Available Dogs - Midatlantic

Please visit our adoption page to read about applying for a New Spirit dog.  The link to the application is at the bottom of that page.
Our fee is $250 and dogs come spayed or neutered and up to date on basic shots except under unusual circumstances.  See the adoption page for more detail on what vetting is done.

Many times, a dog on this page will already be adopted by the time we process your application. If a dog you were looking at no longer appears on this page, please check our "Happy Endings" page to see if they've been adopted.
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Coming Attractions: 
The dogs in Coming Attractions are not yet available but if you see one that interests you, please submit an application now to allow time for processing.
Hold: These dogs in the New Spirit program are currently undergoing medical treatment or behavioral                          assessment.  No applications are being accepted on them at this time.  Please check back for updates.

Dahlia is getting on in years and we have decided she should remain in the New Spirit program rather than try and adapt to a new situation.  Her hearing is pretty nonexistent but vision is good and she does not have to cope with any stairs in her foster home.  She is happy and safe in the fenced yard with no need to be leash walked which is hard for her.  Overall this seems like the best place for her to live out her remaining time..  NS 2224


Snowdrop is a sweet, black bi girl that is about ten years old and weighs about 35 lbs. She has the cutest polka dot front legs! Snowdrop exhibits some signs of hearing loss so we are teaching her hand signals as well as verbal cues.

Snowdrop comes from a neglect situation and arrived frightened and bonded to Alyssum NS 2257. She refused to go out for several weeks. It took more than a month for her to relax her tail.   Now Snowdrop enjoys walking around the yard. Sometimes it takes encouragement to get her started, but then she enjoys a leisurely stroll of sniffing. She perks up at the sight of squirrels and birds and feral cats. If you are looking for a running partner, Snowdrop is not your dog.

Snowdrop is still adjusting to home living and is learning steps. She is quite reliable in the house and crates well. Right now she prefers to have her crate so she can retreat when she is not comfortable. As the days go by, Snowdrop is leaving her crate more frequently and exploring the house.   She will chew on a toy or antler occasionally. Snowdrop is very food motivated, and we're working on basic training skills. She is not a snuggler, but we're working on that too! She enjoys being brushed and having her teeth brushed. Stay tuned as Snowdrop blossoms into the great dog she will be!

Snowdrop is very easy going. She and her foster sister enjoy a mutual relationship of ignoring each other. Other than a few sniffs, there isn't a lot of interaction. Snowdrop does look to her sister for cues.

If you are looking for a low energy friend who you can help adjust to a world of love and understanding, Snowdrop is for you!

Because of her probable hearing loss she will require a fenced yard or to be leashed at all times.

This adorable sweet girl is fostered near Reading, PA.

Apply here for her. NS 2258

Charissa has the most beautiful loving brown eyes, trimmed in white eyelashes, although she is deaf she is very attentive to her person, very laid back and easygoing. She is a city lady learning to go country, having overcome her resistance to being outdoors off leash, now enjoying going out and laying in the sun with her housemates. She doesn't wander off the property boundaries, too content to investigate the large yard and all the smells of flowers in bloom.

She is finding her playful side as well, although brief she enjoys the game of chase with her two smaller housemates, and a new foster to the household, who she accepted without incident.  She has the cutest little howl and dance she does when she's excited, be it in play, her fosters returning from an outing, or visitors to the home.
She has compensated well for her lack of hearing, by being very observant.  When you go to get in the car, she shows a desire to go with you, and is an excellent traveler. With her soft, spotted, feathery coat, and delicate legs, Charissa at 33 lbs., is a lovely dog looking for a home that appreciates her many attributes.

Charissa is being fostered in Trout Run, PA

Apply here for her. NS 2365
She is absolutely adorable, a perfect fit for older adopters or someone looking for a low energy companion, who's happy to go for leash walks and loves riding in a vehicle.

Charissa is a dainty lady who just wants to please.
Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball is one of our honorary Aussies. She is an adorable 6-year-old mix who is a solid 45 pounds - a medium sized love bug who oozes sweetness. Lucy is a little shy at first but warms up to people quickly.

Lucy is fairly low on the energy scale, although she does like a romp in the yard several times a day. Inside she settles down and is content with some belly rubs. She doesn't play with toys much, but will try an antler or bone. Lucy is fine with kids, but is way too interested in cats and other small furry critters. (The outdoor cats here won't let her near them and they are usually good judges of dog character.)   Lucy joins us for daily walks and runs and does quite well leashed. She is quiet, barks appropriately, and will carry on a conversation with you sometimes!

When meeting other dogs Lucy acts tough and starts talking trash, but in reality she is quite submissive. She needs slow introductions with other dogs until she feels safe - then she happily gives and accepts kisses.  When it's biscuit time, Lucy is the dog sitting in the back.  There isn't a lot of interaction with the other dogs in this house, but that could be because they are not that interested in socializing. Lucy will try to initiate play but for the most part is content to just be with her person or on her own in the yard.    Lucy knows basic commands.   If you have to correct her, she is devastated - she just wants to do everything right! Although we are working on it, Lucy lacks attention outside, especially when there are other animals around, so she will need a fence or leashed walks.   Lucy crates easily and quietly, but is also fine loose in the house when her people are away.
Lucy is just a joy to have in your home - quiet, stays off the furniture, doesn't counter surf, doesn't shed much....and when you're ready to go she's right there! Okay - she's not an Aussie, but what a wonderful sweet loyal dog she is! If you are looking for a lower energy dog to keep you company at home or on your walks, Lucy is your dog! Need to snuggle? She'll happily oblige - as long as you rub her belly!

You can meet this cute honorary Aussie near Reading, PA.

Apply here for her. NS 2209
Want to help with Dahlia's expenses?


Parnell is a sleek coated boy who just is a good all around puppy.  With a playful twitch of his ear he can certainly melt a heart.  He plays well with each member of his litter and seems to know when rough play or calm play is the order of the group.  He loves attention from his person and settles nicely when in the house.  Parnell has a whimsical way about him without being the class clown and loves a good chase.  He would also enjoy being with other dogs or just by your side.  He is a good snuggler and lives to be held...rests his head on your neck.  He also loves to look up into the sky...wonder what he sees?

Apply here for him.  NS2338

Parsley is the biggest boy puppy in the litter and that probably explains why he has the biggest heart.  He is a funny puppy with bravado, yet when he stands at your feet he will bark a single bark as if to say "Hey!  Just cause I'm the biggest don't forget about me!"  He is also smart enough to run to the safety of the deck with his littermates when the big resident dogs bark like crazy at the mailman...it's not smart to get in the middle of that and he knows it!  He plays well with the others and is always happy for some one on one attention and snuggle time.  He has the most unique blaze which divides his face in half.  A sweet and beautiful soul. 

Apply here for him.  NS2331
Only two puppies left!  They are 18-20 weeks old and are being fostered near Gettysburg, PA.

Pann is a 4 month old mixed Aussie puppy. Although he doesn't look like an Aussie, he definitely has the Velcro quality. He weighs 17 pounds and is primarily black in color with a brown face and white feet. When you meet Pann, he is very cautious and will bark, but once you pet him, he is all about being with his people. In fact it is quite the contrast from his greeting to his demeanor. He is the most snuggly dog you will meet.

He hasn't had much socialization, but right now he is residing with other Aussies, both genders, and older children. He hasn't learned about playing yet and is very uncomfortable with the outdoors; but he is slowly starting to learn about going outside to potty and toys on the floor are to be played with; although it is short play periods. He is not housebroken, but can go long periods of time between outings, so I know he understands to wait until he is supposed to potty. Just like the toys and housebreaking, he isn't agreeable to the leash, but once he learns the outdoors is for enjoyment, I know that will change for the better.
He hasn't learned to counter surf and doesn't appear to have developed a prey drive, fortunately these are habits/instincts that can be modified if they do appear. When he's outside, he stays with his person and his recall can be developed to train him to stay in the yard, but time will tell and a fence may be necessary. Pann is a wonderful little dog that will make an excellent family pet. Did I mention that he is super snuggly and loves his people?  Pann is being fostered in Spring Grove, PA

Apply here for him.  NS 2415

Packer is a 4 month old mixed puppy, that looks exactly like a Black Tri Aussie. He weighs in at 13 pounds and is very food motivated so he will be gaining weight at a rapid pace. Packer is very friendly, low energy and high Velcro with people. He is residing with other Aussies of both genders, and older children to help with his socialization. 

Packer has not met a cat yet, but he is starting to realize that other dogs can be played with and toys are to be picked up and deserve a good shake. He loves to be with people of all ages, loves to snuggle and be picked up and carried. He has not spent much time outdoors, and he is learning to go outside to potty. Even though he is not housebroken yet, he can hold all night and long periods of time during the day. He is aware that there is a time to go potty, it's just a matter of matching the idea with the outdoors. Packer has a wonderful personality and laid back demeanor and will make a great family pet.
At this point, he is too young to have developed counter surfing, but his love of food could encourage this as he ages. There is no prey drive that has appeared, but he is young yet and it could develop as he grows. Packer is a wonderful, snuggly, high Velcro dog that will make a wonderful family pet. Packer is being fostered in Spring Grove, PA
Apply here for him.  NS 2411
Billy Shears

Let us introduce to you, the one and only Billy Shears (aka Ringo).  Billy Shears is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet!  He is an Aussie x Basset Hound mix.  He has short basset legs and a long basset body.  Billy Shears is a blue merle that is 5-6 years old.  He has a fantastic demeanor and is terrific with men, women and kids alike.  He enjoys brushing and will have a gorgeous coat once he is on a good diet.  He is quiet in the house (not a barker!) and rides well in the car.  
He is very overweight, but has begun his New Spirit exercise and weight loss program.  He is currently having trouble with steps, but once the weight comes off, we don't think it will be a problem anymore.  We also think he will be more playful once he has lost weight. 

He would make a wonderful companion dog and loves to be with his people.  He does not need to be crated and would be very happy with a leisurely walk every day (an agility dog he is not).  Once he is at a healthy weight, he would also make a great therapy dog.  He will be a terrific snuggle buddy for upcoming cold winter nights!

This is an all around wonderful boy and would be a great addition to any family.

Billy Shears is fostered in Summit Hill, PA.  Apply here for him.  NS 2411
He is fine around other dogs and has no interest in cats or farm animals.  He has no food or other aggressions.  He would be fine as an only dog or with a play buddy in a multiple dog household.

This adorable girl is Jolene, picked up stray in TN, and just the biggest love bug ever with people, other dogs, nice with cats, crates well, rides in the car like a dream, and great on leash.  Jolene is a big girl, 60# and about 23" high at the shoulder, with an adorable half tail that never stops wagging.  She is about two years old.

Reliable in the house, sweet, obedient, just loves to be with you--Jolene is the complete package.  Fostered in Collegeville PA 

Apply here for her.   NS 2514

Sylis takes treats like a perfect gentleman and is very easy to train. He is still young and jumps up on people when excited, so he might do better with slightly older children in his family.   Sylis is learning to walk on a loose leash with distractions. He is also learning to ‘wait’ at doors for people to go through first.
Cindy Lou is a gentle loving absolute sweetheart of a girl. Cindy Lou came into rescue after her elderly owner went to a nursing home. She greets everyone with a wagging tail. Cindy Lou also seems to really enjoy children. The other day, while visiting the neighbors, she picked up a toy and actively kept trying to get one of the little boys to play with her. She gets along great with every dog that she meets. Cindy Lou has one of the best temperaments anyone could hope for in a dog.
Prior to rescue, she lived her short 4 years of life in a large backyard. She had never been out of her yard, climbed stairs or even been in a car. Now her world is much bigger and she is adjusting very nicely. There is no need to crate this girl. She has impeccable house manners. She knows sit, shake and comes running when you call her name.

Cindy is a Blue Merle. She weighs in at 92 pounds and needs to lose at least 30 pounds for her health.

She will do well in almost any home situation who will give her the love and exercise that she deserves, and who is committed to helping her get to and maintain a healthy weight. Some lucky home will be most fortunate to have Cindy Lou as part of their family. 

Cindy Lou will be fostered in Collegeville, PA    NSXXXX
Phred and Phonzi

Phred is a five-year-old handsome Blue Double Merle weighing in around 50 pounds. Unlike many Double Merles, he is an exception with the ability to see and hear. Phred is a sweet dog with a nice personality. He is reliable in the house, obedient, and adapts very well to changes. He loves to make new friends and is good with older children. Not cat tested. He is a very good watch dog. Phred is the one who initiates any action although he is a low energy Aussie and loves to settle down at the glass front door where he can keep an eye on the world.

He and his litter mate brother, Phonzi have been together since birth and the ideal home for them would be for them to be together.
Phonzi is a Blue Merle weighing in around 73 pounds.  He is a little more velcro than his brother Phred. Phonzi is a gentle dog with a nice personality. He is also reliable in the house, obedient, and adapts very well to changes. He is excited to meet new friends but settles right down. He is good with older children. Not cat tested. As far as activity goes, he takes the lead from his brother Phred. He is on the low energy side and is very content to settle down next to you.

They are being fostered in Mechanicsville, VA

Apply here for them.    NS2546 - Phonzi and NS2547 - Phred
Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp Scampi (Scamp) is a shy, but very sweet 5 year-old boy.  He looks to be an aussie/golden retriever mix of 50 lbs.  He has a beautiful tail and reddish-blonde coat.  His amber eyes will melt your heart and make you want to rub his belly all day long, which he loves, once he warms up. 

He likes his crate,  is house-trained, has a decent recall, but he needs some leash-work.  He is not 100% sure of loud noises and busy places, but does settle in with a lovely off switch.  He likes his furry siblings. Scamp is still uncertain about his human foster sister (age 4).  Although, he is happy to observe her from a distance.  He is coming out of his shell more every day.  Updates to follow.

Fostered in Chesapeake VA

Apply here for him.    NS2549
Pepper Berry

Pepper is a shy, submissive, super sweet 7 yr female Aussie mix. She is a brown with black points, expressive dark eyes and a grin that will steal your heart. She is a slender 43 lbs. Pepper prefers her human to the other canines in the family and starts wagging her tail as soon as you look her way. When she isn't right by your side, a whistle brings her running. She is curious about her surroundings and would probably make an awesome hiking partner.

She is current on vaccines, heartworm negative, starting antibiotics for lyme disease and will be spayed soon.

Fostered in Ft. Defiance, VA

Apply here for her.    NS2544


Sylis is flashy 36-pound blue merle with striking copper accents and shiny black patches. He is about 1 year old and still has some puppy energy in him, but his play is very appropriate with people and other dogs. He is fostered in a big pack and gets along with some smaller geriatric aussies as well as a couple of big males twice his size. He is very smart and sensitive; it only takes one correction from people or dogs and he learns.

Sylis is very much a Velcro dog. He runs around you outside trying to play, then lies down and falls asleep across your feet when inside. He is housebroken, but might counter surf given the chance. He seems to like everyone he meets right away. He has basic sit, down, stay, and will play fetch.
He is a very athletic aussie and would certainly thrive in any canine sports. We are still assessing his prey drive, but it seems low to medium.
Sylis is fostered in Loudoun County, Virginia.                                                          Apply here for him. NS2346

Neville is a gorgeous black-tri male weighing in at 45 lbs, and is estimated to be around 5 years old.  He’s shy and quiet, but boy-oh-boy is there an aussie in there!  He makes constant eye contact, possesses excellent supervisory skills and just wants to be loved with all his heart.  Lives for kisses, butt scratches and belly rubs.
Neville is house broken, high-velcro and medium energy.  He is exceptionally sweet, and we see more and more of his happy, playful and inquisitive self shine through every day.   If you're a confident, patient and gentle dog lover with lots of time to spend with a new best friend, please apply for our boy.

Neville is being fostered in New London, PA                                                               Apply here for him.    NS2548
His foster home is thinking he'd do best in a quiet home where there's almost always someone home.  No more closed crates for this boy.  A couple of nice walks every day would be lovely.  A comfy dog bed on the front porch to while away the long summer days watching the world go by with you, one by a cozy fire for the cold, winter days and one by your bed for always would fit the bill nicely.  And lots and lots of toys…he just delights in finding new toys to toss around and play with.   It's just amazing to watch and help him discover that the world can be a wonderful and safe place!  

Casper is a very sweet and quiet five (5) year old male red merle (almost golden) about 45 lbs.  Casper is friendly, but skittish.  Fast movements scare him.

Casper permits the rubbing of his stomach and playing with his mouth.  He is quiet and fast.  He knows his name and comes when called.  Casper seems to be housebroken and has started catching onto the doggy door.  Casper likes to be brushed.
Casper shows NO signs of any aggression.  No food aggression.  No crate aggression.  No aggression towards other animals including cats, squirrels, nor ducks.  No aggression towards people. 

Casper does not yet know the heal command, but does not pull when being walked. He is skittish around new people, but is quick to warm up. 

He is being fostered in Virginia Beach, VA

Apply here for him.    NS2543

He's  a 7 month old male blue Merle and is quite the looker! He has blue eyes and pretty markings, and his coat has a slight wave.

Gustavo is 11 months old, and he is a big but gentle boy.  He weighs at least 60#.  He plays beautifully with other dogs.  Very physical contact play typical of a young male, but meets other dogs nicely and gets a game going. 

He is a  little shy about coming indoors but does if you put a leash on and invite him in, He is happy too.  Very sweet with people.  He is very nice in a crate and also rides well in a car

Apply here for him.    NS2518
Milly is about 2 years old and very sweet.  She is a red merle girl with a need for a forever home!

Stay tuned for updates as we get to know her more.

Milly is being fostered in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Apply here for her.  NSXXXX
Summer's Shadow

She is a sweet young black bi colored female, about10 months old and  presently recovering from a leg injury and surgery.  She will recover completely and then will be ready to go to her new home.  If you are interested in learning more about her or her injuries, as well as her bright and promising future please let us know.

There are many dogs in our program who are undergoing treatments for heart worm or a tick borne disease as well as other maladies along dogs such as Summer’s Shadow who have had extensive surgeries.  If you are interested in donating to New Spirit to help us offset these medical costs please click Donate  Thank you! 

Summer’s Shadow is a friendly little gal  She loves other dogs, cats and children.  As soon as her broken leg heals we expect her to get back to the things she enjoys the most - playing with her friends in her foster home, chasing toys and balls, running and jumping everywhere and just plain old being a great puppy!  The surgeon has even indicated that she would make a great agility dog.

She is being fostered in Louisville, KY.

Apply here for her.    NS2390
He is fostered in Furlong, PA                             Apply here for him.    NS2519
He likes to pick up things in his mouth to chew on.  He isn't 100 percent housebroken but he's a sweet heart of a dog and has a wonderful personality!

He adores kids and has a 9 yr old boy at his foster home to hang out with and play fetch.
Kruzer's favorite thing to do is to sneak up on you and give you a great big lick !

He does well with other dogs and likes to play rough but will settle down.  He relaxes in the house too, but will need to be crated when left unattended.  When in his crate he settles nicely and doesn't bark .
Kruzer is a chow hound and when he eats with his foster family he is separated from the other dogs so there's no growling etc. going on.  He's fine wtih people, just doesn't like other dogs coming near his bowl.  His papers say he's a big swimmer but the foster family has not had experience with that.  He would probably chase a cat if it runs, but if the cat is stationary no need for any chasing! 

Kruzer is a wonderful boy with lots of potential. He's looking for a family or person to give him the love and training he deserves. 
Maybe you can be his forever home?!