July 2010
Augustine aka Gus went to Jennifer Riddle in Centerville, OH  NS 0479
July 2010
Chelby  found a new beginning with Kelly her  and  fiancé  Justin in Orlando, FL
NS 0479
July 2010
The Hoheneder Family
chose Roscoe to be a part
of their family in Eldersburg, MD
NS 0560
July 2010
Chesley  snuggled his way into the heart of  MC Crock
in Tallahassee, FL.
NS 0525
July 2010
Dempsey's journey for home
has ended in Philadelphia, PA
with James Romano.
NS 0253
July 2010
Quinn is now with a bunch of other dogs, horses and a farm to run and play. His new owner is retiring so he will get lots of loving. NS 0308
July 2010
Badin has found a wonderful home with Diane Bell in Barrington, IL
NS 0584
July 2010
Indy is at home with
Laura Whittemore
in Mountain Lakes, NJ
NS 0587
July 2010
Nero is at home with
the Packers in Gurnee, IL
NS 0585
Dr. Pepper
July 2010
Dr. Pepper has moved to Lovettsville, VA with the
Smith family.
NS 0441
July 2010
Newman has joined the West household of Roswell, GA.
NS 0512
July 2010
Tigger, now Trigger, is happy eating sweet peas out of Claudia
and Bob Siegfried's garden
in Allentown, PA.
NS 0569
July 2010
Goldy found refuge with,
Mary and Bob Szakmeister
in Whitehall, PA
NS 0495
July 2010
Jay has found a home in
Furlong, PA with Robert,
Heather and Eden Cramer
NS 0559
July 2010
Choco found her a wonderful
home with the Polivicks in
West Chester, OH
NS 0460
July 2010
Spirit soared into her new home with Janis Tripodi
in  Newton, NJ
NS 0566
July 2010
Grayson went home to Palm Harbor, FL with Richard and Wendy Dahmer.
NS 0401
July 2010
Trixie, now Treke, found a wonderful home with
Sue Brown in Emmaus, PA
NS 039

July 2010
Magnolia found a new home
with Susan Alton in
Burnsville, MN
NS 0619
July 2010
Michael and Judy Michalski
from Croydon, PA have
welcomed Kayti home
NS 0498
July 2010
The Miley's and current aussie Freckles have welcomed
Meadow into their
Cincinnati, OH home.
NS 0457
July 2010
Raleigh chose Erin Miller and
JB Stuckert in Coopersburg PA
to be his "fur"ever people!
NS 0568
July 2010
Callie went home with Judy and John Lynch and their children to West Chester, PA.
NS 0564
July 2010
The Campbell's in Clearwater, FL
have opened their hearts and
home to Roo. 
NS 0405
July 2010
Traci Cook found her perfect fur-ever friend in Willow.  They now
live happily in McHenhery, IL
NS 0590
July 2010
Tina & Johanes Laun decided
that Amos made a better forever pup than foster.  So they kept
him in Schaumburg, IL!
NS 0579
July 2010
Harold and Michelle Wirtjes
have adopted Epoc.  They live together as a new family in Rockford, IL
NS 0626
Pepper Ann
July 2010
The Pharney's of
Indianpolis, IN took Pepper Ann home with them.  She has
slid  into the routine flawlessly!
NS 0480
July 2010
Elliot now resides in St. Petersburg, FL with Jamie
NS 0524
Zsa Zsa
July 2010
Zsa Zsa is home sweet home
with The Hollis Family and their clan of critters in Franklin, WI
NS 0480
July 2010
Bob and Ann Schwartz have
given Bowden a second chance
at a new family in Orlando, FL.
NS 0545
July 2010
Clint and Diane Sheridan from Carroll, Ohio took Preston home.  He couldn't wait to hop in the car with his new family!
NS 0636
July 2010
Caleb recovered from his
treatment just fine and has spent the summer with his new family
The Reese's in Bloomingburg, NY
NS 0438
July 2010
Dudley, now Spud had a nice flight to his new home with Susan Metzger in Washington, ME.
NS 0561
July 2010
Cosmo joins the Mendel household and will enjoy many hikes with his new pet parents in Woodstock, GA
NS 0513
July 2010
Marco made him self at home with The Margis family and their two Dachsunds in Cumming, GA
NS 0430
July 2010
Fila was wisked away by Kristine Delago and now living happily in New Richmond, WI
NS 0641
July 2010
Ellie found her home with The Cashon Family and "sister" Sydney. She will reside in Titusville, FL
NS 0526
August 2010
Lorraine Orrben rescued this cutie, Pax, and made him a part of her Spring Lake Park, MN home.
NS  0586
August 2010
Kismet found her special place in Delaware with New Spirit foster home, Wende Yeauger!
NS  0552
August 2010
Daniel Brown has decided this sweet angel wants to be a part of his family in Montgomery, IL
NS  0644
August 2010
Caroline Johnston of Brookfield, IL gave this old gal a chance.
NS  0623
August 2010
Hank was returned to New Spirit only to find a wonderful home with The Herrington's of Seminole, FL
NS  0144
August 2010
Julie found herself a nice little home in Central Park West in New York City, NY with Valerie Grant.
NS  0492
August 2010
Gaston now resides with Erin Hunsberger in Collegeville, PA.
NS  0588
EZ Ryder
August 2010
Tom & Cheri Lemke made
EZ Ryder a part of their
Greendale, WI home.
NS  0637
July 2010
The third time is the charm for
Miss Gracie!  Manny and Renee Lecuona of Sanatoga, PA want Gracie to be a part of their home.
NS 0228
Red Sox
August 2010
Bruce and Margaret Herman of Gloucester, MA have welcomed Red Sox into their lives!
NS  0554
August 2010
Sweet Sofie wiggled her way right into Sheryl Kroen's heart in Gainesville, FL
NS  0536
August 2010
Chester decided that the right family for him was Aubrey and Jeanne Jacob in New Britain, PA.
NS  0562
August 2010
John & Elisa Gray welcomed this sweet little merle into their Silver Springs, MD home.
NS  0491
August 2010
Eric and Carrie Johnson swept Raina right off her paws and carried her home to Westfield, IN.
NS  0482
Tall Toby
August 2010
Matt Weyer, a previous adopter in OH scooped up this handsome boy for his very own.
NS  0462
Fig Newton
August 2010
Figgy is going to be a traveling dog!  This guy found a home with Scot Moser of Reading PA,
and they will be over-the-road truckers together.
NS  0482
August 2010
Stella found a stellar home with Andrew Anderson of St. Paul, MN.  Stella is glad to be home sweet home!
NS  0648
Betty Sue
August 2010
Betty Sue found her home on a 66 acre farm in Richlandtown, PA with the Cortners.  She is happy to have a place to call home now!
NS  0646
August 2010
Dillon found himself a great place to live.   He now  resides  in Greenville, SC with The Nicholson family.
NS  0416
August 2010
Nita is a happy and healthy pup now!  She found  her  family  in Brevard, NC with the Whinnery family.
NS  0561
August 2010
Carlee would like to thank the Darling family in Kennesaw, GA for making her a part of their family. 
NS  0515
August 2010
Benjamin Deavenport and Sarah Comstock of Gainesville, FL invited Flynn to join their family.
NS  0538
August 2010
Scot is proud to be owned by the cats and kids (and parents)
of the Ruotolo family from
Boreland, PA
NS  0652
August 2010
Earnest is excited to join the Meratkas family in Phoenixville, PA.
NS  0643
August 2010
Bentley found his forever home with foster family David and Audry King in Worthinton, OH.
NS  0469
August 2010
TACS is a happy pup in her new home with James and Deborah Kolet (and her sock collection!) in Lake in the Hills, IL
NS  0628
August 2010
Jenn Diercks found a perfect gentleman in Ozzy and they now live together in Bourbonnais, IL
NS  0588
Monterey Jack
August 2010
Maiya found herself a wonderful home with Tammy Owen in
Union Grove, WI
NS  0621
August 2010
Monterey Jack is summering in the Hamptons with The Harris Family 
NS  0469
August 2010
The Douty Family of South Williamsport, PA decided that Jonas would be a perfect addition to their family. 
NS 0494
August 2010
Kim Borgeson in North Muskegon, WI has been united with Topeka, her newest buddy.
NS  0622
August 2010
Sundown, now Sage ended up in Chicago, IL with Fernando Ayala.  He finally has a family to belong to!
NS  0627
August 2010
West Palm Beach, FL has a new resident!  Danny joins Katie & Erik  Wagner.
NS  0537
August 2010
Susan and Robert Eugster of Emmaus, PA parked Parker in their family for good!
NS  0655
August 2010
Karen Winkler adopted this girl, Diamond, and took her back to MO with her!
NS  0627
August 2010
Jeff Hieb of Oneida, WI is proud
to annouce Kernal as his new
canine companion. 
NS 0625
August 2010
Edie went home with Pamela McDonnell and family of Schwenksville, PA.
NS 0724
September 2010
Deb & Carl Seils, of PA have
made Calista the newest Seils' family memeber!
NS 0723
Beka Blue & Riley Rose
September 2010
These two gorgeous ladies, Beka Blue and Riley Rose, had just about given up on hopes of being placed together when Walter Norton, of Morrow, OH swooped and rescued these two girls together.
NS 0465 & NS 0464
September 2010
Stephen Brockwell of Florissant, MO has decided that Zarah is the pick of the litter!
NS 0659
September 2010
Brenna found her forever home with Denise Koster of Rochester, MN
NS 0654
September 2010
The Hall family of Moscow, OH decided they needed Mercedes as much as she needed them!
NS 0470
August 2010
Nicky found a nice place to live in Henderson, KY with his new best friend, Brenda Bennett.
NS 0369
September 2010
Liz and Huey of Rutledge, GA have made Hedy the newest member of their family.
NS 0514
August 2010
Oakley decided it would be "auss"ome to live in Plymouth, MN withTori & Jeff Mock
NS  0640
September 2010
Wabash found his 'happily ever after' with Michael Sepot of  Hawthorn Woods, IL
NS 0657
September 2010
Amy Hoffman of Bushnell, FL will be taking her new senior pup, Shia to work with her at the Sheriffs Department.
NS 0540
September 2010
Bryleigh and the Brinkmans of West Palm Beach, FL will be spending their summers NY together.
NS 0533
September 2010
Jenner found his most special home with John & Susan Krall of East Brunswick, NJ.
NS 0518
September 2010
Cristi and Nick Marchetti of Lehighton, PA have found Serena, who is the perfect match for them
NS 0597
September 2010
Elishia found her forever home with
Megan Hencke. 
NS 0617

September 2010
This mellow fellow, Aussie landed safely in the arms of Freddie Strohm.
NS 0725
Bitty Boo/Star
September 2010
Bitty Boo, now Star has settled in nicely with Barbara Ketay in Melbourne, FL
NS 0543
September 2010
Joshua Kenna in Fruitland Park, FL chose our Ruby to be his special girl.
NS 0403
September 2010
Tinkerbelle chose the Kobak family of Collegeville, PA to be her forever family!
NS  0752
September 2010
Dean found a wonderful home
with Dan Dunkle and
Aussie brother, Six now happily relocated in Chicago, IL.
NS  0481
September 2010
The Kastern family has welcomed Zacchia into their home in New Berlin, WI.
NS  0730
September 2010
McGraw is now a joyful member
of the Harshberger family in Atlanta, GA.
NS  0074
September 2010
Baby Finnius has joined the home of Paulette & Michael Brown of Brooklyn Park, MN
NS  0650
September 2010
After a brief stint in NJ, Harry is back where he belongs with his original foster home, the Chapman's in GA.
NS 0519
September 2010
Beau-jangles is a match made in heaven for the Blaisedell Family
Fredricksburg, VA
NS  0336
Baby Finnius
September 2010
Konrad won the hearts of Holly Hayes and her daughter of
Edina, MN.
NS  0642
September 2010
Tuffy, now Boomer found his forever home with the Thomas family in Raiford, FL
NS  0544
September 2010
McKenna is living her "happily ever after" with the Thomas family in Panama City Beach, FL
NS 0548
Smokey Toes
September 2010
Smokey Toes is living the good life with the Rinn family in Centerville, OH
NS 0466
September 2010
The Kasper family of Granville, OH discovered their perfect pup when they met Razzmatazz.
NS  0683
Roper Fly
September 2010
Roper Fly flew into the arms of David and Michelle and now lives in Columbus, OH
NS  0461
September 2010
Arvo now has a wonderful home in Cobleskil, NY with
Rebecca Snyder.
NS  0656
September 2010
Hannah Montana now lives with
Emma Frankel in Evanston, IL.
NS  0616
Hannah Montana
August 2010
Anaih found her special place with the Heideman Family of Wylie, TX
NS 0653
Sparrow the Champ
September 2010
Sparrow the Champ traveled to Fishs Eddy, NY to be with his new family, Phyllis and John.
NS  0461
September 2010
Keokee has settled into her new home with Maria Errico in Glen Mills, PA.
NS  0671
September 2010
The Davis Family in Manchester, CT has brought sweet Sully into their loving family.
NS  0520
October 2010
Corvair landed in the open arms of Rachael Hoening of Perdue, IN.
NS  0681

October 2010
Jack & Rose Pawlik have taken Fanny into their wonderful home in Tiverton, RI.
NS  0565
October 2010
James & Brittany Bahner of Phoenixville, PA are making Mixy their newest companion!
NS  0557
October 2010
The Hresko Family of Pottstown, PA are now the proud new
family of Howie!
NS  0335
October 2010
Janell Mensinger and Jeffrey Kummerer of Oley, PA found Nick waiting for them with open paws to join their family!
NS  0563
Midnight Special
October 2010
The Guenterbergs of MD celebrate the addition of this beautiful black tri to their home!
NS 0176
October 2010
Cinderella found her special place with Regina Phillips and her new aussie sister Cody in Crestwood, KY    NS 0467
October 2010
Scooter took the long way home and has been reunited with his family, the Chapmans of VA!
NS  0794
October 2010
Leinie has joined the home of Bill Gratzl near Fox River Grove, IL
NS  0185

October 2010
Spike Lee has been adopted by Jonathan Morgan of Island Lake, IL.  NS  0728

October 2010
Cyrene won the heart of
Malaika Corsentino near
Arlington Heights, IL.  NS  0759
Spike Lee
October 2010
Rio chose the Elliott's of Loves Park, IL to be his forever family
NS 0577
October 2010
The Skibicki's of Wilmington, DE found the perfect match for their family when they met Cheyenne
NS  0501
October 2010
April found a wonderful home with the Cormier Family and her new Rottie brother in Montgomery, NY
NS  0334
October 2010
Mandy is safe in the arms of the Tsao family and has a new Lab brother Dou Dou in Norcross, GA.
NS  0596
October 2010
Maxamillion rode all the way to Baldwinsville, NY to meet his new family, the Alts
NS  0684
October 2010
Outlander landed with his new Aussie sister Razzmatazz & the Kasper Family of Granville, OH.
NS  0686
Prince Roscoe Charming
October 2010
Prince Roscoe Charming charmed his way into the hearts of the Camilleri Family in Colchester, CT.
NS  0686
October 2010
Savannah slid flawlessly into the home of Stephan and Gail
Epstein of Williston, FL
NS  0546
October 2010
Gulliver, now Oliver, has found his forever home with New Spirit foster home, Robin Orosz
of Palm Harbor, FL
NS  0541
October 2010
Shep found a wonderful home
with Jim and Elizabeth Bloink
of Clinton, NJ 
NS  0797
October 2010
Jager is now at home with
Laura Smith of Bartlett, TN.
NS  0618

October 2010
Serah is now part of the McEneely home of
Lake Forest, IL.
NS  0722
October 2010
Passion is now a Mathson in  Hampshire, IL.
NS  0497

October 2010
This special needs boy now has
a special place with the Carlozzi family of Ann Arbor, MI.
NS  0739
October 2010
Shawnee is the newest
member of the Chapin Family
of Palmyra, PA
NS  0502
October 2010
Smoke now has an Aussie and
a kitty sibling to share the Swanson home in Chaska, MN .
NS  0735
October 2010
Macarena discovered love at first sight when she met her new mom, Julie Crawly of Upton, MA
NS  0504
October 2010
Avery is glad to be back in Crofton, KY with his new family and past foster home, Pam and Paul Waggoner. 
NS  0357
Jack Flash
October 2010
Jack Flash has been adopted by our own Waleszczyk Family in Suffield, CT  Another failed foster!
NS  0753
October 2010
Tanto found a perfect home in New York City, New York, with new parents, Janel Bladow and Chris Oliver.  NS  0507
October 2010
Gancho is happy to be the newest VanHorn family member.  He now resides in PA
NS 0506
October 2010
Stephanie Morin now has adopted Leelan and they will live happily ever after in MA
NS  0601
October 2010
Rowann Gilman of New York
City, NY has made
Miss Lindsey her very own!
NS  0802
October 2010
Scarlett is now safe and sound in the arms of her new family, Dan and Carmel Wood of Waterford, VA.     NS  0570
October 2010
Aubrey Bell now has many siblings to play with at home with Linda Hunter in Madrid, IA.
NS  0756
Aubrey Bell
October 2010
Faith fell instantly in love with her new family with Lorry Alexander
of Minneapolis, MN.
NS  0734
October 2010
Tyson wooed his foster family and is now has a forever home with Matt & Susan Butterbaugh
of Rochester, MN.
NS  0737
October 2010
Babaloo is enamoured with his new people, Tom & Lynda Fleming of Rochester, MN.
NS  0757
October 2010
Bethul found her forever home
with Karen McGromely
of Libertyville, IL.
NS  0727
October 2010
Nicole Gratzianna has made Holland a part of her family in Palatine, IL.
NS  0624
October 2010
Oran is now part of the Quinn home of Bloomington, IL.
NS  0758
October 2010
Lindsay Thoms has made Chuman part of her family
in Port Huron, MI.
NS  0576
October 2010
Woodford has found a wonderful family in Wisconsin.
NS  0184
October 2010
Cookie is now with her new
family in Chicago, IL.
NS  0736
November 2010
Kim & David Calhoun of Lumberton, NJ wonder how
they lived so long without
Wonder in their lives!
NS  0447
November 2010
Sancho landed safe in the
arms of Kim Zamer of
Laurel, MD.
NS  0503
November 2010
Janis joins the Buero family of Smyrna, GA who met her and fell in love at the Jonquil festival.
NS  0606
November 2010
Sprite found her special home with Emily Carlson of East Petersburg, PA!
NS  0795
November 2010
Ryan and Dana Milhiser have decided life wouldn't be complete without Aeris in their Reisterstown, MD home
NS  0661
November 2010
Dazzle found out that Chris
Dwyer of Shenorock, NY could
not resist her charm!
NS  0796
November 2010
Robbie and the Wolff Family are perfect together in Milford, PA
NS  0804
November 2010
Inca found her happy place nestled in the arms of Mary Pritchard-Gordon in
Bryn Mawr, PA
NS  0505
November 2010
Ralph Sondgeroth has given Bedan a great new home in Burlington,WI.
NS  0792
November 2010
Abbie is now at home with Stephanie Maas
of Inverness, IL.
NS  0630
November 2010
Solara found a  special home
with Marylin Kruse of
Carpentersville, IL
NS  0685
November 2010
Tilly is now happily home with Donna Wilkerson in
Russellville, KY
NS  0440
November 2010
Eden found her special place with Marge and Joe Hackman in Warminster, PA
NS  0556
November 2010
David and Natasha Moore of Nazareth, PA found a wonderful pup named Ama!
NS  0801
November 2010
David and Karen Trast from East Windsor, NJ have given Cherokee his
happily ever after story!
NS  0791
November 2010
Percy happily wiggles into the
Luft Family of Smyrna, GA.
NS  0517
November 2010
Banjo calls the Scruggs his new family and has hit the jackpot with  them in
Powder Springs, GA. NS  0599
Maureen O'Hara
November 2010
After love at first sight, Maureen (now Morgan) went home with Mira and Jordan Nameth-Berkowitz  of Brooklyn, NY.
NS  0808
November 2010
Siloam has found her forever home with Jenn Crump.
NS  0732

November 2010
Cody went home with his new family, Kim Sprenger and Michael Gorham of Wilmington, DE
NS  0803
November 2010
Scotty found his forever home
and an instant affection
with Nancy Hartman. 
NS 0783
November 2010
Wealcan has a wonderful new home with Sandy Borland
near Streamwood, IL.
NS  0799
November 2010
Tim now resides in IL with the Keeshin Family and will vacation in CA and WY!
NS  0743
Shy Anne
November 2010
Terry & Vicki Alexander have made Shy Anne part of their family in Centre Hall, PA
NS  0493
Tommy Boy
November 2010
Chad Bennett & Elisabeth Quallen
have given Tommy Boy his forever home near Mason, OH
NS  0620
November 2010
Jim and Ann Lore chose Keiffer as the perfect new addition to their Fuquay-Varina, NC home
NS  0404
November 2010
Coffee now Lucy resides in Kings Park, NY with her new family, the Rudmann's.
NS  0813
November 2010
Elmo is settling into his new family, the Uchidas of NJ
NS  0733
November 2010
Mocha is one happy pup living with her new family,  Barbara and Kirk Westfall of Greenwood, DE
NS  0816
November 2010
Joseph Weber of Summit Hill, PA is the proud new poppa to Macchiato!
NS  0818
November 2010
Robodog now resides with
Scott and Lori Christensen in Faribault, MN
NS  0781
November 2010
Riggs was given a warm welcome into his new family with Sherry Flint of Rochester, MN
NS  0784
December 2010
Qorban is now a Topeka, KS citizen, thanks to his new family, the Sasser's.
NS  0811
December 2010
Aenon is now a proud member
of the Neureuther family in Shabbona, IL
NS  0633
December 2010
Rowan is the new dog in town in Martinsburg,WV with his new family Christine & Doug Cummins
NS  0807
December 2010
Boo is happy with his new family Brian and Julie Marchesi in Lehighton, PA
NS  0832
December 2010
Pup snuggled right into his new home in Walworth, NY with Maria Padula-Yackiw
NS  0806
December 2010
Cooper has fit right into his new home in Valrico, FL with Tobie Barton!
NS  0534
December 2010
Chai and Heather & John
Hubert are best of buds in Wyncote, PA
NS  0815
December 2010
Aladdin found a great new place to stay in St. Augustine, FL with The Gabriela Van Zuilen
NS  0547
December 2010
Valerie Jenke of Lisle, IL welcomed her new pup Sariel home.
NS  0634
December 2010
George & Lisa Hresko of Pottstown, PA found their perfect little pup in Cappuchino
NS  0817
December 2010
Linda and Robert Witek of Fife Lake, MI adopted our cute little pups, Faythe and Hadlee.  These special needs girls are so lucky to have found a foverver home together!
NS  0809  NS 0810
December 2010
Seneca now resides in Lake Villa, IL,  She is now a proud member  of the Dabney Family.
NS  0834
December 2010
Alpha is the top dog in Des Plaines, IL with the Schimka Family
NS  0510
December 2010
Sandy Weber of Lino Lakes, MN is happy to have Dursley join her family.
NS  0825
December 2010
Dobbie is proud to call himself a Kennan family member in the wonderful city of Cushing, WI
NS  0822
December 2010
Tom Hennessy of  Wallingford, CT and new pup Owen are now best buds!
NS  0607
December 2010
  Sprout has moved in with Karen Palmour of Rosewell, GA and is loving every minute in his new home!
NS  0603
December 2010
Tina Delmonte of  Springfield, MA decided our Pedro was the perfect fit for her family.
NS  0602
November 2010
Leslie Vosburgh, and pup Reily  picked Sassy to be a part of their Granby, CT family.
NS  0509
December 2010
Espresso found her family in Princeton, NJ with Lorraine Koffman
NS  0819
December 2010
Beautiful Blitz now resides with Gilbert & Michelle Gage in
Dexter, MN
NS  0786
December 2010
Mesha has moved to
Meyerstown, PA to live with
Barb and Tom Clawson
NS  0694
December 2010
Miata, now Bindi, has found her pack with Ann and Jim Lore of NC, a lab, and some Aussies, including a previous NS adoptee, Keifer
NS  0483
December 2010
Latte, now Greta, joins Sam Buchta and Krista Harrison of Baltimore, MD
NS  0814
December 2010
Hogan went home with
Janice and Rick Patterson and
will reside in Old Chatham, NY.
NS  0448
EZ Ryder
December 2010
EZ Ryder is now living in Rochester, MN with Rose Bengal.  New home for the new year!
NS  0637
December 2010
William & Melissa Deshurko of Dayton OH are a complete family now that Cadillac is finally where he belongs!
NS  0686
December 2010
The Whittenberg Family of Orion, MI has chosen Isa Bella to be the perfect companion for them.
NS  0487
December 2010
Ayvah has found her family with Angell & Morgan Naslund, a Blue Merle aussie and 2 cats in Fargo, ND
NS  0785
December 2010
Luna found her home in Grand Forks, ND with Jill Schedel
and her deaf aussie and rat terrier!
NS  0823
December 2010
James Yager of Peoria, IL is taking Bani home for the holidays!  Merry Christmas Bani
NS  0635
December 2010
Roy harvey found his perfect pup in Lita and they now reside in Warrington, PA together!
NS  0692
December 2010
Mosby chose to spend his golden years with John Gailey and JoEllen Berger of Malvern, PA.
NS  0721
December 2010
Tex will have a Happy New Year with his new family, Daniel and Victoria Kurtz, of Sellersville, PA!!
NS  0831
December 2010
Connery (know known as Cooper) is happy to be home in Tampa, FL, with the human he loves most, Karen Tuhro!
NS  0747
December 2010
Ashton (now known as Oliver) will now be residing in Geneva, FL, with his perfect family: John, Michelle, Heather, and
Lauren Purdy.
NS  0748
December 2010
Hamul will enjoy a great life with Joye Estes near Louisville, KY  NS 0639
December 2010
Charcoal is now at hom with Ken & Carol Mueller of Faribault, MN 
NS 0740
Happy Endings July - December 2010
The dogs below have found new homes thanks to the efforts of the many New Spirit volunteers and other rescue people who help so much in all we do.

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