Happy Endings January - April 2013
The dogs below have found new homes thanks to the efforts of the many New Spirit volunteers and other rescue people who help so much in all we do.

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January 2013
Oakey joins 2 other Aussies with Paul Schwartz in Casselberry, FL.
NS 1561
January 2013
Pepper has found his forever home with Kern Thomas in Panama City Beach, FL.
NS 1530
January 2013
Ily has found a wonderful forever home with Madison Starowesky in Brandenton, FL.
NS 1529
January 2013
Coda has decided to make her foster home her forever home in Hendersonville, NC.
NS 0339
January 2013
Leon has a new family in Kennesaw and two kids to throw his toys for him all day and night.
NS 1620
January 2013
Meika will join NS's Atticus
with Angela Black
in Maryland.
NS 1692
January 2013
Baya formally joins her pack of other NS adoptees at her foster home in North Carolina.
NS 1630
January 2013
Clarice, now Daisey, found her forever home with Ashley and Jeff Roberts in Norwalk, CT.
NS 1602
January 2013
Blizzard happily joins Mary Elizabeth and Zachary Margolis in New York City.
NS 1417
January 2013
Alder has found his forever home with Brian Fornwalt in Westminster, MD.
NS 1699
January 2013
Donner gets a new brother and Aussie Sister with the Daniel family of Reistertown, MD.
NS 1604
January 2013
Jolly found a terrific home with  Mike and Linda Gelato
of Stroudsburg, PA.
NS 1607
January 2013
Chief is thrilled with his new 30-acre farm which he shares with  the Wolfes in Easton, PA.
NS 1535
January 2013
Annabellum joins NS big brother Derby with Constance Winant & Chris Hermance of Wayne, PA.
NS 1629
Cocoa Bean
January 2013
Cocoa Bean happily joins Margeret Lesch and Andrew Rice in Berwyn, PA.
NS 1608
January 2013
Samantha decided to stay at her foster home with aussie foster brothers Toby & Rain.
NS 0092
January 2013
Kimber has found a wonderful forever home with Barbara Hudecki in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 1698
January 2013
Liv will spend her golden years as a foster failure with the Haas family in Summit Hill, PA.
NS 1297
January 2013
Sierra happily joins Barb and Chris Kefalas in Alipuippa, PA.
NS 1046
January 2013
Rippy will enjoy his future as an agility dog with his 2 furry sisters in Gahanna, OH.
NS 1583
Tennessee Angel
January 2013
Tennessee Angel joins
Shirley and Tom Grumbine
in Birdsboro, PA.
NS 1605
January 2013
Merrell happily joins
Jeanne Kleinschmidt
in Wake Forest, NC
NS 1700
January 2013
Kaia has a great home with the Barnowski family and gets a Shiba Inu sibling too!
NS 1703
January 2013
Virginia Edwards has given Saylor a terrific forever home
in Wellington, FL
NS 1659
January 2013
Honeycutt joins Nikki Graziano and Chris Rowland
in Brooklyn, NY.
NS 1661
January 2013
Prancer found his forever home with the Will family & big bro Hudson in Woodbury, NY.
NS 1674
January 2013
Dancer found her forever home with Pam who loves her in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI.
NS 1671
January 2013
Mixy happily joins Susan and Leonard Bendinsky in Barto, PA.
NS 0557
February 2013
Bandito has made his foster home his forever home with the Mozer's in Davisburg, MI.
NS 1367
February 2013
Vixen has found a wonderful forever home with Beth Sabin in Palatine, IL.
NS 1675
Kentucky May
February 2013
Kentucky May joins Riley and NS's Zoomer & Sassy in Granby, CT.
NS 1631
February 2013
Dasher has found a wonderful forever home with Daryl and family in Davisburg, MI.
NS 1672
February 2013
Kauri, now Kuma, makes his new home in Philadelphia with mom Cella and feline sister Batgirl.
NS 1696
February 2013
Sabrina happily joins
Judy Johns
of Cortland, NY
NS 1523
February 2013
Kimmie has found her forever home with Julie Ziino in Godfrey, IL.
NS 1693
February 2013
Haven has found her forever home with Elaine & Tom Rinicker in Land O'Lakes, FL.
NS 1567
February 2013
Aspen is thrilled to join Robin Biscaia in Norfolk, MA.
NS 1705
February 2013
Wizard has found a wonderful forever home with Wayne Crook in Cool Ridge, WV.
NS 1609
February 2013
Secant joins 2 yr old Missy, who looks & plays just like him, and a 12 yr old border collie in King of Prussia, PA.
NS 1665
February 2013
Cupid has found a wonderful home with Suzanne in Brantford, Ontario.
NS 1673
February 2013
Blitzen will enjoy his life with the Young family and another young aussie to play with in NY.
NS 1676
February 2013
Pickles has a great new home with Lori Carmines-Finn
of Chesapeake, VA.
NS 1711
February 2013
Tonka has gone to his forever home with Tim & Sue Clark
near Springfield, MA.
NS 1621
February 2013
Tatum now lives with Susan Rasor in Signal Mountain Tennessee.
NS 1575
February 2013
Lisette happily joins
Michael and Michelle Harter
in Abbottstown, PA.
NS 1715
Daisey Rae
February 2013
Stewart & Hedi Bergerhave given Daisey Rae a terrific forever home in Dresher, PA.
NS 1633
February 2013
Ryka has found a wonderful forever home with Cristen Flanagan in Mendon, MA.
NS 1704
February 2013
Tippi's foster home is now her forever home with foster sister Keating and Jody Schulte in New Castle, DE.
NS 1702
February 2013
Wolfie joins Berner brother and BC sister in Palermo, NJ.  Perhaps agility in his future?  Definitely love in his future.
NS 1710
February 2013
Yuengling  has found a great forever home with Sarah Stanley in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 1720
February 2013
Harper happily joins Celeste McGee & Stephen Schneeweis in Newark, DE.
NS 1636
February 2013
Biloxi found his forever home with the Arruda Family in Portsmouth, RI.
NS 1731
February 2013
Heart has found a great forever home with the Johnson Family in Ocean PInes, MD.
NS 1713
February 2013
Kitty Szaro will be giving Dasie a wonderful forever home in Trilby, FL.
NS 1568
March 2013
Tug has a wonderful new home with Sharon where he will be the center of her universe.
NS 1628
Lady Lexey
March 2013
Lady Lexey happily joins Bethany Reutemann in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 1635
Xerses and Vivvie
March 2013
Brother and sister Xerses and Vivvie are so happy to stay together forever with the Hunnewells in Water Mill, NY.

NS 1709                                    NS 1708
March 2013
Kindle has gleefully joined NS Diogi an the Old Family
in Williamsburg, VA.
NS 1694
Mary Kay
March 2013
The Leber Family, with two little Lebers, has named this girl Honey and that is just what she is!
NS 1732
March 2013
Kapok is thrilled to make his new home with Adam, Dana and 2  aussie sisters in Pennsylvania.
NS 1695
March 2013
Sinead Fitzmaurice and Don Feeney have given Spot a terrific home in Worcester, MA.
NS 1587
March 2013
Chaos is very happy with
Jack and Rose Pawlik
of Tiverton, RI.
NS 1714
March 2013
Colby's loving new home
is with Brianne Norris
of Richmond, VA.
NS 0261
March 2013
Arrow joins 10 yr old golden retriever rescue-Daisy on 5 acres in Bethlehem, PA.
NS 1691
Java Joe
March 2013
Java Joe won the hearts of his foster mom and 3 dogs and will be staying in Louisville, KY.
NS 1632
March 2013
Ruckus has found his forever home with Frank and Cathy Madden in Cazenovia, NY.
NS 1706
March 2013
Wiggles joins her new family and will learn the family pet training business in Morristown, NJ
NS 1637
Thor the Hammer
March 2013
Paula and Tom in NY are delighted to have Thor joining their household.
NS 1522
March 2013
Ullie(now Chelsea) is sister & top dog to Vivvie, Xerses and Wolfie  with Eric and Becky Hall.
NS 1707
March 2013
Dancer found her forever home with the Hubackers and their previously adopted Aussie Lexi!
NS 1671
March 2013
Stoney is thrilled to be joining Chuck Ross in Kennett Square, PA.
NS 1736
March 2013
Spider has found a great forever home with Karen Butcher in Georgetown, KY.
NS 1718
March 2013
Zahzu happily joins Linda Steadle-Foster and her children in Madison, VA.
NS 1719
March 2013
Tarzan has found his forever home with Krista & Joe McNamara in Tiverton, RI.
NS 1638
March 2013
Turbo has found a wonderful forever home with Becky Heden in Freehold, NJ.
NS 1726
March 2013
Tundra is thrilled to be joining Mark & Elfriede Lamhut in Freehold, NJ.
NS 1721
March 2013
Tang joins the Uffelman family & will have 2 kids & a cattle dog to play with in Rehoboth Beach, DE.
NS 1725
March 2013
Arlette & Guillermo Troconis
have given Kylie a wonderfl forever home in Orlando, FL.
NS 1570
March 2013
Silhouette has a terrific forever home with his Foster Mom,
Rebecca Jablonski.
NS 1588
March 2013
Wesley is getting a fantastic new playmate with the Imm's and their golden retriever.
NS 1733
March 2013
Hammond has found a great forever home with Helen Heinmiller in Downingtown, PA.
NS 1590
March 2013
Flame joins Carolyn and Bruce Archer and furry sibling Hunter in Lebanon, OH.
NS 1589
March 2013
Tinker joins the Sherr family and will have 2 human brothers to play with in Ashland, MA.
NS 1724
March 2013
Braveheart happily joins Patricia McDonough in Glenside, PA.
NS 1727
March 2013
Thistle found a wonderful new home with Frank & Jane Dublin in West Chester, PA.
NS 1722
March 2013
Blueberry found her forever home with the Woods Family and aussie big bro Tolken in Bellingham, MA.
NS 1735
March 2013
Buccaneer has melted the heart of Ray Griffin and family in Ambler, PA.
NS 1623
March 2013
Thyme happily joins Charles and Kathleen Trainor in Reading, PA.
NS 1723
March 2013
Buckley has found his forever home with Katrina and Mark Heinzen in Cleveland Heights, OH.
NS 1585
March 2013
Nashville snuggled his way into the Gatenby Family to make it his forever home in Bristol, RI.
NS 1737
Pretty Girl
March 2013
Pretty Girl, now Belle, happily joins Pamela Westermeyer in Villa Hilla, KY.
NS 1582
Mallory Knox
March 2013
Mallory Knox, now Sadie, has found her forever home with Sheri Johnson in Valdosta, GA.
NS 1738
March 2013
Sybil has found a great forever home with Karen Heinold in Basking Ridge, NJ.
NS 1626
March 2013
Mouse joins Craig Moore and 6 yr. old rescue Kaya in Columbus, OH.
NS 1751
April 2013
Pyper is happy to join Rebbekah Houde in Gainesville, FL.
NS 1776
April 2013
Dab will be joining 2 little girls and a cat with the Fowler family in Seaford, DE.
NS 1639
Tennessee Captain
April 2013
Tennessee Captain has found his forever home with Brooke Willmes in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 1606
B Dawg
April 2013
B Dawg's foster home has become his forever home with Katie Gibson in NJ.
NS 1610
April 2013
Bodhi joins a wonderful couple in Conshohocken, PA.  He will have a kitty sibling & retriever buddies.
NS 1701
Suzy Q
April 2013
Suzy Q joins the Johnson family and will have 2 human brothers to love her in Macungie, PA.
NS 1752
April 2013
Giggs has found his forever home with George & Kim Cowan in Scranton, SC.
NS 1784
April 2013
Kellie's foster family has become her forever family in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 1697
April 2013
Nutmeg will be joining the Hendlers on their horse farm in Putnam, CT.
NS 1729
April 2013
Cullen has found a wonderful forever home with Brooke Mullholand in Canton, GA.
NS 1740
April 2013
Dakota decided to stay with his foster mom forever in Reynoldsville, PA.
NS 1426
April 2013
Inky has found a wonderful forever home with Michael De Mattia in Bellingham, MA.
NS 1734
April 2013
Lakayla happily joins Michael and Sharon Savastio in Melbourne, FL.
NS 1425
April 2013
Buttons has found a great forever home with Amy Allmond in Bushnell, FL.
NS 1742
April 2013
Pierce has charmed his way in to his foster mom's heart and home forever in Savannah, GA.
NS 1781
April 2013
Demi will be lifelong best friends with David Hewson in Kingsport, TN.
NS 1728
Allie McNally
April 2013
Allie McNally joins
Beth Rutgers in
Williamsburg, VA.
NS 1427
April 2013
Cooper has a great forever home with  Nick Nazaretian
in Tampa, FL.
NS 0534
April 2013
NS4AR's own Andrea and Jon Kochensparger have given Cruiser his forever home in OH.
NS 1712
April 2013
NS4AR foster mom Pamela Boland has fallen in love with Tipster, now Duke, in OH.
NS 1586
April 2013
NS4AR's own Andrea and Jon Kochensparger have given Merry her forever home in OH.
NS 1677
Cindy Jo
April 2013
Cindy Jo has settled in for good with Kristi Daroci
of Pottstown, PA.
NS 1184
Queen La Tilda
April 2013
Queen La Tilda has found her perfect forever home with Linda Wheeler in Scenery Hill, PA.
NS 1515
Georgie Girl
April 2013
Georgie Girl has found a wonderful forever home with Todd Grimes in Lebanon, OH.
NS 1756
April 2013
Gimli is thrilled to join Betsy Pallante in Willoughby Hills, OH.
NS 1758
April 2013
Jezebel has found her forever home with Mike and Gloria Burns in Westerville, OH.
NS 1753