Happy Endings September - December 2013
The dogs below have found new homes thanks to the efforts of the many New Spirit volunteers and other rescue people who help so much in all we do.

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September 2013
Zia has found a wonderful forever home with Robert & Liz Ard in Powder Springs, GA.
NS 1921
September 2013
Jeanne Quillenhas given Tuck
the perfect home
in Pequot Lakes, MN.
NS 1834
September 2013
Zeuce has a terrific new home with Elaine and Chuck King
near Dayton, OH.
NS 1823
September 2013
Joelle was adopted by the wonderful Funck family
of Clarkston, MI!
NS 1690
Doc Elllison
September 2013
Doc Ellison and Mickey Mic were adopted together by the Motters (Leslie, Andy and Sarah)
of Bucyrus, OH.
NS 1437                                            NS 1438
September 2013
Griffin has found his forever home with Kim and Trey Williams in Gadsen, AL.
NS 1811
Mickey Mic
Ellie Lou
September 2013
Ellie Lou joins the Gaudrea family including red-merle Sambuka and 4 cats in Mount Wolf, PA.
NS 1895
September 2013
Kouise has a wonderful new home with Catherine Flemming
of Worthington, OH.
NS 1868
September 2013
Polly joins
Dalton Brumfield
near Statesboro, GA.
NS 1863
September 2013
Rachel Kagel has fallen
in love with Diesel and taken him home to Atlanta, GA.
NS 1922
September 2013
Merryleigh has a terrific new home  in East Bloomfield
with Barbara Anne Bartosz.
NS 1894
September 2013
Cammo has found his forever home with John and Karen Masarone in West Chester, PA.
NS 1892
September 2013
Jill has made her foster home her forever home in Long Valley, NJ.
NS 0695
September 2013
Stetson gets to spend his days on 50 acres with Robin and Doug in Harleysville, PA.
NS 1903
September 2013
Hudson has found a wonderful forever home with David Leonard in Atlanta, GA.
NS 1923
Sirius Black
September 2013
Sirius Black, now Milo, has found his forever home with Stacy Cox in Sunbury, OH.
NS 1433
September 2013
Furby happily joins his new Border Collie and Aussie siblings in Newfane, VT.
NS 1888
September 2013
Felden joins his wild child NS sister Baya and the rest of the Lore pack in NC.
NS 1884
September 2013
Agnes has found a wonderful forever home with Karisa Derence in Raleigh, NC.
NS 1924
September 2013
Stanley has found a terrific forever home with James Perkins in Florence, NC.
NS 1849
Nelly May
September 2013
Nelly May joins Laura Roberts & Keith Mohler and their 3 cats in Columbia, PA.
NS 1893
September 2013
Mistic is settling into her new home and getting to know her new  feline siblings in New England.
NS 1774
September 2013
Willis will get to be a vet tech demo dog with Michele and Chris Fisher in Cincinnati, OH.
NS 1830
September 2013
Anson paddles into his new home in Marietta, GA with the Hyler family.
NS 1926
September 2013
Boogie has found a wonderful forever home with Rebecca Hunter in Venice, FL.
NS 1877
September 2013
Jammer is thrilled to be joining Marlee Pasche in Land O'Lakes, FL.
NS 1875
September 2013
Jodi Parke is giving Keely a terrific new forever home in Stuart, FL.
NS 1873
September 2013
Kodiak is happily joining Mary and Dennis McClung in Holmes Beach, FL.
NS 1876
September 2013
Prada has found a terrific forever home with Paul and Nancy Schwartz in Casselberry, FL.
NS 1874
October 2013
AJ is happily joining Shannon Harbour & D. Blain Claypool in Fleming Island, FL.
NS 1961
October 2013
Zoe joins Mathew Braun and Sarah Nutt and NS brother Nixon in Athens, GA.
NS 1898
October 2013
Sprinkles, now Ella, joins Gina Dianna & David Mazzocco in West Chester, PA.
NS 1896
October 2013
Dapper has decided he is staying with his foster mom and foster siblings in Brooklyn, NY.
NS 1901
October 2013
Ewok has found a wonderful forever home with Debra Brannon in Newnan, GA.
NS 1865
October 2013
Peppercorn has a great new best friend, Dave Lonski, in Waukesha, WI.
NS 1806
October 2013
Bertram has found a terrific forever home with Darla Love in Savannah, GA.
NS 1962
October 2013
Miyah is thrilled to be joining her forever home with Paula Mock in Hainesport, NJ.
NS 1717
October 2013
Kale has found a terrific forever home with the Bilwells in Lutz, FL.
NS 1750
October 2013
Cokey will be No. 1 dog with Denise in Gettysburg, PA and go everywhere with her.
NS 1897
October 2013
Bacall joins Leanne Lusher and Mike Baciu and NS brother Milo (Zellar NS1483).
NS 1828
Phoebe Anne
October 2013
Phoebe Anne is thrilled to join Gail and Michael Bell in Mendham, NJ.
NS 1906
October 2013
Zipper, now Berkley, joins Sheltie sister Lola and the Garcias in Dublin, OH.
NS 1440
October 2013
Baillee has a great new forever home with Laura & Tim Hayes in Raymond, OH.
NS 1439
October 2013
Posh has found her forever home with Stacie Murray in Central Square, NY.
NS 1887
October 2013
Springer joins Rachel Ewers
of Thomaston, CT for
a happy life together
NS 1899
October 2013
Marilyn joins Jessica and Scott Hilbert and lab-springer mix brother, Thor, in Annville, PA.
NS 1904
October 2013
Russ has found a great home with John Schwartzenberger in Lawrenceville, GA.
NS 1929
October 2013
Crescent joins Tim and Shastin Phillips and an Aussie sibling in Fairport, NY.
NS 1900
October 2013
Miller has found a wonderful forever home with Ted & Julie Straton in Villa Rica, GA.
NS 1869
October 2013
Baer is enjoying being the only child with a newly wed couple in Pittsburgh, PA.
NS 1436
October 2013
Bojangles has found a wonderful forever home with Douglas Licks in Palmyra, VA.
NS 1960
October 2013
Allister is thrilled to join Mathew Meyers & Michael Dalrymple in Hinesville, GA.
NS 1862
October 2013
Atkin has found a wonderful forever home with Scott & Susan Brown in Cumming, GA.
NS 1927
October 2013
Kota has found a terrific forever home with Mark Wang in Windermere, FL.
NS 1879
October 2013
Golfer joins Mary Lou Wason and 2 other dogs in Fayetteville, NY.
NS 1802
October 2013
Franky joins the Johnson in upstate ME. They look forward to walks & having lots of fun.
NS 1952
October 2013
Berwick ( now Monty) joins the Neely family at his new forever home in NH.
NS 1973
October 2013
Pilot, adopted by Kathy and John, also gets two wonderful girls to play with in Malvern, PA
NS 1891
November 2013
Guinness is joining his new best friend Brandon Leibowitz in Lorton, VA.
NS 1954
November 2013
Rolo walked into his foster home & decided to never leave. He joins Goose the Aussie in GA.
NS 1977
November 2013
Sweet Gloria is now owned and loved by Martha in Durham, NC.
NS 1964
November 2013
Michelle Barnhart has given
Suzy a wonderful forever home
in York, PA.
NS 1959
November 2013
Flo now has a terrific home
in Athens, GA with
Leanne LeFavi.
NS 1870
November 2013
Lucy & George Budwick have given Miami (now Fitzwilliam) a fabulous home in Georgia.
NS 1930
November 2013
Lolita is one happy dog
with Chuck & Joy Huber
in Leicester, NC.
NS 1739
November 2013
Edred is thrilled to be joining Jennifer Martinson in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 1979
November 2013
Troop will be king of the castle with Kathryn Dobler in Allentown, PA.
NS 1882
November 2013
Puck and the Wass family are lucky to have found each other in Hatboro, PA.
NS 1912
November 2013
Oriole has found her forever home with Konstanze and Alex Kunst in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 1914
November 2013
Madigan has found a wonderful forever home with Brad & Julie Miller in Canton, GA.
NS 1866
November 2013
Maizey makes her new home with Anna D. in PA where she will have lots of room to run.
NS 1907
November 2013
Monkey-boy joins Dennis and Barbara Knotts and 13 yr old Aussie sister in St. Louis, MO.
NS 1932
Rosie O'Grady
November 2013
Rosie O'Grady stole the heart of her transport volunteer and is happy in Loveland, OH.
NS 1931
Merle Haggard
November 2013
Chopper joins the Soergels, including NS Maddie and NS Buster Brown, in Kirkville, NY.
NS 1807
November 2013
Merle Haggard joins a big Aussie family on the farm including some NS siblings in VA.
NS 1976
November 2013
Mitchell has found a terrific forever home with Brent and Anna Erb in Lewisberry, PA.
NS 1908
Joe E
November 2013
Joe E has found a wonderful forever home with Jane Festa in Durham, NC.
NS 1957
November 2013
Brave is thrilled to be staying with Linda Goodman in West Bloomfield, MI.
NS 1482
December 2013
Mayah is thrilled to be joining Margaret Williiams in Danbury, CT.
NS 1920
December 2013
Atlas gets a new Aussie sister and two human siblings too, with the Gogel Family of PA.
NS 2009
December 2013
Tommy Johnson has given Dixon a wonderful new home
in Canton, GA.
NS 1938
December 2013
Holley has a terrific new
forever home with John Beal
in Lawrenceville, GA.
NS 1967
December 2013
Georgia is thrilled to join Jason & Lindsay Sakran in Charleston, SC.
NS 1867
December 2013
Harlee becomes the 4th NS dog to join the Soergel's in Kirkville, NY.
NS 1910
December 2013
Kilyn has won the heart of her foster mom who helped her with her litter of pups in FL.
NS 1871
December 2013
Barbara and Daryl Ford found their perfect friend in Burberry and have taken him home to Lenoir, NC.
NS 1911
December 2013
Little Caroline (now Cara) is happy in her new home with Regina McCurdy of Westminster, MD.
NS 1915
December 2013
Jenni joins Joyce Siegert and will have a BC brother and terrier cousin to play with in Sunman, IN.
NS 1910
December 2013
Darwin has found a great forever home with Kristine Vieau in Brighton, MI.
NS 1685
December 2013
Aliyah has found a wonderful forever home with Suzanne & Franco Sirkin in Devon, PA.
NS 1955
December 2013
Boscoe will be spoiled rotten by the Terry family and he'll become a southern gentleman in NC.
NS 2007
December 2013
Eli will have an Aussie big brother, Bailey, and have lots of hikes with Julie and Chris in Elkins Park, PA.
NS 2010
December 2013
Lurch was adopted by Jenny & Chris & will have a most wonderful life in Chicago, IL.
NS 2042
December 2013
Sparky-Man has found his forever home with Matthew and Kelly Brown in Orlando, FL.
NS 1846
December 2013
Tessie has found a wonderful forever home with Bates Allen in Illinois.
NS 1913
December 2013
Zaide was "Home for the Holidays" with the Hummels
of Deleware.
NS 2048
Allie Grace
December 2013
Marcia & Thomas Stone have opened their hearts and their home to Allie Grace.
NS 1951
December 2013
Festival joins the Sloans and will have 2 human siblings and border collie playmate in Hanover, PA.
NS 1974
December 2013
Zane joins his new family in Suwanee, GA. This handsome guy gets to play fetch with two kids of his own.
NS 1965
December 2013
Paisley, now Pepper, joins her new doggie sister Darby in FL with the McCarthy family.
NS 1925
December 2013
Spicey traveled all the way from NC to GA & decided her foster home was forever home.
NS 1966