Happy Endings July - December 2011
The dogs below have found new homes thanks to the efforts of the many New Spirit volunteers and other rescue people who help so much in all we do.

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July  2011
Gina will enjoy her days with her human sister and brother and furry sister Sasha in the Bruce Family of Huntingtown, MD.
NS 1027
July  2011
Andrew has a wonderful new home with Brenda Cimakasky in Meshoppen, PA.
NS 1081

July  2011
Sissy fit right in with Maura Whelan in Indianapolis, IN.

NS 1042

July  2011
Laura Krause has decided to give Ginger a wonderful life with her in Wellington, OH.
NS 0702

July  2011
May has a great new home in Lewisburg, PA with Sue Yohn.

NS 0679

Tennessee Banjo
July  2011
Tennessee Banjo joins Lora & Bryan Lebsack and an Aussie sibling in Dundalk, MD.
NS 0992
July  2011
Rima has joined Nick Pentell and brother Niko in Evansville, IN. She'll fit in nicely with the guys, adding that feminine touch.
NS 1025
July  2011
Baloo has a wonderful new life in Eagle Lake, MN with Shirley Fite.

NS 0864

July  2011
Jagger waggles into the Martin family and joins Jacob and Bella the cat.  He is now named Seth Clearwater from the Twilight series.  NS 1039
July  2011
Lena is now a member of the Benway family, joining Aussie Sidney and Border Collie Shelby.
NS 0615
July  2011
Jasmine happily joins Andrea Steege in Cincinnati, OH.

NS 0717
July  2011
Toby has joined Kim Renfroe
in Wesley Chapley, FL
NS 0742

July  2011
Tobermory has been adopted by the Fein family of New Lisbon, NJ.
He fell in love instantly!
NS 1008
July  2011
Juno has fabulous new home
in Indianapolis, IN with
Stephanie Steider.
NS 1061
July  2011
Annette Cox of Troy, MI fell in love with Navajo and gave him a wonderful forever home.
NS 1051
July  2011
Ladybug joins Allen and Krystal Rutter in Mechanicsburg, PA for a wonderful life together.
NS 0674
July  2011
Kari Lundegren and Julie Draper have given Addy her dream home in pittsburgh, PA.
NS 1041
July  2011
Kayleigh has a great new home with Jim and Katharine White in Burke, VA.
NS 0984
July  2011
Remy is living it up with Carol Spence in Lexington, KY.
NS 1007
July  2011
Joshua and Christina Alspach have given Fluffmeister his
forever home in Reading, PA.
NS 1030

July  2011
Rosalind has a fabulous new home with Lee Perrin
in Sherburne, NY.
NS 0670

July  2011
Danika joins her new family, the Lovingoods and their Golden Retriever in NC. Now she spends her days herding the chickens!
NS 1038
July  2011
Phil & Tracy Massimi have given Mika his dream home
in Colliers, WV.
NS 1064
July  2011
John and Kim Nerenberg of Neptune, NJ decided that Branch was the one for them and they are thrilled with their new boy!
NS 1006
July  2011
Tate has won the hearts of his foster family and is now a  permanent part of the Kern's in Ewing, NJ.
NS 0675
July  2011
Annette and Cal Johnson have given Waylon a terrific forever home in New York, NY.
NS 0985
July  2011
Pawnee has a big new family all his own with the Wills of Woodbury, NY who drove all the way to Ohio to bring him home!
NS 1050
July  2011
Shye is right at home with
Linda & Richard Wilmot
in Kirkville, NY.
NS 0450

July  2011
Chewey's foster mom, Catharine Roth, decided that this Special Aussie would be happiest right where he is in Orrtanna, PA!
NS 0020
July  2011
Seba is as happy as she can be with Sandra Kupelain
in Oak Park, IL
NS 0897

July  2011
Elizabeth Wright has given Benjamin a terrific new home in Stewartville, MN.
NS 0879

July  2011
Picante joins her new furry brother Chester with Aaron Martin in Athens, GA.
NS 1040
July  2011
Baylor found a great forever home with Mary and Bill Rush in Milldale, CT.
NS 0766
July  2011
Obi happily joins Chris Mattingly in Mason, Oh
NS 1052

July  2011
Bryan and Jessica Schwartz have fallen in love with Jojo and taken him home to Hummelstown, PA
NS 0998
July  2011
Allie joins Jack and Judy Breidinger and her new four legged sister Shiloh in Saylorsburg, PA
NS 1084
July  2011
Sailor has a wonderful new home with Hannah Smith & Matthew Buss in Lakeville, MN.
NS 0869
July  2011
Joanie joins her new best friend Kyle with the White family in GA.
NS 1033
July  2011
Ranger has a great new forever home with Sonia Small of Broomall, PA.
NS 1094
July  2011
Cricket joins her new family and Aussie brother Jasper in NC

NS 0920

July  2011
Hanes, now Marcel, has a terrific new home with Michael Brookshire near Hatboro, PA.
NS 1029
July  2011
Robert Lebel has given Clay his forever home near Coventry, RI.
NS 0855
August  2011
Bungee joins Brody the Aussie and the Buffalo family in
Atlanta, GA.
NS 1123
August  2011
Comanche has found her forever home with the Gigl Family in Brighton, MI.
NS 1048

August  2011
Kiowa is being adopted by his foster family, the Mozers, and will have lots of Aussie siblings to play with in Clarkston, MI.
NS 1047
August  2011
Tricia & Gerry Vonderbrink have given Nacho a terrific forever home in Cincinnati, OH.
NS 0719
August  2011
Darby joins the Mele family in Levittown, PA where he will get lots of exercise with his new
best bud, Bear.
NS 1090
August  2011
Linda Edwards and Holland have made each other very happy
in Aurora, IL.
NS 0624
August  2011
Moyne has a wonderful new home with Diane Neureuther of Shabbona, IA.
NS 1003
August  2011
Lindsay Thems has made Peppy very happy in Port Huron, MI.
NS 0874
August  2011
Redcliffe, now Ruby, found her forever home with Bridget Bannon in Milwaukee, WI.
NS 0996
August  2011
Rutger has agreat new home with Sally & David Dabney
of LakeVilla, IL.
NS 1005
Red Rock
August  2011
Matthew Klemm has given Red Rock a great new home in Thornton, IL.

NS 1028
August  2011
Aaron Wehunt and Krystal now have a wonderful life together in Mt Sterling, KY.

NS 1091
August  2011
Mimi joins her new family, the Lancasters, and has a new kitty friend in Chattanooga, TN

NS 1124
August  2011
Emerson, now Pearse, has a large family of canine and feline siblings with the Habels in Barnesville, PA.
NS 1113
August  2011
Whitman, now Phinean, has a large family of canine and feline siblings with the Habels in Barnesville, PA.
NS 1120
August  2011
Shoshone has found her forever home with Vicki and Fred who adore her! She now lives in Negaunee, MI.
NS 1049
August  2011
Opie has a wonderful forever
home with Eileen & Gene Reilly
in Collegeville, PA.
NS 1139
August  2011
Archie joins his new home
with an Aussie sister, Rosie, in Atlanta, GA.
NS 1121
August  2011
Beverly and Gerry Evans
have made Alexa very happy
in York, PA.
NS 1095
August  2011
Lodi has found a loving forever home with Leif Gustavson in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 1089
August  2011
Memphis joins Valerie Kelly and an Aussie brother, Cola, in Glenmoore, PA.
NS 1137
August  2011
Shepparton is one happy pup with  Valeri Farmer-Dougan in Bloomington, IL.
NS 1019
August  2011
Wanderoo and Wodanga have a great new home together
with William and Jennifer Spalik
of Johnson City, NY.
NS 1020                                         NS1017
August  2011
Mandurah is one happy little puppy with Alysa Slay
in Chicago, IL.
NS 1013
August  2011
Tia & Kevin Bennet signed up to foster Chancellor, fell in love and just couldn't let him go.
NS 0967
August  2011
Mary Kate Henle has given Joker a wonderful forever home in Springfield, MA.
NS 1136

Lady Gaga
August  2011
Lady Gaga and Fran DeFoe
are very happy together in Syracuse, NY.
NS 1140

Sae Dee
August  2011
The Nizzi family fell for Sae Dee right away to form this match made in heaven! They plan to train for frisbee and as a therapy dog!
NS 0880
August  2011
Betty Jacobson has given Kalgoorlie his perfect forever home in Madison, WI.
NS 1012

August  2011
Sarge is very happy with
Katarina Coates in
Lake Forest, IL.
NS 1004
August  2011
Serrano joins Loc and Ken Scottand their Aussie Bella
in Suffolk, VA.
NS 0915
August  2011
Thor joins Brook Butler
and her Amercian Eskimo
in Dublin, GA
NS 1125
August  2011
Dickens will be living in
Harrisburg, PA with Anu Reynolds and her son Logan.
NS 1096
August  2011
Hawthorne is now a very happy pup with Jon Shufelt
in Ghent, NY.
NS 1116
August  2011
Virginia Ellen and Nolan LeBlanc have given Simba a wonderful forever home in Lehighton,PA.
NS 1085
August  2011
Rebecca Merrill & Bud Whitmeyer have made Janie an extremely happy pup in Durham, NC.
NS 1045
September  2011
Mimic found a fabulous forever home with April Pelletier of Beacon Falls, CT.
NS 1118
September  2011
Lindsay & Ryan Peck have fallen in love with Torque
in Newport News, VA.
NS 1119
September  2011
Carole Persinger of Linville, VA decided to give Tulip
and her pup Zorro a wonderful forever home together.

NS 1109                                            NS 1110
September  2011
Stockton has a great new home with Jason & Kristin Harper
Crofton, MD.
NS 1026
September  2011
It's nothing but puppy love between Liza Marzinke and Gosnells in Buffalo Grove, IL.
NS 1010
September  2011
Joondalup is living the good life with Sara Brondell
in Bloomington, IL.
NS 1011
September  2011
Karin & Mark Leuthy have made Roane one very happy pup in Washington, DC.
NS 1099
September  2011
Seir found a very loving home
with Daniell Baker
in Bloomington, IL.
NS 0971
September  2011
Conley joins his new Mom Jennifer in Sandy Springs, GA.
NS 1036
September  2011
Thai joins Robbie on her farm in
N. GA with an Aussie brother, cats and horses to occupy his time.  NS 1127
September  2011
Clara joins Kat Kennady in her new forever home in
Louisville, KY.
NS 1044
September  2011
Jackie has found a loving forever home with his human brother and sister in the Comber Family
of Phoenixville, PA.
NS 1107
September  2011
Subiaco is living the good
life with Ann Galletta
in Sycamore, IL.
NS 1107
September  2011
Moon, now Boomerang, will be doing agility, rally and obedience in 4H with the Pietricola family
of Fulton, NY.
NS 1143
September  2011
Clarissa is the companion of Rachel in Atlanta and will now have a new name - Georgia.
NS 1126
September  2011
Maura is getting in 2 mile runs twice a day with a lot of Frisbee thrown in for extra fun with the Morgans of Owensboro, KY.
NS 0712
September  2011
Lisa & Jim Kauhl have made Blair a part of their family
in Windham, NH.
NS 1054

September  2011
Saint has a fabulous
new home with Peggy Morgan
in Baltimore, OH.
NS 1055

September  2011
Susan and Tim Zableckis have fallen in love with Stirling
in Cedar Lake, IN.
NS 1014

September  2011
Robin, Ken & Jay Carlo have given Odie a wonderful forever home
in Holden, MA.
NS 0496
September  2011
Truvi is very happy with
Cara Durschlag of
Spring Hill, FL.
NS 0969
September  2011
Patches has a great new home with Heidi Bustard
of Lansdale, PA.
NS 1082
September  2011
Norm Mahoney has fallen
in love with Lanka
in Monroe Twp, NJ.
NS 0959
September  2011
Belinda is very happy in her new forever home with Lois and Joe Fontana in Staten Island, NY.
NS 0922
Tuff Man
September  2011
Tuff Man has joined
Ashley Hensel forever in Yorktown, VA.
NS 1088
September  2011
Melina Martin and Ralph
are now happy together
in Mullica Hill, NJ.
NS 1111
October  2011
Dalia has a wonderful forever home with Andrea Steege
of Cincinnati, OH.
NS 0720
October  2011
Beverly Nelson of Gloucester, VA has given Reiny a great
new home to grow up in.
NS 1097
October  2011
Corkie is blessed to have found a wonderful home with the Miller family in Phoenixville, PA.
NS 1106
October  2011
Denise and Nevin Frey have fallen in love with Charlotte. She now live in Lehighton, PA.
NS 1155
September  2011
Simpson has a great home with NS4AR foster mom Cassie Fenlason in Farmington, MN.
NS 1102
October  2011
Clancy joins her new Aussie friend Finn and Will and Shelly in Atlanta, GA.
NS 1171

October  2011
Vedder joins Rachel
and his new kitty friends
in Atlanta, GA.
NS 1034

October  2011
Melville, now Bodey, is thriving in his new forever home and just loves his new mom Theresa Allen in Florence, NJ!
NS 1115
October  2011
The Holden Family fell in love with Orlando from his first picture until he jumped into their laps when they came to meet him!
NS 1114
October  2011
Meridian now has a forever home with NS4AR volunteer Amy Siegel in Flemington, NJ.
NS 1117
October  2011
Presto has found a loving new home with Art in Midway, GA.
NS 1037
October  2011
Aurora will be Princess Aurora with the Martin family and 4 kitty siblings in Bowling Green, KY.
NS 1093
October  2011
Cholly has a great new home with Dave & Linda Brisco
in Kenilworth, NJ.
NS 1153
October  2011
Boyce, now Duke, has a great new home with Patti and Mitch Kurnik and 2 cat siblings.
NS 1105
October  2011
Rocky has a new cart and a
new leash on life with Deb Leef
in  Downingtown, PA.
NS 1000
October  2011
Pumpkin couldn't be happier with Laura Sivak in Montgomery, IL.
NS 0995
October  2011
Frank & Stacy Hustek have given Budman a great new home and two older doggie pals to play with!
NS 1157
October  2011
Pat & Steve Turner decided to keep this brother and sister pair together, giving them a wonderful forever home in Staten Island, NY. 
NS 0828                                      NS 0829
October  2011
Penn has a great new home with Ann Gebhard & Chris Smith and two new doggie siblings.
NS 1101
October  2011
Aggie is one happy pup with Melissa Goodson & John D'Onofrio in Palm Bay, FL.
NS 1104
October  2011
Leanne Kinsella has found her perfect pup with Dothan in Washington, IL.
NS 0852
October  2011
Lance, now Chance, is very happy with Cathy and Mark Wanich
in Lutz, FL.
NS 0768
October  2011
Chuckie, now Cody, is living it up down the shore with Nicholas and Colleen Manera of Brigantine, NJ.
NS 1141
October  2011
Cisco has a wonderful new home with the VanGilder family
in Davisburg, MI.
NS 1188
October  2011
Diablo has found his forever home with Jill & Paul Labroski
in Armada, MI.
NS 1187
October  2011
Tonto has found his forever home with Rachel & Damon Stacy
in Indiana.
NS 1189
October  2011
Merlin has a great home with Tommy Rinkoski of
Rochester, MN.
NS 1083
October  2011
The Miller family of Vienna, VA has made Cyrus their
newest member.
NS 1132
October  2011
Rick Utermohlen has given Jax
a great new home
in Woxall, PA.
NS 1142
October  2011
Brandeen is at home with The Peters where long walks and traveling the country lie ahead.
NS 1183
October  2011
Rudy is living it up
in Riva, MD with
the Foland Family!
NS 1100
October  2011
Tigger has found a wonderful new home with the Finley family and 2 Border Collie big brothers!
NS 1203
October  2011
Pascal has a great new forever home with Michael Day
of  St. Petersburg, FL.
NS 1156
October  2011
Celia happily joins
the Kellett family
in Rome, GA.
NS 1175
October  2011
Maddox has a new family all his own where he'll be showered with attention in Buford, GA.
NS 1172
October  2011
Kern will be getting morning runs and plenty of entertainment with the Williams of Cincinnati, OH.
NS 1108
Wile E Coyote
October  2011
Wile E will be an only child and will spend part time in Reston and part time on the family farm!
NS 1223
October  2011
Carrie and Tricia Evans are happy together in Reading, PA.
NS 1138

October  2011
Nicholas has found his
new best friend with Jim Bond
in Loveland, OH.
NS 1053
October  2011
Adele has a fabulous new home with Stephen Sagot
in Daytona Beach, FL.
NS 1128
October  2011
PJ joins her new family the Galushas and will split her time between their home in Marietta and their cabin in Ellijay, GA.
NS 1174
Big Red
October  2011
Big Red has won over the big hearts of Fran & Peter Allen
in Waldwick, NJ.
NS 1164

October  2011
Alita found her forever home in GA where she will soak up all the attention of her new family.
NS 1173

October  2011
Cara Durschleg has
adopted Marcelo, her second Aussie from New Spirit!
NS 1031

November  2011
Thunder has found his wonderful new home with
the Lobo family in NY
NS 1201
October  2011
Riddler joins Carol McAtee
in his new forever home
in Wright City, MO.
NS 1144
October  2011
Iceman has a new family with Rosemarie & Tom Daly and Bella in Lititz, PA.
NS 1167
October  2011
Janine Chevalier has given Andre a fabulous forever home
in Ludlow, MA.
NS 1182
October  2011
Nolan has a great new home
with Misty Niemeyer
of Falmouth, MA.
NS 1168
November  2011
Apache has found her forever home in Ocean City, MD
with the May family!
NS 1202
November  2011
Chance is now very happy with Paul & Janet Sullivan
in Loveland, OH.
NS 0710
November  2011
Ina has a lovely home with Marianne  and Skip Murauskas
of Seminole, FL.
NS 0968
November  2011
Blake takes a hike straight into the arms of Kathy and Terry in TN and joins their Aussie and cat.
NS 1179
November  2011
Jetta motors into the Cole household in Marietta, GA.
NS 1178

Lover Boy
November  2011
Lover Boy is off to the life of NYC, with long walks around Central Park and lots of travel.
NS 1222
November  2011
Rustler won the hearts
of his foster home
and is staying forever!
NS 0908
November  2011
Carlotta joins Nicholas Guilbert
in a fabulous forever home
in Hightstown, NJ.
NS 1166
November  2011
Heather Goldman has given Dante a great forever home
in Berwyn, PA.
NS 1131
November  2011
Didi joins Carmen Tiffany
and Andrew Nigon
in Hollywood, FL.
NS 1159
November  2011
Sarah is very happy
living with Patricia Adler
of Charlottesville, VA.
NS 1218
November  2011
Tom and Darlene Peracchio have given Desirae a wonderful forever home in Cleveland, OH.
NS 1009
November  2011
Shawn has found his forever home with Amber Lies
in Prior Lake, MN.
NS 0878
Whoa Nelly
November  2011
Whoa Nelly now lives with Pauline Homm and will spend lots of time  with NS dog Charlotte next door!
NS 1217
November  2011
Feather has found her forever home with the Tilli family. She has 2 great children to love her forever!
NS 1204
November  2011
Ancho joins Becky
and her cattle dog Flamingo
in Easley, SC.
NS 1035
November  2011
Brizzie has joined
Kim & Michael Russo
in Newtown Square, PA.
NS 1146
November  2011
Harvey has found his forever home with the Haubert family! His new kids are crazy about him!
NS 1070
November  2011
Shakira, now Kachina, has
a great new home
with Renee & Steve Carpenter.
NS 1191
November  2011
Titus joins the Bradley family in Ohio where he will have a new sibling and three kids to play with.
NS 1170
November  2011
Bonita will live with Natalie and Bob, canine brother Jake and feline brother Felix.
NS 1151
November  2011
Alexandria Henning of Kentucky has giving Dawson a wonderful forever home.
NS 1225
November  2011
Mildura has a fabulous new home with Patricia Bixby
of Delavan, WI.
NS 0987
Sweet Pea
November  2011
Megan Balmer
of Mountville, PA has fallen in love with Sweet Pea.
NS 1215
November  2011
Timothy Frangioso has given Kaiya a great new home
in Chicopee, MA.
NS 1161
November  2011
Lovely Diogi now lives in Williamsburg, VA, with Lisa and Hunter Old and Family
NS 1135
November  2011
This stunning girl has moved to Pheonixville, PA where she lives with the Ritter Family.
NS 1129
November  2011
Gaylord has been declared "the best farm dog ever" by Dan and Carmel Wood of Waterford VA
NS 1181
November  2011
Gilroy joins Ann MacDonald and his new Aussie sister Gert in Newport News, VA
NS 1228
November  2011
Amigo has adopted the Mozer family - his foster home!
NS 1190

November  2011
Grazie, now Abby, has a great new home with New Spirt's own Jan Sebald and family.
NS 1196
November  2011
Lesek has found a fabulous home with the Tucker family of Bradenton, FL, a NS foster home!
NS 1195
November  2011
Arigato was adopted by
Lauren Cherryholms of Ocoee, FL and may have a future in agility!
NS 1193
November  2011
Mahalo was adopted by Jessica and Mark of Oviedo, FL,
who are NS foster parents!
NS 1192
November  2011
Hantale was adopted by
April and Jeff Saddlemire
of Ocala, FL.
NS 1197
December  2011
Paco joins Wesley, Michelle and Rob in GA.  They feel he's been theirs forever!
NS 1130
December  2011
Poppy, now Molly decided her foster home with Baxter, Jack and Kathy was a nice place to stay!
NS 1253
December  2011
Scott & Jeanene Glover have a wonderful new companion with Twinkle in Federalsburg, MD.
NS 1220
December  2011
Koda makes his home with the Callaghans and new his best buddy, Sean.
NS 1246
December  2011
Topper makes his new home with Brian and Chris and new playmates, Beezie and Tawney.
NS 1242
December  2011
Gage is now Duncan and joins NS Aussie Thor and Brooke and Ryan in Dublin, GA.
NS 1251
December  2011
Bernadette will be joining the Hale household and gets to go to school/work with her new mom.
NS 1234
December  2011
Astro has decided that his
foster home really should be
his forever home!
NS 1158
December  2011
Lebron joins Erin Daly and his new Aussie sibling, Lucy,
in Charlton, MA.
NS 1162
December  2011
Reno joins his wonderful new family the Sudderth's
in Smyrna, GA.
NS 1134
December  2011
Bozzie is VERY happy with his new forever home in Bronson, FL with Donna Coutts.
NS 1160
December  2011
Andrea Cermele has given Vette a fabulous home in Sicklerville, NJ.
NS 1244
December  2011
Sally now lives with Elizabeth & Buck Buchanan and is the official greeter in Elizabeth's store.
NS 0993
December  2011
Kestral join Sonia Small and family of Broomall, PA with an Aussie sibling to play with.
NS 1238
December  2011
Denali joins Dan Gasiewski in Croydon, PA and may have a future as a therapy dog!
NS 1229
December  2011
Bethany Pento and Alan Franke have made Cole
one very happy pup!
NS 1092
December  2011
Wilder joins Chester the Terrier with the Amburns
in Roswell, GA.
NS 1256
December  2011
Lela joins Riley the Springer mix in her new home with
the Hodgdon's in GA.
NS 1255
December  2011
Pennie and Marti Andersen
are happy together
in Shrewsbury, VT.
NS 0697
December  2011
Amanda chose the Vinso Family and will join her new aussie siblings in Stafford, VA.
NS 1233
December  2011
Baker will be spending Christmas with his new forever family
the MacDonalds.
NS 1226
December  2011
Robert La Pene has taken Nila home to Jersey City, NJ for a wonderful life together.
NS 1098
December  2011
Shane will be an only dog with  Barbara Brown where he will get all the love he wants.
NS 1249
December  2011
Richmond found a great new home with Angela Rolls
of Richmond, KY.
NS 1224
December  2011
Orlean has a new family
all to herself in
Sandy Springs, GA.
NS 1180
December  2011
Allie has a wonderful new family with Robin Moore
of Lexington, VA.
NS 1264
December  2011
Gilda is now Jilly and joins Jeff and Nadia and their Spaniel Shelby in Rome, GA.
NS 1252
December  2011
Emily received a great new family with beagle mix & ridgeback mix brothers for Christmas!
NS 1237
December  2011
Fable found a fabulous new home with Rebekah Molenkamp
in Marstons Mills, MA.
NS 1147
December  2011
This senior found the perfect retirement home with Sam & Jan Glasscock in Delaware.
NS 1152
December  2011
Rosie wasted no time finding her new forever family, choosing Dan and Donna Casey of Vermont.
NS 1265
December  2011
Champion has 3 new little boys to call his own and a new Aussie sister, Zoe!
NS 1221
December  2011
Terry & Mike Baker of Lancaster, PA have chosen Bubba as the newest member of their family.
NS 1163
December  2011
Grainger joins the Pitts Family with Jon, Adriana,Alexandra and Aussie brother Hunter.
NS 1230
December  2011
Watson is the newest member
of the Mathews Family
of Milford, OH.

NS 0370
December  2011
Vegas joins the Ogle family and their Aussie Willough
in Brentwood, TN.

NS 1258
December  2011
Jingle is now Macy and takes
her extreme cuteness and smarts into the home of Mark Stevens
of Atlanta, GA.
NS 1271
December  2011
Bogey, now Bodie, joins Joe and Lisa Port and a large assortment of furry siblings in Frederick, MD.
NS 1262
December  2011
Redmond has a great new
forever home with the Carters of Schwenkville, PA.
NS 1154
December  2011
Sisters Colleen and Dolly get to spend the rest of their lives together
in their terrific new forever home with the Kaulings
of Ruther Glen, VA.
NS 1235                                          NS 1236
December  2011
Mindy joins Barry and Jan
and their Aussie Jack in GA.

NS 1259
December  2011
Jennifer Laus has gven Merci a great new home a new Aussie
big brother to play with.
NS 1198
December  2011
Scotch, now Sinatra, has a wonderful home with Tracey and kevin Nicholson of Tampa, FL.
NS 0770
December  2011
Angela Lawson & David Clutter have made Darcy a very happy pup in Harrison, OH.

NS 1057
December  2011
Bono has found his long-awaited forever home with Melanie Kunkel in Lexington, IL.
NS 0631
December  2011
Chase now lives with
Daniel & Jenniffer Taylor
of St Charles, IL.
NS 0844