Happy Endings January - April 2015
The dogs below have found new homes thanks to the efforts of the many New Spirit volunteers and other rescue people who help so much in all we do.

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Dusty Miller
January 2015
Dusty Miller got the home he so richly deserves with Arklay and Kim in Block Island, RI.
NS 2150
January 2015
Sport is thrilled to join a new bachelor pad with Will in Kennesaw, GA.
NS 2106
January 2015
Dodger has found a wonderful forever home with Andrew Ames in Redding, CT.
NS 2113
January 2015
Stormie is happily snuggling up in her new forever home with the Madeys in Dover DE.
NS 2198
Gussy Gus
January 2015
Gussy Gus found his dream home with lots of jogging and activity in Devon, PA.
NS 2054
January 2015
Kaci has found a wonderful forever home with Steve Hall in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.
NS 2214
January 2015
Fluffernutter is thrilled to join Pat and Dolores Anthes in Fredericksburg, VA.
NS 2207
January 2015
Sugarbear is happy to stay with her pack: foster mom, Aussie sis & 2 Aussie bros in Spring Grove, PA.
NS 1919
January 2015
Phoenix decided to stay at her foster home with 3 Aussies & Clay & Amanda in Dallas, GA.
NS 2103
January 2015
Andi, now Beswick, waited for the right home and joins Aussie brother in Columbus, GA.
NS 1992
January 2015
Fennel has hit the jackpot with Rachel Vauter on her horse farm in Scranton, PA.
NS 2204
January 2015
Tarragon decided to stay with his foster family, the Marinos, and NS Molly in McLean, VA.
NS 2206
January 2015
Myrrh will be spoiled silly by the Young family and brother Pauly in Charlestown, WV.
NS 2205
Red Riley
January 2015
Calee will be a bi-state dog with Jenn Scharmon.  NY & TN will be better off with her!
NS 2223
January 2015
Joni will live la vida loca in ME with Bryan; running, traveling and whittling wood!
NS 2151
January 2015
Red Riley has found his forever home with Cindy Jarom in Newark, DE.
NS 2215
February 2015
Kodi will be much loved by the Stroul Family & dog sis Kelsey in his new home near Erie PA.
NS 2218
January 2015
JenJen has found a wonderful forever home with Margret Walton in Louisville, KY.
NS 1988
January 2015
Hank-ky joins Leanne and Ron Goldey in Oxford, OH and will enjoy summer fires in Idaho.
NS 2301
January 2015
Trucker is thrilled to be joining Alex and Amanda Renaud in St. Louis, MO.
NS 1940
Senorita Lacy
February 2015
Senorita Lacy landed on a farm in RI with a great couple, Dr. Gary and Chris O'Neal.
NS 1890
February 2015
Sweet Julep is settling in with equally sweet Katy Craft in Landenberg, PA.
NS 2225
February 2015
Jagger will be adored by his new family w/ humans & canine sister in Timonium, MD.
NS 2219
Annie Bonannie
February 2015
Annie, now Devi Fluffernutter becomes the Immendorf's 5th NS rescue in Fleetwood, PA.
NS 2220
February 2015
Hinkley has a new best buddy, Razz, and 2 more canine sibs in Myrtle Beach, SC.
NS 2182
February 2015
Dacota is thrilled to join Charlie Trainer and former NS Savannah in Reading, PA.
NS 2244
February 2015
Snowflake, now Dakota, found a wonderful forever home with Shelley Stuart in Sussex, NJ.
NS 2202
February 2015
Maxmillion is happy to join the Cooperman family & Aussie sis Cocobella in Greenwich, CT.
NS 2248
Dixie Doodle
February 2015
Dixie Doodle has found a great forever home with Megan and Jeremy in Vineland, NJ.
NS 2246
Mr. Boone
February 2015
Mr. Boone joins the Benfers and a big sis to throw his ball for him in Westminster, MD.
NS 2216
February 2015
Elias joins 2 furry siblings as well as human sister Izzy in Chesapeake, VA.
NS 2252
Aspen Gal
February 2015
Aspen Gal, now Molly, is thrilled to join Isabella Ramey in Murrells Inlet, SC.
NS 2181
Beau Geste
February 2015
Beau Geste, aka Jasper, joins dog siblings: Maggie, McLovin & Benno in Chesapeake, VA.
NS 2226
February 2015
Riker has found a wonderful forever home with Megan & Ryan Lanzel in Okatie, SC.
NS 2160
February 2015
Heath is so happy to have a new forever home with Melissa Cloobeck in Stamford, CT.
NS 2243
March 2015
Sweet Boo found her new mom, who also likes to take lots of walks in Gettysburg, PA.
NS 2241
February 2015
Emenen is happy to join Mark and Chris Evans and former NS Sawer in Cincinnati, OH.
NS 2304
Muffin and Oatnut
March 2015
Crystal joins Chris & Mike Thompson to be a therapy dog in Summerville, OH.
NS 2241
March 2015
Andee will enjoy life as an "only child" adored by his new mom and dad in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 2249
March 2015
Muffin and Oatnut are thrilled to be spending the rest of their lives together.  They are joining the Cloobecks and former NS Heath in Stamford, CT.
NS 2255                                   NS 2256
Hank Williams
March 2015
Hank Williams is so happy to be joining Bev and Bob Wawrzyniak of Reading, PA.
NS 2251
March 2015
Rin has found a wonderful forever home with Bill and Mai Adams in St. Pete, FL.
NS 0190
March 2015
Riner has found a wonderful forever home with William Whitenton in Manchester, MD.
NS 2250
March 2015
Rosie joins her new Mom Maria and doggie sister Gwyn in Fallston, MD.
NS 2254
March 2015
Ricky has danced in to the hearts of Jane and Dan Valdes-Dapena in Media, PA.
NS 2208
Eddie Munster
March 2015
Eddie Munster is thrilled to be joining Rebecca and Joe Walthour in Chesapeake, VA.
NS 2274
March 2015
Starsky has found a wonderful forever home wtih Lori Odishoo in Kensington, CT.
NS 2217
March 2015
Flannery will live happily ever after with John ingham in Willow Grove, PA.
NS 2192
April 2015
Baby has found her forever home with Michael & Maribeth Getz in Duncannon, PA.
NS 2276
April 2015
Marleigh joins the Mayers with human siblings to throw balls & cuddle in New Cumberland, PA.
NS 2275
April 2015
Chloe has found a wonderful forever home with Vicki and Steve Fowler in Seaford, DE.
NS 2259
Contessa Vanessa
April 2015
Contessa Vanessa is thrilled to stay with foster mom Catharine Roth, in Cashtown, PA.
NS 2260
Sand Dollar
April 2015
Sand Dollar discovered who drops tidbits at the table in her new home with the Heffners.
NS 2183
April 2015
Dilly is thrilled to have found his forever home with Carolyn Brelsford in Columbia, MD.
NS 2028
April 2015
Nell has found a wonderful forever home with Richard Morrill in Deltona, FL.
NS 2271
April 2015
Spike is thrilled to be joining Bob and Fanny Clark in Greenwich, NJ.
NS 2190
April 2015
Nalia is loving her forever home with Michele and Scott in Shamong, New Jersey.
NS 2273
April 2015
Finnegan is thrilled to stay wtih his foster family (esp. his foster dad) in Wilmington, NC.
NS 2272
April 2015
Ophelia has found a wonderful forever home with Tom Cornachione in Novelty, OH.
NS 2222
April 2015
Robson is thrilled to be joining vet mom Dorothea Zivkovic in Cincinnati, OH.
NS 2303
April 2015
Sequoia happily joins Margaret Walton and former NS JenJen in Louisville, KY.
NS 2309
February 2015
Primrose is happy to join Darryll and Susan Butler in Indian Trail, NC.
NS 2199
Giddy Mitzi
April 2015
Giddy Mitzi happily joins Kevin and Nicole and their dog Angel in Haddon Township, NJ.
NS 2200
Ringo Starr
April 2015
Ringo Starr is more than happy to stay with Christine Schrum in Egg Harbor City, NJ.
NS 2280
April 2015
Ugg has found a wonderful new forever home with Terri Harris in Glenview, IL.
NS 2291
April 2015
Bellamy has found a wonderful forever home with Paul Shafer in Clearwater, FL.
NS 2295