New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue 
2025 Calendar Submissions

Submit your Aussie today!
Deadline to submit photos is June 30th!
Step One: Submit Your Dog's Photo

The calendar is a fundraiser for NS4AR. Help us support more dogs in need!  The entry fee is a donation to the rescue and ensures your dog will appear somewhere in the calendar

To buy a calendar, please visit our website when they are available.

Submit 1 picture for $10 or 3 pictures for $25.
To check the size of photo’s already on your computer, locate the image, right click on the image with your mouse, click on properties or get info, and then the information box will show you the size of the file.  Acceptable file sizes range from 500kb to 5mb.

  -   Photos with humans will not be accepted.
  -   Please do not send photos with time stamps.
  -   All photos will be resized to 300 dpi for printing purposes.
  -   This can result in the photo showing up smaller than what was sent in.
  -   If a professional photo is being submitted, it must be accompanied by credit info and permission to use.
  -   Please do not send any photos over 5 mb.

Note: we will also accept Tiff files.

How to re-name your photo

Once the photo has been saved onto your computer, locate the photo. 
-If you are using a PC, right click on the image and scroll to re-name. 
-If you are using a Mac click once on the image, wait a few seconds, click again on the image and hold down the mouse button for a second. The file name should high light in blue.

Please rename all photo submissions with the following layout:

-Owners first name_owners last name_dogs first name
for example – Joan_Smith_Pippa.jpg

For individuals entering more then one photo please use the following layout

-Owners first name_owners last name_dogs first namephoto number  
for example – Joan Smith_Pippa1.jpg and  Joan Smith_Pippa2.jpg

EMAIL YOUR PHOTO(S) to: [email protected]

Please note, sending your photos is not payment for the calendar.  Calendar sales are separate.