Happy Endings May - August 2014
The dogs below have found new homes thanks to the efforts of the many New Spirit volunteers and other rescue people who help so much in all we do.

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May 2014
William aka Buddy will be a running & camping partner with Alaina Flanagan in Jackson, NJ.
NS 1805
May 2014
Myka has found a great forever home with Ronnie Tidwell in North Augusta, SC.
NS 1970
May 2014
PEPPERoni joins the home of his NS foster brother "Frankie" in Maine with Bridget and Jim.
NS 1978
May 2014
Sweet-natured Gemma joins the family of Jeff Smyser and Ina Moses in Richmond, VA.
NS 2089
May 2014
Mathelda Joins
Mike and Stephanie Coari
in Virginia Beach.
NS 2095
May 2014
Warren Davis has fallen in love with Blossom and taken her home to Poquoson, VA.
NS 2016
Blue Bella
May 2014
Blue Bella has a terrific forever home in York, PA
with Gerald Evans.
NS 2018
May 2014
Cloe was adopted by Rita Nunez of Newark, DE and joins 2 prior NS adoptee dogs!
NS 2021
May 2014
Kris couldn't be happier with his new family, Gil and Oksana,
in Yardley, PA.
NS 2082
May 2014
Kai has Joanna Vrancart
to live happily ever after with
in Jackson, NJ.
NS 2091
May 2014
Leanne Longwill of
Turtle Creek, PA has found a forever friend in Keewee.
NS 2019
May 2014
Nelda has found a wonderful forever home with Paula Zelankov inn Norristown, PA.
NS 1208
May 2014
The de Oliveira family welcomed Winstone into their home in Durham, NC.
NS 2100
June 2014
Fiona has found a wonderful forever home with Lou and Maryann Alberino.
NS 2032
June 2014
Sonja joins Jacklyn Murphy in Denville, NJ and hopes to become an agility star!
NS 2096
June 2014
Bellatrix joins another NS4AR Aussie at the home of
Marla & Craig Hebertein.
NS 2090
June 2014
Baboo will be quite busy sunning herself and supervising Michelle & Bruce on their boat!
NS 2088
June 2014
Laura Jones has given Daacota a wonderful forever home in Sparks, MD.
NS 1937
Washington Blue
June 2014
Washington Blue has found his perfect forever home with
Tara Corcoran in CT.
NS 2099
KY Merle
June 2014
KY Merle joins Addie and Chris in VA, along with 2 dog, 1 cat and 1 human sibling.
NS 2020
June 2014
Bonaroo has found a terrific forever home with Mallory Irons in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 2098
June 2014
Haydee joins Jamie Fontaine
for a happy life together
in Plantation, FL.
NS 2093
June 2014
Boomerang has a wonderful country home with a cat sibling
in Lodi, NY.
NS 2068
June 2014
Bryson is happy to fill the home and hearts of the Sanfilippo family in Langhorne, PA.
NS 2037
June 2014
Rein has found a wonderful forever home with Erin LaCroix in Woodbury, NJ.
NS 2081
June 2014
Tom has found his new forever home with Kay Shaffer in Landisburg, PA.
NS 2083
June 2014
Barnstormer is thrilled to be joining Theresa and Edward in Port Orange, FL.
NS 2035
June 2014
Jim, now Toby, joins NS dog Bellatrix in CT, where they are playing hard and loving harder!
NS 1946
Short Willy
June 2014
Short Willy has found his new forever home with the very active Cairrao Family in RI.
NS 2001
June 2014
Ivy has found a wonderful forever home with Richard Boothroyd in Lyman, SC.
NS 0323
June 2014
Chippewa has found a terrific forever home with Cole George in the Northeast.
NS 2017
June 2014
Mehlah is thrilled to be joining Jon & Edythe Bertoldo in Blairstown, NJ.
NS 2112
June 2014
The Farinas could not resist Coppertop and failed foster!  He happily joins 3 New Spirit siblings.
NS 2114
Casey Boy
June 2014
Casey is headed to Harrisburg where he will have a teenaged boy of his own & his dream home!
NS 2040
July 2014
Flasher is thrilled to be joining Jenn and Lucas Zellars in Cedarvillage, OH.
NS 1933
July 2014
StewBlue joins Derek and Zoë who are just starting their lives together in Pittsburgh, PA.
NS 2097
July 2014
Remus is head over heels for the Wheeler family, NS pup Tilda and their alpacas in Scenery Hill, PA.
NS 2116
July 2014
Jupiter joins Mollie the Beagle
and his new Mom
in South GA.
NS 2000
July 2014
Frenchie now Layla joins her other new spirit sister Suzie Q
in Macungie, PA.
NS 1945
July 2014
Abo has joined the MacLeans
and will have an Aussie sibling and a cat to play with!
NS 2094
July 2014
Steve, Erin, and Doc welcome Fuego to the family
in Baltimore, MD.
NS 2118
July 2014
Devon joins Kay Shaffer
of Landisburg, PA where they
are very happy together.
NS 2031
July 2014
Alina will be joining dog sister, Angel, at the Grumbine home
in Birdsboro, PA.
NS 2022
July 2014
Corah joins mini Aussie Sookie and Husky mix Kyi with her new Mom Susan in St Louis, MO.
NS 1998
July 2014
Sarah and Tobin Farwell have given a fabulous forever home
in Lee, NH.
NS 2026
July 2014
Aidan joins Tina McNally
for a wonderful life together
in Redding, CT.
NS 2120
Panda Girl
July 2014
Anna Miglioretti has fallen in love with Panda Girl and given her a wonderful new home in Baltimore.
NS 2036
July 2014
TJ has a fantastic new home
with Bryan Vedrani
in Lake Worth , FL.
NS 2062
July 2014
McGillicutty has found a terrific forever home with Wendy Williams in Lebanon, PA.
NS 1972
July 2014
Connerly joins brother & sister, Dougie & Bree to complete the Spaide household.
NS 2122
July 2014
Buxley's new family has an older aussie as a playmate/companion and he'll never want for anything.
NS 2024
July 2014
Mariah joins her
very own person, Ted,
in Roswell GA
NS 1999
August 2014
Brady, now Leo, is thrilled to join Beth Sokolow and Dan Adamiak in Herndon, VA.
NS 2030
August 2014
Orie will live the good life with his new people in NJ, along with aussie sis and uncle bulldog.
NS 2125
August 2014
Mark and Chris Evans have given Sawer a terrific forever home
in Cincinnati, OH.
NS 1947
Lucy Lou
August 2014
Lucy Lou joins Katie Johnson and Tim Melley of
Cincinnati, OH.
NS 1956
August 2014
Beckham has decided that his foster home should be his forever home with the Whitney's!
NS 2025
August 2014
Fiona joins her new family, the Raymonds, and her sister Emma to play with all day long.
NS 2032
August 2014
Rita will help clear geese from public and private spaces working with her new mom, Lisa Backe.
NS 2092
August 2014
Skylark will enjoy living in the PA forest and going hiking/walking with her new people, the Peters'.
NS 2079
August 2014
Cassidy will join Keira as well as Sue and Paul Archer in her new forever home.
NS 2133
August 2014
Krewz, his new sister Winnie, and Nicole and Jeremy Smith will have a great new life in MD.
NS 2132
August 2014
Kelsie will join her new great pal Clover, and of course her new mom Rose in RI.
NS 2131
August 2014
Skipper joins Riley, Murphy & 2 cats for lots of playtime with Greg and Cathy Gill.
NS 2134
August 2014
Teaser will be living the good life with Holli Broerman in Pasadena, MD.
NS 2135
Lois Lane
August 2014
Lois Lane joins Bill Popp and another Aussie/GSD cross in Spring City, PA.
NS 2038
August 2014
Denver has found a wonderful forever home with Amber DeSadier in Atlanta, GA.
NS 2102
August 2014
Lewis found his nirvana with the Jacobs, 2 human siblings & doggie sis in Glen Arm, MD.
NS 2111