January 2010
This girl finished her heartworm treatment and has been adopted by Dale & David John of Oveido FL where she is much loved!    NS 223
January 2010
Miss Calliope bounces into a new year and into a new home with the Durstewitz Family of Cape May, NJ        NS 318
January 2010
Gambit joins the Klein family including a Border Collie Fletcher and a new Chihuahua brother.  He's having a grand time in his new home.    NS 273
January 2010
Marley has found her perfect home with Marnee Brown
of Ormond Beach FL!
  NS 224
January 2010
Madison happily joins the Rose family who waited so patiently for her to complete her heartworm treatment.  NS 321
January 2010
Dina joins the Santios family and their Lab mix Cookie in Kennesaw, GA. 
  NS 297
January 2010
Matisse is now a member of the Custer Family in Glenmoore, PA
  NS 356
January 2010
Lucas found his perfect
family with the Van Ostens
of Philadelphia
  NS 306
January 2010
This lovely guy is fitting right in with Shauna & William Beckendorf of Lancaster, PA    NS 365
January 2010
Ivy happily joins the Truglio family in Lawrenceville, GA.  She walked right in and just made herself at home, and she’s got a few kids to dedicate herself to.  NS 323
January 2010
This lovable boy has moved in with the Callenbach Family of Carroll Valley, PA  NS 20
January 2010
Libby jumps into the arms of the Silk Family of Timonium MD with lots of kisses! NS 122
January 2010
Desi flies into the arms of the Lonker Family of Wynnwood PA
  NS 122
January 2010
The perfect family finally showed up for this cutie: the Blakes of Beverly Hill, FL!    NS 302
January 2010
Butch joins the Berwald family
of Woodstock, GA.  NS 326
January 2010
Martie joins the Ouimette family of Columbus, GA    
NS 304
January 2010
Cherry joins John Matthews
and his Lab in Atlanta, GA
  NS 276
January 2010
This little doll was adopted by the Adamiaks of  Walkersville, MD
  NS 358
January 2010
Axel joins the Ryan Family of Flourtown, PA and has a New Spirit brother, Ernie!
  NS 360
January 2010
She's a lucky Penny indeed:
free of heartworms and adopted by Lynette DiDia of
Palm Harbor, FL    NS 285
January 2010
Jack and Judi Freeman of
Alva, FL are Lexi's new forever home.   NS 226
January 2010
This wonderful boy, sadly given up by his owner, will have a great new home with the
Mercier Family in NH
  NS 372
January 2010
Kitty Szaro of Trilby Fl has given Cash a forever home.
  NS 227
January 2010
June joins the Carrithers Family and their Aussie mix Bindi in Atlanta, GA   NS 330
January 2010
The Kirk Family of PA welcomes Holly into their home.  NS 371
February 2010
Hardy joins Madeline Heise of
Clearwater, FL  NS 396
February 2010
The Barnharts of York PA
have welcomed Dallas into
their home.    NS 406
February 2010
Sawyer and his NS brother, Oliver, are part of the Mercier Family in NH now!    NS 408
February 2010
Horton has chosen Jacqueline Fernandez from Jamaica Plain, MA as his new owner.   NS 366
February 2010
Congratulations to Rebecca Johnson of Pine Plains NY on welcoming Tiki into her home! NS 328
February 2010
Quinton joins Karen Lankford
of Deland, FL    NS 289
February 2010
Sherman joins the Hamlin household in Ballground, GA.   NS 305
February 2010
Constance Winant and Christopher Hernance of NY welcome Logan to their home.
NS 378
February 2010
Joe McGrath of Richmond VA is the lucky winner of Sarabi's heart!   NS 364
Patch Finnegan
February 2010
Patch joins Kevin and Carolyn Gaffney in Winter Haven, FL
  NS 344
February 2010
Reba joins the Eernisse
Family in TN    NS 329
Midnight Two
February 2010
MIdnight Two joins the
Guretzka Family in Reading, PA
NS 363
February 2010
Potter joins Wendy Harrell
of Montpelier, VT
  NS 312
February 2010
Laney joins Brian Ring of Alpharetta, GA   NS 409
February 2010
The little red girl joins the Ledgewood Family at Scott
AFB, IL   NS 368
February 2010
Miss Della has gone to live with the White' Family of Lutz, FL NS 343
February 2010
Kim Williams & Brighton Gardens of Buckhead (GA) assisted living welcome Daphne as their mascot
and resident canine
  NS 411
February 2010
Alex has landed with the Grosskettlers of Glenmoore,
PA where he has
two Weimararner siblings.
NS 058
February 2010
This wonderful senior has
been adopted by Martha Mallicote of Micanopy, FL
NS 347
February 2010
Jasper joins the
Martin Family of TN.
NS 410
February 2010
Ziggy will be living with Sandra Bearden of Adelphi, MD    NS 374
February 2010
This darling girl has gone to
live with Jodi Nichols of
Glen Falls, NY
NS 386
February 2010
Chelsea found her forever home with Elena Cruchley of Wilmington, DE   NS 376
February 2010
This fabulous little pixie joins Merri Roe in Roebling NJ along with her NS brother, Dublin!
NS 389
February 2010
This pup has never met a person he didn't like but his favorite one is Kim Mua
of Long Branch, NJ
NS 382
March 2010
Lizzie strode into her foster
home and never left.  She is
now a member of the Popp Family in Woodstock, GA
NS 354
March 2010
This fun loving girl has moved to Brooklyn to live with the Choyt Family, with two wonderful children, Toby and Thea
NS 413
March 2010
Gentle, sweet Littlefoot has adopted Jeanette Nelson and Karen Eck of Lansdale PA and their four cats, who think he's not too bad
(for a dog)   NS 331
March 2010
Mallory joins Angela Kenison in Marietta, GA.
NS 352
March 2010
This special puppy walked into his foster home on Sunday and by Tuesday they realized they couldn’t live without him.  He joins NS volunteers Dawn and Tony in Lawrenceville, GA. 
NS 355
March 2010
Zeke joins the Bass family
of Peachtree City, GA.
NS 421
March 2010
Patrick joins Tammy Parrish
in Springfield, TN
NS 377
March 2010
This fabulous senior boy has found a fabulous forever home with the Litz Family
of Deltona Beach, FL
NS 267
March 2010
Rosie has landed with the Shackelfords of Old Zionsville, PA   NS 373
March 2010
This great boy has been adopted by George Lastinger in Gainesville, FL
Hurray for Bo!    NS 397
March 2010
Spock goes home to David Fritz of Clearwater, FL
NS 342
March 2010
Juliette joins the Majors of Palm Bay, FL   NS 398
Daisy Mae
March 2010
This little wunderpup is joining the Caldwell Pack in PA
  NS 332
March 2010
Caribou, our 8 year old boy, will live with Karen Figy and her cat in Melbourne, FL    
NS 348
March 2010
Riley joins his new friends, Sam, Charlie and Salem with the Gifford Family in GA.    NS 415
March 2010
Kayla joins Darla and her daughter in Loganville, GA.
NS 417
March 2010
Chesley is now Cody. He was adopted by our own Cate Decker (foster home) of Tampa, FL   NS 525
March 2010
Saphira is now Blueberry, she was adopted by Mike and Sara Lillis and their 4 children from Stuart, FL    NS 522
Caden/Doug E,
March 2010
Caden went to his new home in Deltona FL with the Johann Family. He now has a JRT brother and two
children to dote on him!   NS 345
March 2010
Fifer joins the Morris family of Snellville, GA 
NS 424
April 2010
Finn joins his foster family the Zerms in Dacula, GA and we hope to see him on the agility circuit soon. NS 419
April 2010
Bodie is happily ensconced with the Conti Family of Blackwood, NJ!     NS 381
April 2010
Shimmer has gone home
with the Reilly Family of Winter Park, FL.   NS 523
April 2010
Cara joins Denise Heatherly of Jacksboro, TN.   
NS 414
April 2010
Barney found himself a new home with Kristi Buehrlein
of Tampa, FL   NS 399
April 2010
Cici joins Tori Burnett of Auburn, AL   NS 353
April 2010
Mauka aka "Taz" joins the Rapp Family of Bel Air, MD   NS 215
April 2010
Sampson moved in with the Koenigs of Newtown PA as if he'd been there all his life!  NS 359
April 2010
Stephanie and Karl welcomed Wrangler into their Delware, OH home!    NS 0452
April 2010
Gus will become Duffy and joins the Hubbert Family of West Chester, PA   NS 444
April 2010
Melbourne is living his "Happily Ever After" in NC with Erin and family!   NS 451
April 2010
Cynthia and Steve welcome Ice to their Northern Kentucky Home
NS 471
April 2010
Katie joins the Baughcum Family and New Spirit sister Leah in GA.     NS 422
April 2010
Chris Wendell in Longwood, FL welcomes Frankie to his forever home.     NS 077
April 2010
Duke joins Scott Janssen in Monterey MA   NS 367
April 2010
Blake wiggles his way into the Jeffrey Family household in Northern Virginia 
NS 333
April 2010
Gorgeous McGrady is staying with Dr. Sheley Revis of NC who has failed "Foster 101" three times now!   NS 511
April 2010
Fabulous Henry joins the Bracken Family of Bellingham, MA  
NS 384
April 2010
Bard joins Terry Davidson of
Titusville, FL    NS 349
April 2010
The Larson Family from
St. Mary's GA met Moose and took him home!
NS 288
April 2010
Magi has gone home with JC and Carolyn Hughes of Delray Beach, FL   NS 521
May 2010
The Scherb Family thinks their new dog, Apollo is out of this world.
NS 0387
Char Char
May 2010
Char Char "talked" her way right into Norma Allen's heart in Voorhees, NJ   NS 0388
May 2010
Shelley Heckles claimed Socks for her very own in Honeybrook, PA  NS 0385
May 2010
Layla found her forever home in Ann Arbor, MI with the wonderful Rosenberg family.
NS 0473
May 2010
Rebel, now Henry now lives in Cincinnati, OH with
Sherry and Charlie.
NS 0453
May 2010
Tango danced himself right
into the heart of Dana Huston
in Morrisville, PA
NS 0446
May 2010
Nico made his way to Raleigh, NC with
Ann and David Sprague.
NS 0443
Walker & Tucker
May 2010
Walker & Tucker, two brothers, went home together to the Hogan Family of Melbourne, FL
NS 0392 NS 0393
May 2010
Paula Lewis and aussie Merlin from Knoxville, TN,  are proud to annouce their newest addition to their family, Regan.   NS 0429
May 2010
Ocala, FL residents, Jack and Theresa Slifer welcome Sara
into their sunny FL home. 
NS 0400
May 2010
Carolyn and Tom Martin of Arlington Heights, IL
have brought Dashiel
into their home.
NS 0573
Tavi McTavis
May 2010
Tavi McTavis is sticking with
Mr. Collins of Lexington, KY
NS 0375
Clever Hans
Bailey Brit
June 2010
Kim Clancy of
Wellington, FL welcomes Midge into her family.  She hopes to do agility and therapy work with her.
NS 0395
June 2010
Dazi found her way home
to Mundelein, IL with
Robin Miller.
NS 0578
October 2010
Rio chose the Elliott's of Loves Park, IL to be his forever family
NS 0577
June 2010
Nigel joins Garrett and
Alex in NC
NS 0434
June 2010
Jenna and Myra join the loving home of Jeanne and Jim Eller in GA.  The girls will enjoy traveling with their new family for years to come!
NS 0435 & NS 0432
Jenna & Myra
June 2010
Benny found his forever
home in Clearwater, FL
with Erica Hinz.
NS 076
June 2010
Casey Thurston of Winter Park, FL has adopted Dan to be part
of his new family.
NS 0527
June 2010
Faye joins the Crockett Family and their Husky, Quinn in Dawsonville, GA
NS 0433
June 2010
Tracy Ferguson & Neil Gesuero
of Wallingford, CT have welcomed Trip into their wonderful happy home.
NS 310
Dusty/Big Bear
June 2010
Atti is now a welcome
member of the Lee family
from Middletown, OH
NS 0459
May 2010
Valerie, Christopher and pup Ajax welcome Derby, now Whiskey into their 
London, OH home.
NS 0474
April 2010
Ginger Hinsch in Atlanta, GA welcomes Sonya into her home.  NS  431
June 2010
Sweet Nellie found herself a new home in Murphy, NC with Robin Gard
NS 0529
June 2010
Zumi found a home on a
beautiful horse farm in CT.
NS 0309
April 2010
Chris and Heidi of
Conshohocken, PA welcomed Gidget into their "fur-ever" home.
NS 252
April 2010
The Bradleys welcome Raff to his new home in Plain City, OH.  NS 0472
April 2010
Dutch found his place, in Herndon, VA with the Beckers, a New Spirit foster home!
NS  439
May 2010
Violet joins Angie and Bruce Dickinson in Canton, GA. NS 0427
May 2010
Jessie, now Willow joins her foster family, Carlos and Lisa Lopez in West Chester, PA. Another "Foster 101" dropout but an excellent home for Willow!  NS 0436
May 2010
Alison Gilles has made a terrific choice of adding Romeo to her family in Toluca, IL.
NS  0574
May 2010
Skye is preparing for a summer filled with hiking and camping with her new family, The McIntoshes, in Chicago, IL.
NS 0572
June 2010
Bailey Brit found his place
with the Dykstsra Family
of Newark, OH
NS 0576
June 2010
The O'Cull Family decided
Clever Hans should stay with them.  Another Happy Ending for
a New Spirit foster family!
NS 0575
June 2010
Rejean Paquet in Jacksonville FL adopted our sweet Masaki, now Sasha
NS 0402
June 2010
Valorie and Bob Faretra of Amesbury MA decided Gilligan was the right
pup for their home.
NS 0307
June 2010
Maria Teresa of Brooklyn NY chose Esperanza, now Lola to be a part of her family
NS 0555
June 2010
Dusty, now Big Bear has snuggled right into the Stanfield's hearts in Independence, KY
NS 0476
June 2010
Brownie found Jana Kiefer
in Bloomington, IL and decided that was where he wanted to stay!
NS 0581
June 2010
Terra found her way home to Libertyville, IL with Beth and David Semmelman
NS 0571
May 2010
The Unterbergers of Bensalem, PA welcome their new pup Cheezer    NS 0379
May 2010
The Harvey Family saw a sign that Gemini was the right dog for their Devon, PA home.
NS  0437
May 2010
Millie is headed to Mohnton, PA with Joanne and LeRoy Olson and her new aussie brother Sam.    NS 0383 
May 2010
Mizz Ritzie fell in love in Loveland, OH with the Rosian Family.  NS 0455
May 2010
Clover found her forever home with Paul  Schleif in Marietta, GA   NS 0412
May 2010
Becky James and her
Aussie Haley, wecome
Yogi into their home
in Northern GA
NS 0418
April 2010
The Guthries welcomed Aiden into their home in Kennesaw, GA       NS 423
April 2010
Alexander has picked the DeBrodts of Addison,ME for his forever family!    NS 445
February 2010
Taylor joins Vicky Dickens of Athens, GA
NS 407
June 2010
Bolt has found his perfect home with the Saul's in Loveland, OH
NS 0478
June 2010
Creek found his forever
place in Exton, PA with
Jim and daughter Sarah.
NS 0553
June 2010
Abbygael joins Melissa Meyer of Jacksonville, FL
NS 0528
June 2010
Trina is safe and sound in her new home with Vicki Gladwell
of Titusville, FL
NS 0394
June 2010
Boone found a nice family in Oviedo, FL with the Allen Family
NS 0341
Happy Endings January - June 2010
The dogs below have found new homes thanks to the efforts of the many New Spirit volunteers and other rescue people who help so much in all we do.

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