries to figure out what you want before you even ask, and watches to see what the other dogs do in an attempt to figure out the rules.
Joni is energetic and loves a fenced yard and always has little projects going--gathering sticks the wind blew down and whittling them, sniffing under trees to see which squirrel was there last.  She loves to be outdoors but comes when called.  She's reliable in the house and fine left loose, but may be a little too curious about trash cans and counters to be given free run.  She does crate very well if needed.

Joni is fostered in Collegeville PA.   Apply here if you're interested in Joni.  NS 2051

Starsky  is  a small mixed Australian shepherd, weighs about 35 pounds and has a salt and pepper looking hair. He has one blue eye and one brown eye that completes his look. He is very playful and loves to play with toys but not unlike any other dog tends to tear them apart. He is very affectionate and loves to jump into your lap.

He does tend to be shy of new comers but I feel with a bit of work he will over come this. He listens very well when reprimanded.
He however does not like the crate therefore this will need a bit of work as well if you wish to crate him but he is fine out of the crate. He has full access to the house when we go out and during the night and have not had any issues.

Starsky is fostered in Egg Harbor, NJ. 

Apply here for him.  NS 2217
This sweet little mini Aussie is Boo.  She has been cherished and well cared for her entire life but her owner passed away and now she needs someone new to love her.  She's a chubby 35 pounds, and about 7 years old.  She's fine with other dogs, and cats too.  She is being fostered near Gettysburg, PA.  NS TBD
Dahlia is a sweet senior estimated to be about 10 but we will know more about her overall health soon.  She's housebroken, hard of hearing, and has arthritis in her hips and knees and is on Rimadyl for that, but her vision seems good.  She will be fostered in Collegeville, PA.  NS 2224  
Waldo is a handsome black-tri male that is about 8-9 years old and weighs about 50 lbs.  He is a friendly boy with a medium energy level.  He is housetrained and rides well in the car.  He will be fostered in Lehighton, PA.  NS 1502