Happy Endings September - December 2014
The dogs below have found new homes thanks to the efforts of the many New Spirit volunteers and other rescue people who help so much in all we do.

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September 2014
Rigby is going to learn agility with Anita and Ramon Rozas
in Ridgely, WV.
NS 1546
September 2014
Ann, Lee & Kate welcome Griffyn in Rockville, MD (their cats couldn't be reached for comment).
NS 2023
September 2014
Happy hit the jackpot in ME with Shelby Lickteig, who rocks it Coast Guard style!
NS 2127
September 2014
Old man Hemingway has landed in his dream home with the Frederics of Topton, PA.
NS 2076
September 2014
Gracie joins her Aussie sibling, Kippie, with the Reichlins
of Washington Crossing, PA.
NS 2136
September 2014
Mia has a wonderful forever home with Michelle Harper
of Clemons, OH.
NS 2087
September 2014
Codee has a new home in Peachtree City, GA
with Jim and Elizabeth.
NS 2001
September 2014
Ambyr joins the Lore pack, swimming and playing with her new pals in Fuquay Varina, NC.
NS 2033
September 2014
Birdie joins Laura & Gary White and Echo (NS 1444) in Fort Myers, FL.
NS 2123
Princess Grace
September 2014
Princess Grace has found her forever home with Maxine Ledger in Holly Springs, NC.
NS 2149
September 2014
Estraya is thrilled to be joining Lisa and Barry Gritton in Maineville, OH.
NS 1948
September 2014
Jessa became the 3rd NS dog for Darla and Mike Pajari in Dayton, OH.
NS 1759
October 2014
Deirdre joins the VanGeisons and Aussie sibling Allie in Owings Mills, MD.
NS 2144
September 2014
Angellynn has found a great forever home with Chelsea Wood in Cincinnati, OH.
NS 2141
September 2014
Enya is happy to be joining Dan and Raelynn Olson in Arlington, VA.
NS 2034
October 2014
Briana & Jeff are thrilled to welcome sweet puppy Bryan (now Brady) in Sewell, NJ!.
NS 2142
October 2014
Nicholson hit the rescue jackpot and joins the Newby family in Kennesaw, GA.
NS 2104
October 2014
Myron Has 3 girls to dote over him with the McMakin Family
in South Carolina.
NS 2002
October 2014
Ekho is thrilled to join John and Kate in VA with their Golden Babka.
NS 2105
October 2014
Conan, now Ozzy, joyfully joins Anne, Scott & BC mix Max in Mechanicsburg PA..
NS 2143
October 2014
The Muñoz Family of VT warmly welcomes the irrepressibly sweet Evelyn!
NS 2145
October 2014
Tim & Alice Fraser have given Windy a fantastic forever home in Potomac, MD!
NS 2146
Harley Joe
October 2014
Harley Joe is thrilled to join Janine and Tom Kennedy in Pittsburgh, PA.
NS 2164
October 2014
MoJoseph has a wonderful forever home with Amy and David Purcell in Cincinnati, OH.
NS 1950
October 2014
Anne Ruben and Brittany Jones have given Deiselo and terrific home in Carrborro , NC.
NS 1949
October 2014
Kody joins the Peterson family and will love hanging out with their 13 year old son, Mark!
NS 2161
Princess Leia
October 2014
Princess Leia has moved to Washington DC just in time to help Ted, her new owner, vote!
NS 2147
Levi Jones
November 2014
Levi Jones has found a wonderful forever home with Michelle Barnhart in York, PA.
NS 2159
October 2014
Maizy is thrilled to be joining Jason Caplin and Emily Cohen in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 2115
October 2014
Nickey has found a wonderful home with Leslie Parker in Bethesda, MD.
NS 2137
October 2014
Pickelz has found a terrific forever home with Angie Eaton in Walnutport, PA.
NS 2157
October 2014
Karen Praisner is giving Elmer a wonderful forever home in Delmar, NY.
NS 2130
October 2014
Pearly is so happy to be in her new forever home with Balant Campbell in Carmel, NY.
NS 2148
October 2014
Lorine and Ron Howard have given Keeper a wonderul new home in Hanover, PA.
NS 2119
October 2014
This happy boy is ecstatic to join The Mortons in PA. The big lovebug warmed right up to them!
NS 2158
November 2014
Cienna has found her forever home with Kevin Greenfield in Huntington Valley, PA.
NS 2154
November 2014
Temba, now Ash, will spend his days chasing Frisbees thrown by his human twin sisters in PA.
NS 2186
November 2014
Charity has a family all her own with the Stiteler’s in Dallas, GA
NS 2109
November 2014
Little Trinity joins the Earle family of Cumming, GA
NS 2171
November 2014
Louis is loving his new life with Joanne and Marc Gonzalez in Clarks Summit, PA
NS 2005
November 2014
Pine is simply thrilled to join the Espositos on their Poplar Wood Farm in NW NJ
NS 2167
November 2014
Badger found his forever home, joining new brother Willie and Ron and Elyse Taylor in Madison, IN
NS 2139
Sadie Hawkins
November 2014
Sadie is the happiest girl alive in Annandale VA with her new Aussie brother, Remy
NS 2166
November 2014
Cedar has a home to call his own and 2 people to himself, Colleen & Vince Kiely of River Edge, NJ.
NS 2168
November 2014
Maddy is thrilled to now be living on a beautiful farm in the rolling hills of Vermont.
NS 2153
November 2014
Bling, now Nia, has found a wonderful forever home in Loveland, OH.
NS 1981
November 2014
Tamie and her Aussie drove all the way to GA from PA to adopt Mazzy into their home.
NS 1997
Tennesse Dasher
November 2014
Tennessee Dasher will be living large with the Wasleys and his new sibling Yuna.
NS 2003
November 2014
Jethro will love having 8 acres with the Gallachers in Spencerport, NY.
NS 2129
November 2014
Honesty, now Rose, is thrilled to be joining the Leonard family in Fayetteville, GA.
NS 2110
Prince Harry
December 2014
Prince Harry (Lucky) is living it up with Lynn Sturgess and siblings Denny & Madison in Holland PA.
NS 2188
Princess Jasmine
December 2014
Princess Jasmine will be living a fairy tale princess life with Todd & Paula Zelanko in Norristown PA.
NS 2195
December 2014
Madalyn, now Maggie, is living in the lap of love in Camillus NY with Doug and Sue Rosenthal.
NS 2193
December 2014
Kristin, Jeff, & Angelina are meant to be together and have much to look forward to as a family.
NS 2187
Kentucky Lady
December 2014
Kentucky Lady has found a wonderful home with Carolyn Lampl in Lebanon, OH.
NS 1983
Joseph A. Bank
December 2014
Joey joins NS siblings Aliyah (Miss Tiggy) & Templeton (Orso) & the Sirkin Family in Devon PA.
NS 2196
Princess Mojo
December 2014
Princess Mojo (now Shiloh) is moving to NYC and will be doing dog sports with Adina Newman.
NS 2194
December 2014
Thunderstorm is looking forward to being spoiled by his new mom and dad in Hancock, MD.
NS 2197
December 2014
Snuggly has found a wonderful forever home with Elisabeth Bromberg in New York, NY.
NS 2138
Jack Frost
December 2014
Jack Frost is thrilled to be joining Rob and Delores Arseneault in Honey Brook, PA.
NS 2201
Sugarplum Fairy
December 2014
Sugarplum Fairy danced into Emily Meagher's home in MD, she is getting a Christmas puppy!
NS 2203
December 2014
Jordie joins Michael & Amy Eaglin and 2 golden retriever buddies in Myrtle Beach, SC.
NS 2004
December 2014
Kendall is living his dream 'human to dog ratio' of 5:1 with the Stergions of Yardley, PA.
NS 2163
December 2014
Rudolph is thrilled to join Allyson, Norris and Grace in Pine Grove Mills, PA.
NS 2140
December 2014
Chancellor has found his forever home with John & Lisa Beauchamp in Clearwater, FL.
NS 0967
Peregrine White
December 2014
Peregrine White waited for the perfect family, including 2 dogs, in Chesapeake, VA.
NS 2039
December 2014
Curley has found a wonderful forever home with Rachel and Daniel Sachs in OH.
NS 1984
December 2014
Cyna joins Dennis and Barbara Knots and Monkey Boy (NS 1932) in St. Louis, MO.
NS 1989
December 2014
Unity has found a wonderful forever home with Pam Marsh in Rome, NY.
NS 2108
December 2014
Joel found a wonderful new home with Dixie and Roland in North Georgia.
NS 1618
October 2014
Jenna has found a wonderful forever home with Virginia Jedda in Blacksburg, VA.
NS 2162
October 2014
Meeya is so happy to be joining Scott Adams in Lakeworth, FL.
NS 2156
November 2014
Helen has decided to stay with foster mom, Corrine Mele, and NS Gryff in Orlando, FL.
NS 2189