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Our fee is $250 and dogs come spayed or neutered and up to date on basic shots except under unusual circumstances.  See the adoption page for more detail on what vetting is done.

Many times, a dog on this page will already be adopted by the time we process your application. If a dog you were looking at no longer appears on this page, please check our "Happy Endings" page to see if they've been adopted.
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Coming Attractions: 
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Hold: These dogs in the New Spirit program are currently undergoing medical treatment or behavioral                          assessment.  No applications are being accepted on them at this time.  Please check back for updates.

McGillicutty will make someone a very reliable, easy-to-walk and willing walking partner. In fact he is amazing at following and staying on a trail through the woods or fields so you don't have to worry about getting lost! And around the house he is happy to follow you about and lie close by when you sit down, or next to you on the couch! McGillicutty is a real lover and will eat up all the petting and attention you can give him.

So here McGillicutty is, this roughly 3 year old neutered male, medium-to-low energy, silky-haired, blue merle Aussie who is smart, loving and thoroughly housebroken. In fact he loves everyone he meets, adults and kids especially.
You see, McGillicutty came to us with cataracts that we thought we could fix but it turns out he has no eyesight at all. This surprises everyone that meets him because he is so well-adjusted to getting around using his other senses. He is eager to please, food motivated, but has never had anyone take the time to help him understand anything but "sit." While being fine meeting other dogs when away from home, he has never mastered a lot of dog social skills (hard when you can't see) and easily takes offense. He also is pushy when having to share attention from people so for everyone's overall happiness, he should not live with other dogs. Cats are fine however.

McGillicutty would make a faithful, loving companion for anyone who can look past his physical limitation and see the perfectly able and happy dog that he is!

McGillicutty is being fostered near Reading, PA.  Apply here for him! NS 1972
At about 47 lbs. he loves to ride in the car whenever you go anywhere. However if he has to stay at home, he is fine left loose, as long as he gets exercise everyday. He is happy to stay in a crate if needed and would do best with a fenced yard, and as an only dog.

Hemingway has a sad tale to tell. His family moved to Florida, leaving him tied up in the back yard. A neighbor’s dog came along and attacked him. The SPCA was called and took him, wounded, to a vet. Somehow, he still has the most trusting look on his face.  He had glaucoma that was left untreated for so long that he has no vision, but he's not unhappy about it.  We treated his eyes so pressures are low now and no ongoing meds are needed.  He was also treated for heartworm and Ehrlichia, and he is anow a healthy happy guy!  Hemingway is 55 pounds and at least 8 years old (best guess)

Hemingway is just a happy sociable dog who loves everyone! Can't wait to greet new visitors for a pet and then stays right at their feet for more.  He would make a wonderful therapy dog.  His blindness doesn't bother him a bit--he navigates stairs, outdoors, and if he bumps into something, he just backs up and tries a different route.  His tail is always wagging when he hears people or is getting attention.  He loves to be brushed, does well on leash, and follows the sound of your voice happily.  He's also a great traveler in the car and although he needs a little boost up, he has the confidence to jump down by himself.

Amazingly, this boy loves to play ball.  You hit the ground with it in front of him and he chases after it 4-5' till he finds it, then he picks it up, tosses it in the air and grabs it again.  It's such a joy to watch how silly he gets.  He also has a tug toy with a tennis ball that he loves to play with you.  He gets along great with other dogs and if another dogs will roll and wrestle and stay in contact with him, he is absolutely overjoyed to play as long as the other dog will.

Hemingway is fostered in Collegeville PA. Apply here to meet him. NS 2076
This beautiful girl is Sugarbear.  She is a beautiful red merle girl with blue eyes and a bob tail.  Our best guess on age is 9-11, and we have done a dental on her to make sure she is in great health for a new home.  Sugarbear is a very sweet girl who is loyal to her family, following them around in the yard and tolerating the three resident dogs as well as another foster.  She gets along with everyone...the neighbors, the other dogs and even the vet when blood was drawn for her check up!  She rides really well in a car, is quiet in her crate and loves to go for walks and be outdoors!  She weighs 60 pounds and would love to lose a little.  She loves going for leash walks and has perfect leash manners!.  She loves to be brushed and petted and is very laid back.  Sugarbear is fostered in Collegeville, PA.  NS 1919
Panda Girl

Panda Girl is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She is under 3 years old and weighs about 40 lbs. Panda Girl is an Aussie mix. When Panda Girl meets you she'll come right up with a smile on her face and her tail wagging. She'll probably bring you her favorite toy and place it on your lap for you to throw. She loves to play catch and will bring the toy back to you over and over. She is very smart! She would probably be great at agility, frisbee, or fly ball. She knows how to sit, lie down, shake, bring a toy, drop, and come. When you get tired of playing, she will sit by you, lay her head in your lap and look up at you with her big brown eyes as if to say, "Please pet me and give me some love!"
Panda Girl was a stray infested with fleas and has flea allergy dermatitis. She has lost all of her fleas but also a lot of her hair. Her hair will grow back with time and she will be the prettiest girl on the block. Panda Girl has learned that dogs are fun to play with. She follows her foster sister around everywhere. Panda Girl would do great either as a 1 dog family or placed with another dog to show her the ropes. She has plenty of energy and would love a family that would be active with her.

She is crate trained but would rather be out where she can keep an eye on her people. She is completely housebroken. Panda Girl also only plays with her dog toys. She loves anyone that will give her the attention and love that she deserves. Panda Girl has had a rough start but you would never know that by the smile on her face.

Panda Girl is fostered in Columbia, MD. Apply here to meet her. NS 2036


Just a few short weeks ago, this young man was afraid of everything and would just flatten himself on the floor if you so much as made a move towards him.  It doesn’t seem like he was exposed to much that life had to offer in his original home but lucky for him, New Spirit took him under their wings and with a little time and patience, turned him into a real dog who happily explores new things and has a genuine appreciation for all of the sights, sounds, smells and touches a suburban home can offer. 

Lewis is a male, lanky teen probably no more than 12-14  months old and weighs about 48 pounds but has some filling out to do. He has beautiful waves in his coat that extend into his full tail.  He’s a tall fellow but when he runs, you can see he hasn’t quite grown into his “big boy body” and hasn’t mastered the art of being agile…yet.

He has EXCELLENT dog reading skills and can take cues from other dogs with grace and ease. He has done very well with every dog he comes into contact with and has played with many in the foster home’s yard. One look into his mesmerizing eyes and you might just find yourself hooked at first sight.  He is crate trained, house broken, rides quietly in the car, doesn’t make a peep through the night, settles nicely in the house, hogs the sofa for a nice nap, runs to his crate and sits politely while waiting for his meals to be served, loves to go for walks and has recently discovered the art of swimming which he embraced with every wet hair on his body.

He responds well to direction, simply glows with positive reinforcement and is an easy dog to train.  His foster parents think he has the perfect amount of snuggliness in him.  If invited, he will sit in your lap.  Otherwise, he’ll just lounge about where he can see his people to keep an eye on them.  If you are out of the room too long, he’ll come investigate to make sure everyone is ok.

Lewis would probably do best in a home with children over 10 because of his teenage clumsiness but he is learning how to control his body so that may not be an issue for much longer. He uses his nose A LOT and may be a great candidate for someone interested in a partner for tracking or Nosework.

Dodger is an 18 month old white male. He has a black spot on his back and his face is multi colored brown, tan, and white. He is approximately 37 pounds, very skinny for his size. When first met, Dodger he was scared, timid, and refused the leash.  He is feeling much more comfortable around us.

We are not sure how he would be with cats, but we do have two small dogs that he gets long with, but he is very nervous around new dogs. Right now he has low energy, lays around the house a lot. He is starting to move about. He likes a lot of love and attention. He currently has no health issues other than fattening him up. He is housebroken and crate trained. Dodger is now leash trained, as a matter of fact he can't wait to go out. He gets along with everyone in the family except the teens, and is nervous around new people. We are not sure about young children.
He currently has no interest in toys or fetching. He understands the "no" command and we are working on 'sit'. He loves to chew on bones.  We are working on shoe chewing issues. 
He did have one instance of counter surfing and we would recommend a fence or invisible fence. With continued love and attention we feel he will come out of his shell but right now he is adjusting to his new environment. He tends to whine a lot.

He is fostered in Egg Harbor Twp., NJ.   Apply here to meet him. NS 2113
Lois Lane is a happy-go-lucky girl. About one year young, she just arrived with New Spirit. She is learning leash walking skills, accepts her crate and loves the gourmet food right out of the bag. She is a confident black tri mix. 46 lbs, with one brown eye and one ice blue, and a gorgeous, fluffy full tail that is often wagging. Lois Lane is a busy, active girl!   She is fostered in Waterford, VA

Apply here    NS 2038
Peregrine White

Peregrine White is an Aussie mix whose main goal in life is to end up in your lap. He loves to explore and meet other dogs; he wags his tail from halfway down the block as a new dog approaches, but if your lap's available, watch out. He might not be flashy like some Aussies, but when he wants cuddles, he's the most dapping fellow in town.

He plays well with his two foster siblings and is very submissive. We're not sure how much access he's had to toys previously, as he initially seemed to think his foster mother's shag rug looked like one, but he corrected quickly and almost seemed mortified to have caused the trouble. He loves antlers, bones, and just about anything he can chew on. He'd prefer not to be left alone in the crate, but is learning to settle down nicely. He loves walks and taking a stroll on the block.

He's petite for an Aussie at about 40 pounds and medium velcro. We think he's about a year old

Mostly, Perry is just thankful to be out of the shelter and excited to experience the joys of having a permanent home. If you're looking for a sweetie with a charming face and heart of gold, Perry's the dog for you.
Peregrine White is fostered in Philadelphia, PA. Apply here to see if he is right for your home.  NS 2039

Watch a video of Peregrine White

Buxley is a cute little guy, 35 lbs soaking wet with natural bob tail, a nice black tri pup--a space saver, so to speak.  He is less than a year old but probably won't get a great deal bigger than he is right now.  Buxley is lively but not obnoxiously so--not hyper, just an affectionate and sweet puppy.  He's been good with all the dogs he's met, including the grumpy old man who lives in his foster home, who ignores him, unfortunately.  Buxley would so like a playmate.  He is a real snuggle bug and loves people.  He loves to cuddle and thinks that he's a lap dog.  This pup is more than ready for his forever home and his ideal adopters will have time to take him for long walks and otherwise make over him since he's so darned cute and knows it.  He's love a playmate but does okay by himself. 

His adult coat should be quite nice, he is one handsome dude.  He's very velcro and isn't going to let you out of his sight.
Lois Lane

Connerly is a gorgeous 7 yr old red tri male who, through no fault of his own, found himself down on his luck after a divorce ended up with him not having a place to go.  Alas.  But New Spirit came to his rescue, to his owner's great relief.  This delightful, 63 lb boy is from a breeder whose lines are known for blocky builds and good temperaments.  Connerly is long past all that annoying puppy stuff like housebreaking and chewing, you can be sure of that.  His house manners are impeccable and he is perfectly housebroken, of course. Connerly seems accustomed to spending long days alone, so he just loves to follow his people around when they are there, perhaps worried that they'll disappear?  He will even follow you into the bathroom, so be aware if privacy is important to you!

Connerly has been fine with other dogs but also seems to be fine without a canine companion, he seems to be ready for a good chase but the dogs just haven't quite figured out how to start, it seems that he hasn't had many canine playmates but is ready to learn.  He has been appropriate with the cats although too curious and possibly over-friendly from their standpoint.  But no predatory behavior to date, just a slurp here and there.  Connerly seems ready for a dog-friendly kitty of his own.  A kitty who is brave and playful.

Connerly has a fantastic gait.  When he trots, he just floats.  His coat is a bit rough right now but should come to life with a different diet, and lots of brushing.  He is one gorgeous dude, the pictures do not do him justice.  He loves his stuffed toys and will play with them by himself, tossing them around, and likes a game of tug.  He loves to "drink" from the garden hose, so he may well like to swim, the jury is out there.  He loves to chew quietly on bones, too, settling nicely but also is alert so that his person doesn't do anything without him.  He is lively without being over the top, just a very pleasant dog to have around.  His activity level is probably medium but he is not a slug at all.  He's so funny when he grabs one of his toys and takes off with it, he's just like a large puppy with his blocky build and fluffy coat. Connerly is said to be fine with little kids.  He is crate trained but doesn't need it.  The fact that he likes to get on the bed suggests that is where he was invited to sleep in his first life, so unlike many of our former farm dogs, he has been well-loved and knows what it's like, so he's ready for more of the good life, please!  But he's fine on the floor, too, fear not.  He is just really easy to get along with and sweet-natured.  He doesn't seem to be barky at all, although he does go
to the door to announce the arrival of any visitor.  Very appropriate.  He'd be a great companion for a senior who needs a reason to take a nice walk every day.  Connerly loves walks and does well.

If you are looking for a mild-mannered companion who likes to be with you 100%, and who is very reliable in the house, Connerly is the dog for the job.  He will love you unconditionally.  You can just see the love
and trust in  his eyes.

Connerly is being fostered near York, PA.. Apply here to meet him. NS TBD
This is Griffyn, a young red merle male (about a year old) who weighs about 45 pounds.  He is a beautiful boy with a bobbed tail and one blue and one brown eye. Griffyn will be fostered in Louisville, KY and then move to SE PA.  NS 2023
Griffyn has tested positive for heartworm.
This is a treatable, curable condition.
The treatment should be complete soon,
stay tuned for updates!

If you would like to donate to help offset the cost of his treatment please click below.

He has been okay with the cat, who avoids all the foster dogs, and so far all people and all dogs are okay with him as long as he gets his share of attention.  He doesn't take up much space, for sure.  He loves to go on walks and race around the yard, yet settles down nicely for a refreshing nap, and then he's ready to go again. 

Buxley is being fostered near Gettysburg, PA.  Apply here to meet him.  NS 2024
If you are asking yourself, “what’s the catch?”, you may not find an answer.  His foster home is still trying to find anything negative about him and Lewis has everyone stumped.

If you have a big space in your heart, Lewis will happy climb in and fill it with love and devotion.

This young man is fostered in Jamison, PA.  Apply here to meet him. NS 2111

Video 1                             Video 2
Orie is a 5 yr old, 49 lb, black bi male with a docked tail.  He is great with other dogs.  Little is known about Orie's former life or relationship with people and cats, so he is on hold pending further behavioral evaluation. Stay tuned for updates as this boy settles in and reveals his true colors.  NS 2125

Keeper has earned his stripes and is looking for a comfortable home to live out his golden years. Found on the streets, he is pretty run down and needs some time to recoup. He never stops smiling and wagging his tail however. Just a gentle lovely soul that hasn't had it very good for a long time. Keeper may be an Aussie or a mix (it is kind of hard to tell since the only hair he has is on his head and legs), 50-55 lbs., of indeterminate age (not young) who is mellow and friendly and loving. He wants to meet everyone and say hi, is fine with dogs and cats, is housebroken, fine with a crate but has some backend weakness that makes it uncomfortable to be confined to a small space for a long time. He enjoys going for a walk and is slowly building up his stamina and muscle tone. Of course he is easy to walk on a leash. His hair loss seems to be due to flea allergy dermatitis and is on the mend. It may take a while for the hair to all grow in but he is currently having no problems with the summer heat!  If you could give an older guy a nice retirement home in exchange for love and loyalty, then come meet Keeper.
Fostered in Lancaster, PA.
. Apply here to see if he is right for your home.  NS 2119