Happy Endings May - August 2015
The dogs below have found new homes thanks to the efforts of the many New Spirit volunteers and other rescue people who help so much in all we do.

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Tennessee Scout
May 2015
TN Scout, now Duke, is thrilled to be joining Bobby and Sandy in Davidson, NC.
NS 2262
Cocoa Bean
May 2015
Noelle has found a wonderful forever home with Ken and Carol Faust in New Tripoli, PA.
NS 2300
May 2015
Cocoa Bean joins a great family, including a Golden sibling & 2 teens in Brick, NJ.
NS 1608
May 2015
Abbie is thrilled to join Susy Slingland & Wayne Middlesteadt in Boone, NC.
NS 2152
May 2015
Flynt joins the Pavan's in Barnegat, NJ where he is adored by 2 kids & mom & dad.
NS 2321
Lottie Dottie
May 2015
Lottie Dottie happily joins Roman Timoshchendo in Chapel Hill, NC.
NS 2184
May 2015
Hammie is thrilled to join Pam Betts and her family in Warrington, PA.
NS 2229
May 2015
Ingrid has found a terrific home with Rochelle Petsch in Virginia Beach, VA.
NS 2185
Jonquil and Wren
May 2015
  Jonquil and Wren are thrilled to be joining Murphy and the entire Lupinski family.  They will have a blast in their new home.  What a great life for these gals!
NS 2227                                             NS 2230
May 2015
Obie happily joins his two other furry friends and Megan in Louisville, KY forever!
NS 2228
May 2015
Timmy stole the hearts of the Side Family in Perkiomenville, PA.
NS 2242
May 2015
Fonzi finally found his fantastic forever home w/ Jim, Katharine & NS sib Callie in Burke, VA!
NS 2165
May 2015
Douglas is so happy to be joining Jessica Basseches in Yardley, PA.
NS 2296
Beary Gibb
May 2015
Beary Gibb and Susan Sochats rode happily off into the sunset to live in Beaver Falls, PA.
NS 2324
May 2015
Elena has found a wonderful forever home with Theresa Schaible in Milltown, NJ.
NS 2311
May 2015
Matt is so happy to be joining Anu Reynolds in Harrisburg, PA.
NS 2314
Lady Jane
June 2015
Lady Jane finally found her family, the Finlays, including a a dog Bailey in Pittsburgh, PA.
NS 2155
May 2015
Quinnlyn has joined the Reed family with 2 sister siblings in Northern VA.
NS 2210
Sadie Hawkins
May 2015
Sadie Hawkins found a great forever home with Karolyn Mastin in Columbus, OH.
NS 2310
May 2015
Bing is happy to be joining Steven and Julie Fennessey in Lebanon, OH.
NS 2282
June 2015
After caring for 11 pups, Hoppy found her forever home with Elissa Huber in Newtown, PA.
NS 2297
June 2015
Blanche has found a wonderful forever home with Beth Downs in Loveland, OH.
NS 1982
June 2015
Freya has found a great forever home with the Cullens in Southampton, PA
NS 2318
June 2015
Rebekah is thrilled to be joining the Gehringer family in Hamburg, PA.
NS 2298
June 2015
The Lilley family is so excited to be adopting Elijah, their first dog, in Berwyn, PA.
NS 2319
June 2015
Damon is thrilled to be joining Chris and Eric Pataki in Warrington, PA.
NS 2320
June 2015
Stefan has found a great forever home with Richard Laskowsky in Evans City, PA.
NS 2315
June 2015
Kol is thrilled to be joining the Zimmers with a border collie mix pal in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 2313
June 2015
Caroline has found a great forever family with Barbara Gorman in Maple Glen, PA.
NS 2312
June 2015
Klaus joins the Henkels family and gets to hang out with Elijah and Caroline in Philly, PA.
NS 2316
June 2015
Buzby happily joins Richard Boothroyd and NS Ivy in Lyman, SC.
NS 2261
June 2015
Alyssum has found a wonderful forever home with Anne Nelsonin Baltimore, MD.
NS 2257
June 2015
Talise, now Tali, is a very lucky girl with a new life in Pittsburgh, PA with Mom Margie McMullan.
NS 2327
June 2015
Lakota joins 2 doggies and a  family w/ special needs dogs & kids experience in VA.
NS 2253
June 2015
Nitro joins Kelly & Pete Cummings & gets play dates witth Damon in Warrington, PA.
NS 2317
June 2015
Lapis, now Quinn,has a new family!  Terry & Connie Newby and  NS brother Rhett in  GA.
NS 2323
June 2015
Sue Bruce has welcomed Ash into her home in Connecticut!
June 2015
Ritter is loving his new home with Neil Syham & Angie Roca in Ridgewood, NY.
NS 2329
June 2015
Appaloosa has found a wonderful forever home with Dan Gasiewski in Croydon, PA.
NS 2352
Trigger Finger
June 2015
Trigger Finger is happy to join Kelly Madick and Marc Seaman in West Salem, OH.
NS 2281
June 2015
Jonathon has found a wonderful forever home with Jenn and Ryan in Brooklyn, NY.
NS 2245
July 2015
Jaccee is thrilled to join Zbynek and Carolyn Vlycek in Charlotte, NC.
NS 1987
July 2015
Dobie has found his forever home with Scott & Caroline Robertson in Germantown, MD.
NS 2330
July 2015
Bullet, now Jensi, has found the love of his life with Kara on Long Island, NY.
NS 2027
July 2015
Tarly, now Dug, happily joins Lee and canine sibling Hannah in Arlington, VA.
NS 2361
July 2015
Noble has found a wonderful forever home with Dori Hazama in Oldsmar, FL.
NS 2328
July 2015
Independence is thrilled to be joining Laura McKinnon in Easton, CT.
NS 2356
Happy Bear
August 2015
Happy Bear, now Jet, is lucky to join the Spears family in Powder Springs, GA.
NS 2264
August 2015
Django, now Beau, joins a wonderful family - Jim & Jane & their daughter in Broomall, PA.
NS 2293
August 2015
Nelson, now Oliver, has a new home with doggie siblings and mom Lynn in Ephrata, PA
NS 2264
Sunny Ray
August 2015
Sunny Ray has a new home with Ed Kaeser who promises lots of walks and love!
NS 2373
August 2015
Moab's new name is Chance and he joins his new family in Dallas,PA
NS 2353
August 2015
Tinsley is lucky to join the Hoffrogge family in Wilton Manors, FL
NS 2247
August 2015
Donna has moved to Ohio joining Kim Hupman and her family for an amazing, active life!
NS 1909
August 2015
Kaylah went to her new home in Carlisle,PA to be loved by parents,new brother & 2 cats.
NS 2375
August 2015
Luckee was adopted by Terry Stahlnecker of Boyertown, PA.
NS 2362
Sweet Esther
August 2015
Sweet Esther is loving life in her new home with Natali Pope in Fayetteville, GA.
NS 2371
August 2015
Lee and Elaine Gibson have welcomed Chappy into their home in Calabash, NC.
NS 2370
Little Jack Horner
August 2015
Little Jack Horner will get snuggles and love from Diane Schoen of Rochester, NY.
NS 2385
Little Tommy Tucker
August 2015
Little Tommy Tucker is in for a lot of love with Kathy Doren in Chesapeake, VA.
NS 2386
August 2015
Jaxin is feeling the love from Monica and Rob in Warwick, NY.

NS 2387
August 2015
Eppie joins Joey, Tiggywinkles, and the Sirkin girls in their little corner of the world in Devon, PA
NS 2364
August 2015
Cheerio is now loving his new life with Veronica Jameson in Woodbine, MD.
NS 2357
Little Bo Peep
August 2015
Little Bo Peep will be growing up with Janice Lamdin in Perry Hall, MD.
NS 2382
Little Mother Goose
August 2015
Mother Goose has a bright future with Penny Goulding in Newtown Square, PA.
NS 2381