Available Dogs - Midatlantic

Please visit our adoption page to read about applying for a New Spirit dog.  The link to the application is at the bottom of that page.
Our fee is $250 and dogs come spayed or neutered and up to date on basic shots except under unusual circumstances.  See the adoption page for more detail on what vetting is done.

Many times, a dog on this page will already be adopted by the time we process your application. If a dog you were looking at no longer appears on this page, please check our "Happy Endings" page to see if they've been adopted.
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Coming Attractions: 
The dogs in Coming Attractions are not yet available but if you see one that interests you, please submit an application now to allow time for processing.
Hold: These dogs in the New Spirit program are currently undergoing medical treatment or behavioral                          assessment.  No applications are being accepted on them at this time.  Please check back for updates.

Dilly is a three year old male with a stub tail.  He weighs approximately 55 pounds.  Dilly is a love bug.  He wants to get up on you to give hugs, and works hard to wrap his paws around you until you ask him to get down.  He goes into his crate on command and does very little barking.  He is a very very quiet dog.

Dilly would do great with a dog or dogs that love to play.   Dilly has high energy, and spends his days chasing after toys thrown for him and wresling with the visiting dogs.  He is house trained and settles down nicely in the house when given his favorite knuckle bone.
Dilly has the aussie herding instinct so small shy kids and cats would probably not be very entertained by him!   Dilly is up to date on vet work and looking for his forever home.

Dilly is fostered in Galloway, NJ. 

Apply here to meet him.  NS 2028

See Dilly here!!

Starsky  is  a small mixed Australian shepherd, weighs about 35 pounds and has a salt and pepper looking hair. He has one blue eye and one brown eye that completes his look. He is very playful and loves to play with toys but not unlike any other dog tends to tear them apart. He is very affectionate and loves to jump into your lap.

He does tend to be shy of new comers but I feel with a bit of work he will over come this. He listens very well when reprimanded.
He however does not like the crate therefore this will need a bit of work as well if you wish to crate him but he is fine out of the crate. He has full access to the house when we go out and during the night and have not had any issues.

Starsky is fostered in Egg Harbor, NJ. 

Apply here for him.  NS 2217

Boo is a 7 year old black tri female, docked tail, whose elderly owner died, so Boo came to New Spirit for help in finding her a new spot to  lay her head.  She's a mini-aussie--a "space saver," so to speak.  She's  about 35 lbs now, a bit on the chubby side, and she seems to have had a haircut shortly before coming to New Spirit, but she'll have a lovely  coat when it grows out.  Boo is fine with cats and adults.  She was said to be "not good" with small children and we do not know how small the kids would be or how  "not good" she is, since there are no children in the foster home.
Boo has made herself right at home in her foster home and is comfortable with her foster mom, who is a senior herself.  Boo absolutely loves to chase squirrels and go on walks, she is excellent on lead.  She also likes to ride in the car.  Boo would be an excellent companion to a senior who is still active enough for walks and would like a low maintenance dog, her energy level is fairly low.
Boo is very smart and picks up on routines quickly. She sleeps in her crate (with door open) and seems to like having her own space--when her foster mom leaves the house, Boo tends to just go into her crate for that duration.  She doesn't get on the furniture and isn't destructive, and she is housebroken, of course. She completely ignored the resident cat when it appeared.  Boo is quiet for the most part, although she and the resident aussie are not good friends at all, but he doesn't particularly like ANY adult foster dog.  Boo was said to be good with other dogs but so far isn't crazy about this particular dog.
Boo is obviously accustomed to being an only dog and is not interested an any companion other than a human one.  Got lap?  Get Boo.

Boo is fostered near Gettysburg, PA.  Apply here for her.  NS 2241

Heath is a fabulous boy--gentle and a little shy at first, but his tail never stops wagging!  The only time is when he's sound asleep and even then, it wags when he's dreaming.  Although he weighs in the 60's, he's about average for a male Aussie at the shoulder, maybe 20", so he is just w-i-d-e-r, but not overweight.  His coat is a thing of beauty, a luxurious and poofy collection of curls in shades of sable and white.  He seems to be a mix of an Aussie and a rough coat collie (think Lassie) and we put his age at 5.
He is gentle on leash, attentive but never underfoot, doesn't care to get on the furniture, and he loves everyone he meets, including kids.  Cats are of no interest to him unless they come up to say "hello" in which case he will wag and back up nervously.  Heath is good in the car and completely reliable in the house unless you have tempting stuff in reach.  He will recyle your recylables before collection day, but put them out of reach and all is well.  Same for trash.  He does get curious about what's on the desk or kitchen counter but he's not very assertive about it.  If you insist, he will go into a crate and hang out while you're away though.
He loves to spend time outdoors although he isn't big on chasing balls.  He likes to greet new dogs, which whom he is excellent, but athletic he is not.  He will run with the other Aussies but he doesn't have typical Aussie speed or style.

Heath is fostered in Collegeville PA.  Apply here for him.  NS 2243

This tiny little girl is too sweet for words.  Dahlia was picked up stray in TN where the shelter feared given her age, approximately 10-11, she would not generate much interest.  New Spirit was happy to take her.  At 24 pounds, there is just not much to her, but what there is there is pure sugar!  Her eyes are a little cloudy but she sees fine, and she does hear but "selectively".  However, her bright little brown button eyes follow you everywhere, and she loves to toddle around wherever you go.  She is very interested in anything food-like you might be willing to share.  She has a little white hat, and also a tail which wags a lot, and gets around just fine despite some arthritis in the hips, but more than a few stairs are probably too much.
As with many older dogs, she does like to sleep and appreciates a nice dog bed, but she is also very gracious about being nudged awake for a trip outdoors where she is very interested in exploring and strolling the grounds.  She's wonderful on leash, and polite with other dogs though not interested in playing with them and cats: meh.  But did we mention she really likes food?  Snacks, treats, a bite of your bagel, some of your spaghetti--you name it, she's there!

With her classic red tri marking and her ultra sweet nature, this girl is a classic Aussie delight for anyone who appreciates the seniors. 

Dahlia is fostered in Collegeville PA  Apply here for her.  NS 2224
We're still working on getting a routine for toileting purposes but she is more than happy to go out when the chance is offered, so it might be the human who is harder to train in this case. 
Giddy Mitzi

Giddy Mitzi is currently on medical hold.  She came to New Spirit in early December after another rescue pulled her puppies from a rural Virginia shelter but left her behind.  The vet at the local spay clinic was not comfortable with the lung sounds she heard onece Giddy Mitzi was under anesthesia and referred Giddy Mitzi to a full service clinic for chest xrays.  Chest xrays showed a collapsed lung and a liver in the chest cavity.

Giddy Mitzi suffered some sort of trauma earlier in her life that collapsed one lobe of her lung, ruptured her diaphram and pushed her liver, spleen, part of her stomach and several loops of her intestines into her chest cavity.  Even in this condition she had managed to carry and whelp a litter of at least three puppies!

Giddy Mitzi is currently recoving from surgery to replace her organs into her abdomen and repair the hernia in her diaphram.  If all continues to gowell, she should be available for adoption mid to late February.  She is an aussie mix, 12-18 months old and about 20 pounds.

Giddy Mitzi is recovering with wonderful care in Blacksburg, VA.  NS 2200
Tiny Tim

This 2 year old, 25 pound cutie is super shy at first, but once he gets to know and trust you, he is a love bug!  He needs to work on building confidence and needs a home where the humans will be patient and kind.  He LOVES his foster brothers and would do best in a home with other dogs, as they help him to relax and feel safe.  Tiny Tim is very smart and is quickly catching on to proper house manners and some basic commands.  He is fearful of coming in from outside, which can be a bit of a challenge, but he is improving every day.  Tiny Tim is a wonderful playmate for other dogs – he is very respectful and has great dog manners.  Tiny Tim does fine on a leash and in the car.  He lives with 4 cats and while he will occasionally try to get one of them to play with him, he otherwise leaves them alone.

Tiny Tim had a professional grooming and he is looking beautiful and feeling great.  He would love to find a forever home with some dog playmates and kind and gentle humans who will help him to become more confident.  With his intelligence and sweet disposition, he should do great with formal training. This sweet and smart boy is a love bug and would love to snuggle with you!

He is being fostered in Lehighton, PA. 
Apply here for him.  NS 2242

This adorable guy was placed four years ago and was just recently returned to program after his adopters had some setbacks with health.  Waldo is a loving companion, 9 years old, a handsome black tri with a big personality.  He's great with other dogs, walks well on leash, and loves to be by your side--and he will bump you with his nose to get your attention if you go to long without petting him.  He likes to go out, quickly does his business, but doesn't want to spend a lot of time outdoors without you.  He will alert you with a big bark when he wants to be by your side again.

Waldo has a luxurious fluffy coat that is very addictive to pet, and although he has a big frame, he only weighs 50 pounds, which is just right for him.  He rides well in the car but has a little trouble getting in too high a deck, like a larger SUV.  Hes hips are a little off and stiff, but he is very happy to do regular walks and can manage stairs as long as you don't need them climbed in a hurry.

The years have brought some challenges for Waldo, notably some layrngeal paralysis which often affects older dogs.  It makes his regular breathing sound loud but he does get plenty of air.  This can progress and require surgical attention but often it doesn't.  The worst that usually happens is the dog gets excited and can't get enough air, passes out, and in that state gets enough air and comes around again.    Waldo is no where near that dire a situation though.

In his foster home after such an abrupt life change, Waldo has had to wear a male wrap at night, since he seems to lose his urine when he is deeply asleep.  All other times of the day and evening he will make it plain when he needs to go out.  One of the new incontinence pads for people works like a charm tucked into the wrap, and he doesn't fuss about wearing it or try to get it off.  There's no infection, and nothing wrong that we can determine, and the situation seems to be getting better so he is down to just needing a wrap and a pad after last "outs" and waking in the morning.
Overall he is a delightful and engaging companion who will really keep you company on your daily rounds, and make you feel special!

Waldo is fostered in Collegeville PA.  Apply here for him.  NS 1502
Hank Williams

Hank Williams is a big handsome blue merle, 5 years old, and 55 pounds.  He is a lean and handsome devil!  But despite all his athleticism, what he wants most is to be at your side or very nearby, and do things with you, whether that's a trip to the basement for laundry, watching tv, or waiting in the car while you pick up some groceries.  He's lovely with other dogs but while he will run a bit with them, he's not so much into playing as just enjoying the outdoors.  Hank comes readily when called, is very obedient, 100% reliable in the house, and is fine left loose when you're away from home.  He's great on leash and would make a great walking or running partner.
Hank Williams is said to be good with kids and cats in his former home.  He came to us after he went walkabout and came back with some injuries from a car that were going to cost more than his people could manage.  He lost an upper and lower canine on one side where the bumper probably hit him, so those stumps have been removed and he got a whole dental while the vet was in there.  His other injury was a back inner toe that got sheared off, probably by the tire.  That damage is evident in the picture, but the vet removed the bone fragment remaining.  Now we're treating it so it heals and closes with some nice tough new skin.  It doesn't hurt him to walk or run or bother him at all though.
This is a sweet and lovely dog, very affection, loves to interact with you and even has some opinions he likes to share in his funny dog voice.  This is a dog that would protect you but at the same time be friendly to everyone you meet who means you no harm, and easy to have around .

Hank Williams is fostered in Collegeville, PA.  Apply here for him.  NS 2251

Riner is a 2yr old red merle 45lb neutered male.  He is a very friendly playful boy.  Because of his upbringing in a kennel environment, everything is new to him.  He's like a 2yr old new born puppy!  He listens quite well and is very easy to correct.  He's just trying to figure everything out.
Riner gets along fine with the foster home's 12yr old alpha-female and accepts her rebukes willingly when he gets too playful.  He would probably be fine with most any dog, not so much with cats though.  He shows way too much interest in the resident cat and would probably do better in a cat free home.  Riner is an equal opportunity love bug.  Men or women, every one is his friend.  Because of his medium to high energy level small children could be a problem.  He is excellent on a leash.  He walks nicely, corrects easily,and doesn't pull.
Although he is working on his recall skills a fenced yard would be necessary.  He is not completely house broken but is working on it and is doing very good.  This boy just needs a little TLC and patience to become a great dog.

Riner is fostered in Manchester, MD.  Apply here for him.  NS 2250

Andee is an extremely sweet and very shy black tri Aussie.  His age is hard to guess at this point.  His foster home thinks he may be around 9 to 12 months old but from being on the run for what seems like the better part of his life, his physical appearance and personality aren’t giving too many clues just yet.
He was picked up on the side of the road after a car ended his running streak (no broken bones, just some cuts and scrapes) and his foster mom wonders whether he ever had his own home or family because he is extremely shy around people and is unsure inside the house.  He would do best in a quiet home with a confident dog that can show him the ropes of wrapping humans around his paw. He is housebroken, crate trained,  rides quietly in the car and is a dream to walk on leash.  He is still very shy at this point but is letting his hair down every day and making huge strides in getting comfortable living in the foster house and accepting kindness and love from people and fun companionship from other dogs.  Any potential adopters must be willing to spend time giving belly rubs because that is Andee’s all-time favorite activity.
Because of his quiet nature, Andee would do best with a gentle and patient family. New situations make him nervous and unsure and chaos just doesn’t suit him. He is a lower energy guy, so hours of jogging, playing and training are not needed for him. Andee gets along great with other dogs and has been known to back away from cats when introduced. He will need a fence or a family who is willing to leash walk if they do not have a fence.  No tie-outs/electric fences please.
Check back for updates and video as Andee’s true personality unfolds.
This sweet and gentle soul is fostered in Jamison, PA.  Apply here for him.  NS 2249

Are you looking for a compact dog with the biggest heart? Do you want to be greeted with a full body wiggle? Then Ricky is the dog for you! This five-year-old Aussie mix weighs in at 38 pounds with a very handsome plume of a tail that never stops waving. Ricky would love to spend the rest of his life with you - going for walks and runs, riding in the car or just hanging out on the sofa next to you or on your lap. If you are busy, Ricky will wait patiently. He adjusts to the energy level of the house very well.

Ricky demonstrates some Aussie reserve when greeting people, but warms up quickly. He tries so hard to get his foster sister to play, but she turns him down every time and he politely walks away.
Although he will carry toys from place to place he doesn't really play with them - we're working on fetch and he will occasionally bring a toy back. Ricky does run through the agility tunnel and jumps by himself!
He enjoys an antler or bone to gnaw on. Ricky is learning basic commands and picks them up quickly! He is adjusting to the household routine easily. Inside he has your undivided attention. We are working on attention, but outside Ricky is distracted by little furry things to the point that he will need a fenced in yard or time at the dog park. Or lots of walks! Yes, please! Walks! Is it cold and snowy? Not a problem! Would you rather run than walk? Super! He is not a real high energy dog but does like to romp and get silly at times.

Ricky is small and can wiggle his way into small spaces he's not supposed to be in.   Whatever food is on the counter or table he considers to be his.   Ricky is submissive and corrects easily. This foster home has no children but he is a love of a dog and should be OK with older ones. The cats in this home are outdoor cats and he is completely fascinated by them. They won't let him near them so it's not clear how he will be with cats. Ricky is reliable in the house and gets a little anxious when you leave, but settles right down. And is overjoyed when you return!
You can meet this super sweet compact dog near Reading, PA.  Apply here for him.  NS 2208

Check out Ricky dancing here!
Rosie is a 9 year old gorgeous gal.  She is a red merle and weighs about 34 lbs.  She is very shy, house trained, walks great on leash, rides well in a car and gets along with other dogs.  She will be fosterd in the Mid-Atlantic region.  NS 2254
Muffin (5 year-old red merle aussie) & Oatnut (8 year old lab mix) are a bonded pair that need to be adopted together. They were surrendered to animal control through absolutely no fault of their own. Everyone at the shelter says Muffin is the SWEETEST thing and adores attention from people. But when she was separated from Oatnut (big doofy boy) and moved to a single run in preparation for her move up north to her New Spirit foster home, she paced all night missing him.  Then, the shelter that still had Oatnut called to say he looked so dejected and wasn't eating.  Labs never refuse food, so that's when everyone began to think how we might keep them together.  As they say, the heart wants what the heart wants, and that's how Oatnut's Honorary Aussie status was conferred.  Anyone interested in providing the well-deserved happy ending to this epic love story?  Don't wait to submit your application.   Muffin NS 2255 & Oatnut NS 2256 will be fostered in New London, PA.  More info to follow.
"If I only show my head would you believe I'm an Aussie?"