Happy Endings January - April 2014
The dogs below have found new homes thanks to the efforts of the many New Spirit volunteers and other rescue people who help so much in all we do.

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January 2014
K.T. has found a terrific forever home with previous NS Adopters,  Regina & Floyd McCurdy.
NS 2049
January 2014
Haven started off the new year with her very own forever home with the Cody Family.
NS 1567
January 2014
Halle loved her foster home so much that she decided to stay with the Mozers forever.
NS 1680
January 2014
Meesha has found a wonderful forever home with her Foster home, The Mozers.
NS 1688
January 2014
Mozers have given Quanah
the perfect forever home
for the New Year
NS 1689
January 2014
Giles is thrilled to be joining Donald and Nancy Weidner in Ocean City, NJ.
NS 2050
Rhett Butler
January 2014
JL found his perfect home in Peachtree City, GA with two little boys as his best friends.
NS 1789
January 2014
Rhett Butler has happily made his foster home his forever home in Edgewater, FL.
NS 1566
January 2014
Jay Jackson has given Gillian a fabulous forever home
in Deale, MD.
NS 2047
January 2014
Zachary joins Dorothy Kowalcyzk & former NS Gecho (now Echo) in Manlius, NY.
NS 0251
January 2014
Frosty has found a wonderful forever home with Martha MacDonald in Johnston, SC.
NS 1918
January 2014
Chip joins a terrific
forever family
in New England.
NS 2044
January 2014
McClane has a terrific home with his new forever family
in New England.
NS 2041
January 2014
Annie & Pete in Raleigh, NC are thrilled to welcome Mistletoe into their lives.
NS 1916
January 2014
Mason happily joins the McBees and previous NS dog Gabbi in Akron, OH.
NS 1935
January 2014
Hollie has found a fabulous home with the Harpolds and NS Giles they rescued in 2011.
NS 2011
January 2014
Buzz has found a wonderful forever home with Priscilla Vaughan in Wilmington, OH..
NS 1936
January 2014
Kerwin, now Dart, will have plenty of room to play in with his forever family, the Yaworsky's.
NS 2060
January 2014
Kemper is thrilled to be a new member of the Freeman family
in Fogelsville, PA.
NS 2059
January 2014
Clarissa, now Dolly, will be dearly loved by Morgan Wesselin Louisville, KY.
NS 1851
January 2014
John has found his forever home with his foster family.  The Meyer family just couldn't let him go.
NS 1687
January 2014
Cruzer is thrilled to join Rich & Darlene King, their 3 kids and retriever mix in Manheim, PA.
NS 1856
January 2014
Cambria, now Izzy, joins Aussie mix sis Heidi & gets to roam the backyard looking for squirrels in Bath, ME.
NS 2067
January 2014
Catalina has found a wonderful forever home with Kate Geir in State College, PA.
NS 2057
January 2014
Vernon has found a terrific forever home with Derrick Russo in Barrington, NJ.
NS 1975
January 2014
Carmella will be joining the Burkhart family and have a cat  as a new sibling.
NS 2066
January 2014
Trent joins the Downs family in Charleston with a new human sister & Cattle Dog sister.
NS 1991
January 2014
Boss joins two Aussie friends in his new home with the Duncan's in SC.
NS 1836
January 2014
Snowden, now Gamble, happily joins Wendy Werner in St. Louis, MO.
NS 1490
January 2014
Bradford has gone home with his forever family, the Finsness family, in New England.
NS 1686
January 2014
Corby, now Max, joins Kay & Mike Swetra and their 2 cats in Mechanicsburg, PA.
NS 1855
January 2014
Austyn, now Weston, will enjoy the spoiled life with John Rachinski in Beaver Falls, PA.
NS 2052
Tom Clancy
January 2014
Tom Clancy has found a terrific forever home with Denise Wettstein in Kunkletown, PA.
NS 2014
January 2014
Rooster has found a wonderful forever home with Kenneth Widjaja in Cary, NC.
NS 2056
February 2014
Carina is thrilled to be joining Helen, JB and Abbey Blier in Pittsburgh, PA.
NS 1854
Kit Kat
February 2014
Kit Kat has found a great forever home with Caroline and Ben Hood in New York, NY.
NS 1980
February 2014
Keith marched into his fosters’ hearts & decided not to leave. He joins the Farmers in Dallas, GA.
NS 1969
February 2014
Penney has a happy home
with Lori & Ken Clark
of St. Pete Beach, FL.
NS 1995
February 2014
Collette, now Molly, will be keeping the Marino family laughing & very busy in Virginia. 
NS 1852
February 2014
Lynx is thrilled to be joining Dan and Brenda in Upstate New York.
NS 2072
February 2014
Crash is happy to join Mackenzie Orr and Jamie Caldwell in Fairfax, VA.
NS 1857
February 2014
Cristo has found a wonderful forever home with Cindie Brockmeyer in York, PA.
NS 1858
February 2014
Marvin, now Louie, is thrilled to be joining Ashley Gray in Blacksburg, VA.
NS 1958
February 2014
Camille, now Millie, is all set to supervise Louise & Tim's every move in Tuscarora, MD.
NS 1853
Indy 500
February 2014
Indy was adopted with sister, Miss Anna - forever together
with Kim Kleppel !
NS 1886
Miss Anna
February 2014
Miss Anna was adopted with brother her Indy - forever together
with Kim Kleppel !
NS 1775
February 2014
D.O.G. now "Howard" is joyously ensconced in his new family who he loves with all his heart!
NS 1917
February 2014
Bucky has found a wonderful forever home with Darryl Lewis in Catonsville, MD.
NS 1829
February 2014
Sugarplum joins Gregory Seyler of Gilbertsville, PA
for a happy life together.
NS 2013
Teddy Roosevelt
February 2014
Sherry  Wachter has given
Teddy Roosevelt a terrific forever home in Zionsville, PA.
NS 2055
Mikey Blue
February 2014
Mikey Blue, now Elliot, joins the Atkinsons in Philadelphia where he'll be a city boy.
NS 2069
February 2014
Macks has found a wonderful forever home with Thomas Sitton in Douglasville, GA.
NS 1993
February 2014
Bumper is so happy to be joining Lynette McMoran in Sea Girt, NJ.
NS 2053
February 2014
Ewing has found a terrific forever home with Monica Bernazzoli in Dillsburg, PA.
NS 2008
February 2014
Calla is thrilled to be joining the Stewart family, 2 sisters and a NS aussie sister.
NS 2058
February 2014
Kobie has found a wonderful forever home with Denise Knight in Villa Rica, GA.
NS 2070
February 2014
Andi joins Jason Bechtel
in Cincinnati, OH.
NS 1938
February 2014
Fluffy has found a great forever home with Laurie Sherman and Tom Thiele in Orlando, FL.
NS 0127
March 2014
Shelbee is thrilled to join John Mark Boling and Lindsay Turley in Brooklyn, NY.
NS 2077
March 2014
Donna will be burning up the agility circuit with Benah Wells in Baltimore, MD.
NS 1909
March 2014
Skylar is thrilled to join Linda Matay and Gill Vanderslip in Charlotte, NC.
NS 2078
March 2014
Maurice joins former NS adoptee Miz Blue Eyes, aka Sydney, in Florence, NJ.
NS 2051
March 2014
Poppie is thrilled to join John Blankenship and Diana Eichfeld in Haddonfield, NJ.
NS 2080
March 2014
Vyash Puliradi and Tammy Tran have given Junior a wonderful home in Baltimore, MD.
NS 1953
March 2014
Pluto has found a wonderful forever home with Sandi Bair in Lancaster, PA.
NS 2015
March 2014
Bailee is thrilled to be going to her new forever home with Edwin White in Milton, GA.
NS 1994
March 2014
Candee joins Darla and Colin in Atlanta, Ga and will continue her therapy work with Darla.
NS 1996
March 2014
Lucinda has a terrific
orever home in
Cincinnati, OH.
NS 1941
March 2014
Biggs has found his forever home with Michele Fryer and Mark Tabor in Providence, RI.
NS 1872
April 2014
Pingo's foster mom has fallen in love and is now his forever home in Port St. John, FL.
NS 2063
True Blue
April 2014
True Blue joins Kelli Hayes
in a happy home
in Zephyrhills, FL.
NS 1850
Gussy Gus
April 2014
Gussy Gus has a new family in VA gets to play with his two new boys and 3-generation family.
NS 2054
April 2014
Alabama has found a wonderful forever home with Vince Bath in Perth Amboy, NJ.
NS 1859
April 2014
Zoie is thrilled to join a great couple and current Aussie parents in Jefferson, MD.
NS 2085
April 2014
Mollie has found her forever home with Hyde Baker in , North Duxbury, VT.
NS 1860
April 2014
Cornflower joins the Harrington family where she will be loved by 4 kids and a GSD buddy.
NS 2065
George Weasley
April 2014
George Weasley joins Aussie sister Zowie and the Morrice Family in Wappingers Falls, NY.
NS 2061
April 2014
Shevy joins 2 doggy brothers and will be living the good life in Indian Beach, NC.
NS 2086
April 2014
Zuzu, now Hazel Grace, has become the princess of the Haas family in Summit Hill, PA.
NS 2075
April 2014
Kevin is loving his new home, his new dog park and his new doggie spa in Charlotte, NC.
NS 2012
Fred Weasley
April 2014
Carol & Craig Spisso
have fallen in love
with Fred Weasley!
NS 2064
April 2014
Jerry joins Louise Fleischman and previous NS adoptee Millie (NS Camille) in Tuscarora, MD.
NS 2084
April 2014
Rubinia will fit in perfect with Amy and Keith Olin in Scaggsville, MD.
NS 1939
April 2014
Stering has a new forever home with Shana and Doug Zink of Cincinnati.
NS 0700
April 2014
Rusty has found his forever home with Tom and Sarah Stanton in West Norriton, PA.
NS 1388