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Our fee is $250 and dogs come spayed or neutered and up to date on basic shots except under unusual circumstances.  See the adoption page for more detail on what vetting is done.

Many times, a dog on this page will already be adopted by the time we process your application. If a dog you were looking at no longer appears on this page, please check our "Happy Endings" page to see if they've been adopted.
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Coming Attractions: 
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Hold: These dogs in the New Spirit program are currently undergoing medical treatment or behavioral                          assessment.  No applications are being accepted on them at this time.  Please check back for updates.

This beautiful girl is Sugarbear.  She is a beautiful red merle girl with blue eyes and a bob tail.  Our best guess on age is 9-11, and we have done a dental on her to make sure she is in great health for a new home.  Sugarbear is a very sweet girl who is loyal to her family, following them around in the yard and tolerating the three resident dogs as well as another foster.  She gets along with everyone...the neighbors, the other dogs and even the vet when blood was drawn for her check up!  She rides really well in a car, is quiet in her crate and loves to go for walks and be outdoors!  She weighs 60 pounds and would love to lose a little.  She loves going for leash walks and has perfect leash manners!.  She loves to be brushed and petted and is very laid back. 

Sugarbear is fostered in Collegeville, PA.  Apply here to meet her.NS 1919

Dodger is approximately a 21 month old healthy white male and approximately 45 pounds. He gets along really well with the foster home's two small dogs(a Chihuahua who is 5 lbs and a Shih Tzu who is 18 lbs). He tries to play with them but they are not interested therefore we feel he would do well with another dog to play with.

He is full of energy and absolutely loves attention. He gets along well with the foster home's older children. We don’t see any issues with younger children because he is just a big love bug. He absolutely loves loves loves bones. He thinks toys are bones because he tears them apart. We have been working on some commands with him, he knows sit, down, and give me your paw. He is a very smart dog and given the time will learn even more.
He is housebroken and crate trained. He does well on the leash and prefers a retractable leash because it gives him a little bit more freedom. If it is not time for his walk and he needs to go out he will walk around near the door and whine. He will also whine when he feels nervous about a situation but a little coaxing and reassurance goes a long way.

He is fostered in Egg Harbor Twp., NJ.   Apply here to meet him. NS 2113
Peregrine White

Peregrine White is a 40 pound Aussie mix male who thinks life is one big happy experience! We’re not sure what he’s mixed with but what he doesn’t have in Aussie-ness he makes up for with his positive, happy, wiggly personality and intelligence.   His ears are delightfully floppy and when he hears something, you're often treated to an adorable one-ear-up situation. Perry loves to meet people and if you happen to sit on the sofa, he’ll gladly snuggle up next to you or on your lap. 
Being young, Perry is curious about everything and at times can be a bit of a nose poke but is learning when it’s not appropriate to put one’s nose in certain areas. His foster sister is submissive and tolerant - it's not known how he will be with a more dominant dog. He will chase squirrels and any other animal that runs, but is learning not to when told to ‘leave it.’ The outdoor cats will not let him near them so it’s not clear how he will be with cats. If the cats sit still Perry will walk right by them – it’s no fun if they are not running! The biggest challenge for Perry is learning to be calm and quiet at home when his people are at work during the day. He’s working hard on this and is making progress. He can be a bit jumpy and mouthy so a home with very small children would not be appropriate.

Perry would like nothing more than to wiggle his way into your heart and your home!
This happy, intelligent dog is fostered in Reading, PA. Apply here to see if he is right for your home.  NS 2039

Watch a video of Peregrine White

Keeper has earned his stripes and is looking for a comfortable home to live out his golden years. Found on the streets, he is pretty run down and needs some time to recoup. He never stops smiling and wagging his tail however. Just a gentle lovely soul that hasn't had it very good for a long time. Keeper may be an Aussie or a mix (it is kind of hard to tell since the only hair he has is on his head and legs), 50-55 lbs., of indeterminate age (not young) who is mellow and friendly and loving. He wants to meet everyone and say hi, is fine with dogs and cats, is housebroken, fine with a crate but has some backend weakness that makes it uncomfortable to be confined to a small space for a long time. He enjoys going for a walk and is slowly building up his stamina and muscle tone. Of course he is easy to walk on a leash. His hair loss seems to be due to flea allergy dermatitis and is on the mend. It may take a while for the hair to all grow in but he is currently having no problems with the summer heat!  If you could give an older guy a nice retirement home in exchange for love and loyalty, then come meet Keeper.
Keeper is fostered in Lancaster, PA.
. Apply here to see if he is right for your home.  NS 2119


Dilly is a three year old male with a stub tail.  He weighs approximately 50 pounds, but he could stand to gain another  5lbs.  Dilly is a love bug.  He wants to get up on you to give hugs. His paws can wrap around your waist and he stands content until you ask him to get down.  

Dilly would do great as an only dog, or with a dog that has a high energy level that loves to play.   Dilly has high energy, and he is still very much a puppy. He is house trained and does well in a crate when the foster family has to leave.  Dilly doesn't understand fetch but loves his knuckle bone to chew. 

He is a quiet dog, and the family has not heard much if any barking!  Dilly has the aussie hearding instinct.He is working on not jumping unless asked for a hug.    Dilly is up to date on vet work.

Dilly is fostered in Galloway, NJ. 

Apply here to meet him.  NS 2028

Jethro is a sweet, fun loving boy who just shines with pride when he learns something or gets a signal right.  His lovely tail curls over his back except when he is running - then it trails behind him.  He weighs about 50 lean pounds.  His outer coat is sunburned, but he's a lovely chestnut under that.  He is very agile and fast, but settles quickly in the house.  He jumps in the creek, runs in the fields, and generally is just a big puppy.  He saw another dog at his foster home go thru the agility tunnel and over the A-frame - so he did too!
Jethro loves people and is overjoyed when meeting someone, he is a little too rambunctious for small or timid children.  This young man would prefer to be close to his person all the time, but can settle on his own.  He likes to ride in the car, has been crated, and is house trained. Jethro gets along with most, but not all, dogs.  He does well with 7 out of 8 dogs in his foster home.  He does ok on leash, but he needs to mature and focus a little.  His foster mother is also working on manners, but he is making progress in that area every day.
Jethro is ready for someone to love, an active home and person to play with would be ideal.  Unfortunately, he can climb fences so he will need a secure space when left alone.  He would also be better as an only dog, or with a single dog friend who doesn't try to bully him.

Jethro is fostered in Blacksburg, VA.  Apply here to meet him. NS 2129

Windy is a young female shepherd/cavalier mix, probably.  She does have blue eyes, a lovely red and white coat and gorgeous tail with a nice, white tip.  Since she is a nursing mom, her coat is almost certainly not in optimum condition.  Windy is an excellent mom and is taking good care of her babies.  She is a small dog, about 25 lbs, a real space saver!  She is sweet as can be, very affectionate and would make a wonderful companion.  She has not been tested with children but has been very accepting of us handling her babies, both men and women.  She has been very good with visiting dogs being around her babies as well.  She is not accustomed to walking on a leash but is otherwise very easy to handle.
Windy and her litter are being fostered in New London, PA.  Apply here for her. NS 2146
Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller is a goofy yet delightful senior--11 years young and getting younger every day he is off his chain.  He has fit right in at his foster home.  No crating necessary, excellent house manners and good with cats, kids and dogs and all people.  Dusty is a large blue merle, right now tipping the scale at a very skinny 70 lbs. Yes, 70 lbs and we are working hard to get weight on him with 3 meals a day; he's not a big eater.  When his last owner entered the hospital, Dusty lost about 30 lbs because he wouldn't eat (much) when left alone.  He'd always had someone stay and keep him company when eating, even as a puppy.  So once his foster mom figured it out, he always has human company now when he eats.  No problem.

Dusty's favorite time of day is walkie time.  He gets quite excited and just can't wait to hit the trail--he's got 11 years of inactivity and boredom to make up, after all.  He has really learned a lot about walking on a leash and we aren't too worried about formal leash work, we'd rather he get muscled up.  His coat is re-growing after his summer hair coat.  When he was tied out, he wore a harness and it rubbed a lot the hair off, so Dusty is a bit of a patchwork right now but it's growing back and he should be a very pretty boy once his full coat is in.

Dusty Miller craves attention and loves being petted and loved on. He's a happy boy right now.
Another time of day that he really likes is bedtime, when he gets to settle down with the other
dogs and his foster mom for the night.

Dusty is a very low maintenance dog.  All he wants is to be loved on.  He does have a bit of
arthritis and his hearing isn't what it used to be, but he is an old man, after all.  His foster
mom says he can borrow her hearing aids if he wants.

Dusty is a big, old country boy, just a big, old goober.  Nothing bothers him very much--lightning/thunder, vacuums, loud vehicles. Dusty says to bring it on, he's cool!

Dusty Miller is being fostered near Collegeville, PA.   Apply here to meet him. NS 2150
When he was in another foster home he demonstrated he could play nicely with a much smaller dog. (see video) Perry loves to play with other dogs! Unfortunately his current foster sister has rebuked all his efforts, but he does listen to her and backs off with a sigh. Being young, Perry does have medium level energy, but he channels it appropriately. If you are busy he will keep himself occupied with his toys. He enjoys the daily runs and walks and would like to find an active home that would include him. If you're not athletic, a trip to the dog park will work just fine! He has shown an interest in agility and would like to continue it if possible!
Perry is about one year old so he is still learning about life. He is completely housebroken and only chews on inappropriate things once in a while. He loves toys, other dogs, playing fetch, learning new things, splashing in water and going for car rides and walks.   It’s difficult to find anything Perry doesn’t like!   If you’re feeling blue, just watch him roll around his treat ball and all your worries will fade away! Perry is learning basic obedience commands quickly, as well as a few agility tricks. Perry wants to please and is easily corrected. His recall is quite good, and he’s mastered fetch.
Cienna is a young (less than a year old) aussie mix who currently weighs 30 pounds, and will be a medium sized dog at maturity.  She is very sweet, and, although nervous around new people, she bonds quickly.  Cienna loves playing with other dogs and is an active young lady.  She doesn't mind cats either!  She will be fostered in Lehighton, PA.  NS 2154
Maizy is a young female blue merle with a gorgeous tail.  She is affectionate and does not pay much attention to cats and gets along well with other dogs!   She weighs about 40-45 pounds and as we learn more about her we will update her information.  She will be fostered in the Seaford, DE.  NS 2115
Maddy is a precious 7 1/2 year old aussie mix.  She is a black tri gal who currently weighs 25 pounds and could lose a pound or two even though she is a smallish girl by nature.  Maddy would make an excellent companion and gets along well with other dogs and cats.  And too cute...check out her under bite! Maddy has a moderate energy level and just needs a good romp in the backyard everyday.  She has a spring in her step despite her age.  She walks well on the leash. She would love a forever home to call her own and is being fostered in MD.  NS 2153 
Donate here for Maddy's Heartworm Treatment.
Windy requires a home with a soft touch.  She's a sensitive soul and needs a little time, patience and TLC to draw her out of her shell.  Corrections must be gentle, not that she'll need many.  Having said that, she has a very playful, happy and puppy-like demeanor once she gets to know you a bit.  It says so much about her resilient spirit that, with as much as she's been through, she's still so unbelievably sweet and good-natured.  She makes amazing eye contact and just glancing her way is enough to make her tail start wagging like crazy.  If you're looking for a best friend to shower with love & attention, this is the dog for you.
Meet Windy's Puppies!!

Windy entered New Spirit with five pups, and all but one are settling into their fantastic new forever homes as we speak. 

Their approximate date of birth is 8/1/14.  They are all fat and happy, and are such good pups. 

Mom Windy is tiny at 25lbs and she's not saying who the puppy-daddy is, so we have no idea how big these guys will get.  Our best wild guess is 30-35 lbs, but don't hold us to that.

Evely is ready for her forever home right now!  She is being fostered in New London, PA.
Watch mom and pups here!
Evelyn is the intrepid leader.  She did not think twice about engaging the foster home's four full-grown aussies.  She just marched right up to them and assumed she could hang with the big dogs.  She's the one the neighborhood kids all fall in love with.  Apply here to meet her. NS 2145

Picklez is an approximately 1 year old female Aussie mix left abandoned in Tennessee. She is almost 40 pounds currently and a beautiful black tri-color. Picklez is extremely friendly with everyone and absolutely loves kids. She walks well on a leash and already knows how to sit when asked. She is very dog friendly and respects both her foster brother and sister. Picklez loves to be loved on and will happily sit when being petted and absolutely loves belly rubs.
Picklez has not been cat tested. She has been around horses; she is very curious but doesn't bother with them. She is currently being fostered with a 1 year old Aussie and a 9 year old Aussie and does very well with both. On the energy scale she is medium. She needs daily exercise but then chills out when asked to. At night she sleeps in the crate and doesn't mind as long as you take her right out when it's morning. Picklez goes to the door when she wants to go outside, typical of puppy house training; she is getting rewarded for proper potty use. Picklez loves stuffed animals and playing ball, Frisbee, basically anything that allows her to run. Pickles walks very well on a leash and also hikes in a harness. She is very attentive to her person when she is on leash.
Picklez is the typical Aussie pup, exploring everything. She likes to check out what’s on counters and has to be told no and redirected. She is not food aggressive and eats well with her foster siblings. Overall, Picklez is a great puppy and with the proper training, as she matures, is going to make an incredible family member.

Picklez is fostered in Bath, PA.  Apply here for her. NS 2157
Gussy Gus

Gussy Gus is a 3yr old, gorgeous blue merle boy with docked tail and 1-1/2 blue eyes, about 65 lbs.  Life hasn't turned out very well for Gussy Gus, his first life was spent tied to a barn, then he came into New Spirit, where he had a displaced kneecap surgically repaired, then he was adopted but it didn't work out for various reasons and he is back.  First things first:  Gus' knee is 100% healed now and there are no lingering problems associated either with the surgery or the original condition.  He is good to go.

Alas.  Second, Gussy Gus is back in foster care to work on his social skills, primarily.  He is very boisterous and rambunctious and doesn't seem to appreciate that not everyone appreciates what are essentially poor manners.  So it's back to the school room for Gussy Gus.  He did wonderfully in formal obedience classes back in the winter, he was the class star, even when he still had staples in his knee!  He really thrived on the structure there.  But we have discovered since then that the normal chaos of a house with kids is really more than Gussy Gus is comfortable with, it just inspired him to misbehave.  He wants to organize that chaos into something that is more orderly.  This does not always go over very well.  Alas.  So we think that a home without kids is best.

Gussy Gus is big and strong, he'd do well with a jogging partner. He'd especially do well doing agility for fun.  At his size, it would be hard to be competitive, but he is so smart and so fast, he'd do very well and really enjoy the mental aspect of dealing with those obstacles.  Gussy Gus will chase a ball, but mostly out of curiosity.  He doesn't retrieve.  He also likes odd shaped toys that bounce erratically.  Again, it's the challenge of the chase, not the finish, that interests him.

Gussy Gus also is a very quirky dog and requires a soft handler. Not Mr. Macho, no strong-arm tactics, please.  That doesn't mean he can't be corrected or disciplined, it just means that he doesn't like to be grabbed by his collar and/or muscled around.  Put a leash on him and he'll do as you wish.  So it's all about communication.

Gussy Gus' ideal adopter would continue with formal obedience work so he can have the structured setting for his classwork.  He does so well when things are structured and orderly.

Gussy Gus has good house manners and doesn't need crating.  He's fine with cats (that don't run)--right now, better than with dogs, for some reason.  He is "okay" with the foster family dogs but seems totally clueless when it comes to interaction.  He just can't decide--should he jump on them or just bark at them?  Follow them or ignore them?  There are no fights, but it's clear that he's the odd man out right now.  Hopefully, he'll get this resolved soon.

Gussy Gus is being fostered near Gettysburg, PA.  Apply here for him. NS 2054

Dandy is a male tri color Aussie/shepherd mix.  Dandy is between 1 and 2 years old and weighs 62 lbs.  He is a solid compact dog with a sweet personality.  He will come right up to you when first meeting someone, he isn't shy but isn't overly excited and doesn't jump up, he is well mannered.

Dandy doesn't care about cats and will leave them alone.  He likes other dogs and will sniff them at first and then either walk away or engage in play depending on the other dog’s reaction.  He has medium energy and he seems to be housebroken (hasn't had any accidents in his foster home).  He is good with men, loves children and pretty much anyone!  Dandy is a very sweet boy that loves to be petted and will lay right next to you when in the house.  He does the typically Aussie thing where he will come over to you and give you his "butt" to scratch!  He also walks nicely on leash.
Dandy does need some guidelines in the house because he does love to eat!  He will try to jump on the kitchen counters but is easily corrected and picks things up quickly.  He will try to jump up on the bed to sleep with you as well, but learns quickly that isn't allowed with the foster home and will settle and lay in his bed on the floor (he does not need to be crated).  Dandy isn't a chewer and has been left alone in the laundry room for a few hours.  He will not bark in a crate but is a little difficult putting in the crate.  He does not like jumping into the car for a car ride; he needs to get picked up!  He does guard his food from other dogs and needs to be fed alone. 
Dandy will make a wonderful addition to a family.  He would be excellent at agility as he has a funny personality and is very smart!

He is being fostered in Furlong, PA. Apply here for him. NS 2158

Meet Kody, a 10 month old, 42lb,  Aussie mix that is a bundle of love.  If you’re looking for a playful pup but don’t want the hassle of house or crate training then Kody’s the guy for you! Kody is a very handsome dark chocolate pup with four white paws and a white tip on his tail. That tail is constantly wagging because he is such a happy, enthusiastic guy. Kody is very sweet and is very low key for such a young dog. He is a complete love with his 12 year old “human” foster brother and is happy to just snuggle and have his belly rubbed.  Kody gets along well with the two resident dogs in his foster home and tries to engage them in play. He is not over the top in his approach (as some young dogs can be) and is respectful of cues from both dogs.  
Kody is medium energy but he is very respectful of both people and other dogs and settles well in the house. He is currently working on learning basic commands and walking on a leash. He doesn’t appear to have had much training and is slightly timid when being introduced to new  things but he is very smart, easily corrected, food motivated and sensitive to cues so we think he’ll progress rapidly. This is a handsome pup with a great temperament that will make a wonderful addition to someone’s family.

Kody is fostered in West Chester, PA. 
Apply here for him. NS 2161
See Jethro playing here!                               See Jethro exploring and playing here!