What we do: We evaluate Australian Shepherds and Australian Shepherd mixes from selected shelters and private owners no longer able to keep their Aussies.  If we judge a dog suitable for placement with an average adopter, we foster it in private homes and get to know the dog.  We then post the dog to our website and place it in an adoptive home where the energy levels, expectations and personalities are a good fit.  
Think of us as a "doggie dating service"!
New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue, Inc.
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New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue is an all-volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving Australian Shepherds and Aussie 
mixes in the United States and Canada.  
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New Spirit Adoptee, Nursery Dog at the Cincinnati Zoo, Retires after Six Years

Blakely, a 6-year-old NS4AR adoptee, is the live-in 'nanny' who helps play with and socialize babies at the Cincinnati Zoo. Babies often come to the nursery when their mother has rejected them.
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Blakely Celebrating his 6th Birthday!
We have wonderful adoption stories on our Wags and Wiggles page!
New Spirit adopters Kevin and Nicole celebrated the anniversary of the grand opening of their store in Vorhees, NJ.  One of the first retailers of its kind in Camden County, this family-owned small business provides personalized care for beloved dogs and cats, with customized advice on nutrition, grooming, and other elements of your pet’s well-being. EarthWise Pet Voorhees will carry product lines to meet every pet’s needs, including grain-free and low-carb options, unique protein sources, and certified humane cat and dog food and treats.  

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Check out the EarthWise Pet Facebook page for more information.  
NS Adoptee Peanut enjoying an EarthWise treat.
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  To report a lost or found New Spirit dog, please e-mail sraussies@gmail.com
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Miss Cookie

Read about the wonderful life of Taz

Finn (just Finn, although he answers to Fineas, Finnigan, or Finneas Ferb)

My wife and I retired to rural New Hampshire and not long after we lost our first Aussie, who we loved for 13 years. We wanted a similar boy, a calm, medium-energy companion who we could always count on when we were up for a “4000 footer” hike in the White Mountains. He came to us in 2017 as “Sir Walter”, as he was found in NC., and he was only 2 years old. He definitely had a rough start, and needed some “peeps” he could count on. The wonderful foster parents told us about his disposition on a phone call and we immediately knew he was the one for us. Demonstrating himself as a “Houdini”, there wasn’t a crate that could hold him, and since he didn’t care to damage anything in the house, we decided to not crate him at all. We never regretted that, as he proved himself as a respectful boy. In the beginning he had anxiety issues, and was convinced every time we left the house that we were never coming back. He had difficulty figuring out how to walk on a leash, but over time we trained him to be a great walker. As it turns out, the three of us need 4-7 miles a day to keep us happy.  

This boy has come so far! We now leave for a dinner with no worries, he’s a great walker, and his off-leash hiking skills are amazing. He can negotiate anything in his path, and he stays within eye-sight, of course ahead of us, egging us on to make better time to the summit! He loves other dogs, he’s friends with many cats, and I can say there’s never been a human he had an issue with either! Our town is small, and has lots of outdoor activities. Many people in town know him on sight, and he gets a great many treats from the town employees, and our postman, FedEx and UPS delivery men. Children are particularly drawn to him, and due to his gentle demeanor, even the most timid child seems to know that it’s OK to approach and give him a pat. Love is something he can count on now. 

​We live on an amazing lake up here, and he loves car trips and boat trips alike! In fact, he’s good with pretty much anything, as long as he’s with us. He’s not a night owl and prefers to settle-down for the evening in his dog bed right next to our bed. We love Finn, and he loves us and our adult children. This boy was made for us! Thanks NS4AR, for matching us with our “Soul-mate”. This true blessing, that is Finn. 

- Jan and Paul​
New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue
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