Happy Endings May - August 2013
The dogs below have found new homes thanks to the efforts of the many New Spirit volunteers and other rescue people who help so much in all we do.

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May 2013
Peony happily joins return NS adopters Krista and Joe McNamara in Tiverton, RI.
NS 1768
Bob Marley
May 2013
Bob Marley will enjoy playing with Milo, another rescued Aussie, and with his new mom in VA & PA.
NS 1431
May 2013
Zephyr is joining a Shiba Inu older brother named Lennox in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 1770
May 2013
Bonzai joins dog brother Wyatt and the Price Family in Leesburg, VA.
NS 1640
Hershy Kiss
May 2013
Hershey Kiss and her brother Licorice
join the Graf household near
East Greenville, PA.
NS 1761                                          NS 1762
May 2013
Jim Johns has given Flashfire
his forever home
in Columbus, OH.
NS 1755
May 2013
Bonnie Blue has found a wonderful forever home with Vicki Sees in Millville, PA.
NS 1779
Bonnie Blue
May 2013
Brothers Merlin the Magician and Hagrid are thrilled to be staying together forever and will get to go to work with new dad James Trenz in Greenfield, NH.
NS 1524                                          NS 1525
Merlin the Magician
May 2013
Taffy has found a wonderful forever home with Michelle Strzokin Lambertville, NJ.
NS 1730
Adirondack Willow
May 2013
Virginia Paquette has givn Adirondack Willow a terrific forever home in Marlborough, CT.
NS 1772
May 2013
Kiah found her forever home in Havre De Grace, MD
with Mitra Ghahramanlou.
NS 1432
May 2013
The Diman's of Thornton, NH
have given Foster
a wonderful home!
NS 1429
May 2013
Falcon will spend
many happy years
with Pat Ryan in PA.
NS 1798
Coca Cola
May 2013
Coca Cola has a new Aussie sibling, Murphy, with Rachel Boyle and Josh Ford in VA.
NS 1430
May 2013
Feinstein joins Barbara Feinstein & Wayne Greenfield
of Highland, MD.
NS 1778
May 2013
Catcher will be the apple of the eyes of Jenny and Ian Soule of Bloomsburg, PA.
NS 1766
May 2013
Cubby has found his forever home with Jay & Laura Simonds and their 2 Aussies in Dublin, OH.
NS 1679
May 2013
Edison has made his foster home his forever home in Davisburg, MI.
NS 1681
May 2013
Bach will happily spend forever with the Mozers in Davisburg, MI.
NS 1683
May 2013
Beethoven's foster home is now his forever home in Davisburg, MI.
NS 1682
May 2013
Beckett has found a wonderful forrever home with Chris & Jim Bare in Lutz, FL.
NS 1787
May 2013
Lauderdale happily joins Erica and Eric in Johnson City, Tennessee.
NS 1769
May 2013
Russ and Anne and furry brother Rusty welcome Sunshine into their home.
NS 1767
May 2013
Gizzy joins her new family
in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 1796
May 2013
Jerry & Karen Bruno have given Victor a terrific forever home
in Syracuse, NY
NS 1795
Jakey Boy
May 2013
Jakey Boy found his forever home with the Bowler Family. He won their hearts on the first meeting.
NS 1777
May 2013
Winchester joins his
new family, the Knights,
in Dallas, GA
NS 1612
May 2013
Marietta waited patiently for over a year for her new family the Knights to finally take her home.
NS 1614
May 2013
Kaleb has found a wonderful forever home with Nick and Dana Nazaretian in Tampa, FL.
NS 1741
May 2013
Wallabee is happily staying with foster mom Linda Mount in Clermont, FL.
NS 1569
May 2013
Ossie happily joins repeat NS adopter Susan Rasor in Signal Mountain, TN.
NS 0340
May 2013
Cannon has found a wonderful forever home with Rusty & Pam Lambert in Carrollton, GA.
NS 1813
June 2013
Truman has found his forever home with Larinda Wilken in Douglasville, GA. 
NS 1816
June 2013
Sarah Nutt has
fallen in love with Nixon
in Athens, GA.
NS 1820
June 2013
Chantilly has a terrific forever home with Christine & Robert Marcolini in New England.
NS 1634
June 2013
Colleen MeBee of Akron, OH,  found a new best
friend in SIlver.
NS 1434
June 2013
Harrison has a wonderful
forever home with Stephen Vance
of Greenville, SC.
NS 1831
June 2013
Roosevelt is thrilled to join Matthew & Debi Grober in Atlanta, GA.
NS 1819
June 2013
Wilma, now Lacy, has happily joined the Dion Family in Bristol, RI.
NS 1793
June 2013
Owing is joining Marty Minder and new sibling, Maggie in Plymouth Meeting, PA.
NS 1799
Lil' Scout
June 2013
Lil' Scout has found a wonderful forever home with Rachel Dooley in Durham, NC.
NS 1788
June 2013
Ziva happily joins Paul & Jeanine Ludewig in Hilton Head Island, SC.
NS 1786
June 2013
Celia joins Caleb & Renee McIntire of Smyrna, GA for a happy life together.
NS 1175
Bi Dana
June 2013
Bi Dana, now Jilly, has joined a wonderful family in northern VA with two great girls and a Sheltie.
NS 1780
June 2013
Lyla has found her forever home with Michael Day in St. Petersburg, FL.
NS 1428
June 2013
Fezzik happily joins Hildegard and Sue Richardson in Augusta, GA.
NS 1785
June 2013
Donna Profit, Glen Pennington and their Lab have given Glenn a wonderful forever home in OH.
NS 1760
June 2013
Blew has found a wonderful forever home with Kathy Ostrander in Richmond Hill, GA.
NS 1832
June 2013
Bravo is thrilled to join Maggie Buchanan in Powder Springs, GA.
NS 1814
June 2013
Dandelion has found a wonderful forever home with David Rash in Tampa, FL.
NS 1744
June 2013
Dae is happy to be joining Scott and Dawn Earl in Bradenton, FL.
NS 1743
June 2013
Carolyn Donahoe has given Lindsay a wonderful forever home in Southern NJ.
NS 1842
June 2013
Loki has found a wonderful forever home with Roy and Lara Livergood in Etters, PA.
NS 1210
June 2013
Cayenne has found a terrific forever home with Elise Bowditch in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 1763
June 2013
Tobias is thrilled to be joining Shawn McCormick in New York City.
NS 1845
June 2013
Mags has found a great forever home with Marjie & Don Wolfe in Melbourne, FL.
NS 1747
Ready Teddy
June 2013
Ready Teddy will be joining his 10 year old aussie "brother" keeping things under control at the farm.
NS 1844
June 2013
Brando has fit in perfectly with the Linda and Sam in New England and loves fetching the paper!
NS 1716
June 2013
Jennifer Peacock has given Zax his dream home
in Rome, GA.
NS 1835
Rod Stewart
June 2013
Rod Stewart, now Tennessee Jed, joins Tom, Amy and ACD brother Zeke in Dorset, VT.
NS 1801
July 2013
Shade gets to spend his days with the Fosters in Pottstown, PA where he will get lots of lovin' and go on long hikes.
NS 1821
July 2013
Garnet, now Rug, will get to spend her summers in NY and winters in CA.
NS 1797
July 2013
Ruger has found a wonderful forever home with Paul and Lisa Ballow in Pooler, GA.
NS 1833
July 2013
Andrea Collins has given Porter a fabulous forever home
in Valdosta, Ga.
NS 1838
July 2013
Pebble and Sarah Keyes will do lots of hiking and go for runs near Saranac Lake, NY.
NS 1792
July 2013
Browning joins Janet Ward and two Aussie siblings at his wonderful forever home
in New England.
NS 1809
July 2013
Stargazer joins repeat adopter Sue Adams and Betty (NS0777) in Hobe Sound, FL.
NS 1748
Skye Blue
July 2013
Robin Orosz has fallen in love with Sky Blue and taken her home to Palm Harbor, FL.
NS 1654
July 2013
Jibs has a terrific new home with Deadra and Gregory Farrow
of Orlando, FL.
NS 1749
July 2013
Benton and Trish Carpenter will have many happy days together
in Lehighton, PA
NS 1803
July 2013
Clarabelle, now Lexy, joins brother Aussies Rowan and Riley
with the Petrinjaks of OH.
NS 0704
July 2013
Dane  joins 3 equine friends
with Susan Renner
of New England
NS 1773
July 2013
Murfree has found a wonderful forever home with Kim and Andy Kiely in Freehold, NJ.
NS 1841
July 2013
Kennedy has found his forever home with Rachel Barlow in Gainesville, FL.
NS 1840
July 2013
Jacqueline is thrilled to be joining Kellie McCann in Bluffton, SC.
NS 1839
Mini Millie
July 2013
Marie and Don Corke have fallen in love with Mini Millie and taken her home to NJ.
NS 1794
July 2013
Twizzles, now called Molly, was adopted by a family with 4 kids to keep her busy chasing balls!
NS 1765
July 2013
Gal joins Kevin and Jill Hitt and a 12 yr old sibling aussie girl named Panda in OH.
NS 1822
Lacey May
August 2013
Lacey May joins Kellie (NS1697) in her forever home with the Nortons in Philadelphia.
NS 1791
August 2013
Twix has a new home with Robert Stowell and Judy Haglund and their family in Penfield, NY.
NS 1883
August 2013
Wowser, now Zen, joins Peggy and boxer mix sister in Kings Mills, OH.
NS 1584
August 2013
Repo was adopted by the Gibsons in Calabash, NC.

NS 1627
Koda Boy
August 2013
Koda Boy has a happy home
with Mickie Bradley
near Venice FL.
NS 1848
August 2013
Shakespeare gets 2 kids and an Aussie sister with Kari & Ted Avramov of NY.
NS 1804
August 2013
Gynger has found a wonderful forever home with the Elliot's in Evans City, PA.
NS 1435
August 2013
Blackberry, now Winnie, happily joins Jasen Lamoureaux in Syracuse, NY.
NS 1764
Maggie Mae
August 2013
Maggie Mae has found a wonderful home with Amanda & Timothy Allen in Altamont, NY.
NS 1800
August 2013
Zucca is thrilled to be joining Jennifer Manikowski in Stone Mountain, GA.
NS 1837
August 2013
Zelda has a wonderful forever home with Bruce Hooper
in New Jersey.
NS 1808
August 2013
Mike & Karen Palmour have found their perfect friend
in Bess.
NS 1815
August 2013
Dev has found a wonderful forever home with Gene Miller in Coatesville, PA.
NS 1810
August 2013
The Ulmers and Couper are a perfect match!

NS 1902
August 2013
Nicholas joins Don and Lorraine Fair and will travel between OH and CA with them.
NS 1053
August 2013
Arty is training with new mom Angela to become a SAR dog in St. Louis, MO.
NS 1861
Fozzie Bear
August 2013
Fozzie Bear happily joins Kyle and Rick Cutsinger in Ooltewah, TN.
NS 1790
August 2013
Gibson found his forever home with Katie Gavin & Steve Corner in Rochester, MN
NS 1825
August 2013
Abs joins the Hornbergers and Border Collie big brother in Maineville, OH
NS 1826
August 2013
Michael & Yvette Powell have given Nibbles a wonderful new home in GA.
NS 1864
Sweet Spencer
August 2013
Sweet Spencer joins
Charles Carideo in
sunny Florida
NS 1847
Honey Bear
August 2013
Honey Bear joins new sister golden, Pearl, to romp on over 4 acres in the country.
NS 1881
August 2013
Sparkinator is now Wilson and is helping the Pflugers start their life together in Feasterville, PA.
NS 1824
August 2013
Bristol is very happy in her forever home with Lezlee and Jeff Sabo in MD.
NS 1885
August 2013
McGee will have a terrific life with Velma and Steve Newsome
of Cincinnati, OH.
NS 1827
August 2013
Buckmeister has found a terrific forever home with Becky Thomas in Lake Park, GA.
NS 1782
August 2013
Andrea and John Kochensparger are giving Zeus a wonderful new home.
NS 1754
August 2013
Teo has found a wonderful forever home with Laura Lindsley in Washington, DC.
NS 1905