Happy Endings July - December 2012
The dogs below have found new homes thanks to the efforts of the many New Spirit volunteers and other rescue people who help so much in all we do.

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Mr. Green Jeans
July 2012
Mr. Green Jeans happily joins Antoinette Cancellaro in Johnson City, TN
NS 1507
July 2012
Gecho has found a wonderful forever home with Dorot hy Kawalczy in Manlius, NY
NS 1503
July 2012
Where's Waldo?  Living happily ever after with the Marlboroughs in Bay Shore, NY
NS 1502
July 2012
Spring found her forever home with David Stallings & Caitlyn Ferguson in Brooklyn, NY
NS 1467
July 2012
Nally, now LuLu Starfish, was adopted by the Hill Family of FL and is very much loved!
NS 1441
July 2012
Gaspar, now Billy, has 3 Aussie siblings with Jane & Gerald
of Lincolnville, ME.
NS 1349
July 2012
Jayce calls Amanda Cooper "Mom" in Decatur GA

NS 1400
July 2012
Margie joins Shellie and her family in TN where there is a new Lab friend and two kids to play with.
NS 1398
July 2012
Bubbles has been adopted and now lives in Gainesville with Ken and Susie and is adored!
NS 1442
July 2012
Nava Klipphahn and Bree each found their new best friend
in Bangor, PA.
NS 1357
Lil Sprout
July 2012
Lil Sprout, now Scout, found his perfect forever home with mom Kathy and Sheltie brother, Jake.
NS 1511
July 2012
Augie joins "big brother" Greely (former NS Tugaloo) with the Szocs in Northfield, MA
NS 1543
July 2012
Auburn is living it up
in Melbourne Beach, FL
with Cathy Lind
NS 1377
July 2012
Fr. Joe Pinchock has given
Sony a terrific forever home
in Port Orange, FL.
NS 1372
July 2012
Dilbert will be "retiring" to South Carolina with his new forever family, the Mewbournes.
NS 1475
July 2012
Koko happily joins
Tom & Peggy Sullivan
in Canastota, NY.
NS 1474
July 2012
Malachi, now Otis, won the
hearts of his foster home,
the Guenterberg's!
NS 1514
July 2012
Sookie, now Gemma, has a new brother Jack with the Marino's
of Gaithersburg, MD.
NS 1509
July 2012
Trotter will get to hang out with Janice and Larry Graham
in Louisville, KY
NS 1516
August 2012
Eeyore has found a wonderful forever home with Rachel Colliver in Wilmington, OH.
NS 1422
Moosie Boy
August 2012
Moosie Boy joins NS's Gaspar and other Aussie siblings at the Bernier home in Lincolnville, ME.
NS 1518
August 2012
Lisa and Michael Cox
of Land O Lakes, FL have given Rae her dream home!
NS 1449
August 2012
Penelope happily joins Madeline Sofia in her new forever home in Rochester, NY.
NS 1519
Rita Hayworth
August 2012
Rita Hayworth can't stop smiling. She has a new home with George Boutin & a big bro Aussie in NJ.
NS 1414
August 2012
Jolie is living it up with
Katie Mulford & Ron Robben
in St. Petersburg, FL.
NS 1447
August 2012
Julie Groton is giving Jewel
the perfect life
in Port St. Lucie, FL
NS 1448
August 2012
Gideon is enjoying his new home with the Duke family & best buddy Bella in Royersford, PA.
NS 1508
Lucy B. and Ricky R.
August 2012
Lucy B. and Ricky R. will happily remain together forever in their home with Bob and Sarah Pugh in Deland, FL.

NS 1527                                            NS 1526
August 2012
Rigby joins  Colleen Toal at his new forever home
in Robesonia, PA.
NS 1546
August 2012
Vicki Coyle has made Corley
a very happy dog
in Bethlehem, PA.
NS 1520
August 2012
Chesterfield joins Charlotte (NS Amanda) and two older aussie siblings in Stafford, VA.
NS 1542
August 2012
Carly found her forever home with Virginia and Matt Evans in Philadelphia, PA.
NS 0980
August 2012
Estill is joining the Sirois family including Chloe (NS Cholena) and 3 kids in Rehobeth,MA.
NS 1386
Mr. Bojangles
August 2012
Mr. Bojangles had decided to stay forever with his foster mom in Morgantown, IN.
NS 1517
August 2012
Keats joins NS sister Gypsy
with Mary in Atlanta, GA.

NS 1392
August 2012
Paolo joins his Aussie sister Niki with the Kaufman family
in Atlanta, GA
NS 1399
August 2012
Beth was welcomed into the Vaughan family in GA - complete with balloons and lots of kisses!
NS 1572
August 2012
Sandi joins Melanie
in her home
in Atlanta, GA.
NS 1571
August 2012
Dayton, now Apollo, joins
NS's Lady Gaga with
Fran DeFoe of Syracuse, NY.
NS 1219
August 2012
Jaye has found his forever home with Art Wildblood in St. Augustine, FL.
NS 1379
August 2012
Finnigan happily joins Alix and Micah Scott in Columbus, OH.
NS 1360
August 2012
Jobe has decided to stay in his foster home forever in Hendersonville, NC.
NS 1023
Happy Jax
August 2012
Happy Jax will be staying with his foster family forever
in Marydel, DE.
NS 1295
September 2012
Bradley and Helen Marter
have fallen in love
in Feasterville-Trevose, PA.
NS 1531
September 2012
Hayden joins two vets, Dr. Parkes and Parkes and their daughter in Roswell, GA
NS 1573
September 2012
Bobber has a new
Sheltie sister with
the Webb family of AL.
NS 1329
September 2012
Gilbert joins the Morgan family in Chattanooga and has a new Border Collie brother Jake.
NS 1578
Duke Mazur
September 2012
Duke Mazur has a wonderful forever home with Donald
of Washington, PA.
NS 1544
September 2012
Smoochie happily joins Kathy & John Guenterberg in Gaithersburg, MD.
NS 1548
September 2012
Malibu has found her forever home with Kathryn Quirk in Chalfont, PA.
NS 0045
September 2012
Norton has decided to make his foster home his forever home in Spring Grove, PA.
NS 1547
September 2012
Cuddles joins Addie Sochats, Chris Zeiders and their dog and cat in Falls Church, VA.
NS 1185
September 2012
Rhea has found a wonderful forever home with Betsy Arnaldin of Green, RI.
NS 1545
September 2012
Mary Galanes has given Boudikai a fabulous forever home
in Wilmington, DE.
NS 1664
September 2012
Patty has a wonderful home with her wonderful owner Brianna
in Clarkston, MI !
NS 1644
September 2012
Carolina happily joins John Havran and Carroll Stephens in Blacksburg, VA.
NS 1541
September 2012
Linus has found his forever home with the Meyers family in Churchville, PA.
NS 1645
September 2012
Charley joins the Cerullo family and her sister Nala (another NS dog) in Millis, MA.
NS 1643
September 2012
Ollie-man has found a wonderful forever home with Jill Ramsier in Orlando, FL.
NS 1375
September 2012
Snoopy went to live with Arlene Prouty and her 2 dogs on her horse farm in Bellingham, MA.
NS 1641
September 2012
Jennifer & Johnny Kerns have given Sutton a terrific forever
home in Independence, KY.
NS 1423
September 2012
Zellar has found a great forever home with Leanne & Michael Baciu in Bexley, OH.
NS 1483
September 2012
Bitsy has found a wonderful forever home with Dawn McFall  in Bridgman, MI.
NS 1532
Rose Lee
September 2012
Alice Rader has given Rose Lee
a fabulous forever home
in Adamstown, MD.
NS 1528
September 2012
Schoreder found his new forever home with the on the O'Neill Family Farm in RI.
NS 1642
September 2012
Chica was adopted by Rick Bankoff and family.  They are just crazy about each other.
NS 1365
September 2012
Kadee, now Scarlett, join NS's Rayne with Rande Orde
of Sarasota, FL.
NS 1446
September 2012
Jes has a very happy home
with Theresa Housefile and Joe Roman in Florida.
NS 1380
September 2012
Marcello, now Rex, is living
it up with Ed Sabol
of Ocala, FL.
NS 1031
September 2012
Motley now lives in Tampa with the Charlton Family.  They say he’s the perfect dog for them!
NS 1450
Honey Boo Boo
September 2012
Honey Boo Boo has a great new home with Carol and Rod Miller
of Ellicott City, MD.
NS 1649
September 2012
Leslie Bloom and Ellis are
very happy together
in Havertown, PA.
NS 1551
September 2012
Friederick has a spectacular forever home with Carol Culbertson of Enon, Ohio.
NS 1484
September 2012
Kaptain found his place with
NS's Alicia Heidorn
in Beavercreek, OH.
NS 1489
October 2012
Cleopatra joins Mark Gans
in Northampton, PA.
NS 1666

October 2012
Matilda found her forever home with Amylynn & Rodney Byrd in Crawfordsville, IN.
NS 1534
October 2012
John and Stephanie Rose
of Philadelphia, PA
have fallen in love with Durango.
NS 1554
October 2012
Merle found his forever home w/ the Cerny family, their 2 kids and Aussie in Beverly Hills, MI.
NS 1366
October 2012
Conway was adopted by the Zolna family and has an Aussie buddy in Fairless Hills, PA.
NS 1648
October 2012
Copper has decided to stay forever with Cate Decker in Tampa, FL.
NS 1378
October 2012
Candy has found her forever home with Gloria Krzeminski in Sanford, FL.
NS 1651
October 2012
MacGuyver, now Harley, joins two old aussie siblings in Virginia.
NS 1536
October 2012
Barley joins the Marshall family, including 3 kids, 1 dog and a cat in Mickleton, NJ.
NS 1510
October 2012
Shai joins Jamie and Lori Brown
in their happy home
in Jacksonville, FL .
NS 1655
October 2012
Cola has a fantastic forever home
with Lauren Wilder
of Lutz, FL.
NS 1653
October 2012
Walley is wrapped up in love and attention in his new CT home with Chris Welch and her family.
NS 1669
October 2012
Marta found her forever home with the Rockelmans in Egg Harbor Township, NJ .
NS 1486
October 2012
Townes joins the Groton family and sister Ginger (NS Jewel) in Port St. Lucie, FL.
NS 1565
October 2012
Opal has found a wonderful forever home with Deborah Busking in Remsenburg, NY.
NS 1594
October 2012
Kathy Doolin has welcomed Paulie into her home in Newark, DE.
NS 1595
October 2012
Tandy happily joins Angie Niland in Macungie, PA.
NS 1599
October 2012
Sigurd has found a fantastic forever home with Lori Wenrich in Mohnton, PA.
NS 1598
October 2012
Rolph joins the Neijdi family
with his new aussie
sister Ullie in CT.
NS 1487
October 2012
After a long search, Kolby has found his place with Sue Tinsman
of Nokesville, VA.
NS 1419
November 2012
Kurt is happier than ever with
Susan Hudachek
in Pittsburg, PA.
NS 1488
November 2012
Janis Birdsall has given Mate a fabulous new home a new sister to play with in Clinton, CT.
NS 1650
November 2012
Rownie has won the hearts of his foster family and joins Raoul Roy and Pat Brown for good!
NS 1371
November 2012
Buck is off to start his new life with his sister Roxy and
the Quatromoni Family of RI.
NS 1647
Teddy The Bear
November 2012
Teddy The Bear joins
Dan White for a wonderful life together in Gainesville, FL.
NS 1652
November 2012
Maksym joins Betsey & Jim Williams & sister Ruby (Renata NS 1359) in Mason, OH.
NS 1485
November 2012
Kiki found her forever home with David & Melody Dunn and 2 kittens in Brooksville, FL.
NS 1563
November 2012
Tobi happily joins Frank Turner and 2 canine siblings in Stetson, ME.
NS 1553
November 2012
Willy has found his new forever home with the Blum Family in  Chestnut Ridge , NY
NS 1646
November 2012
Christine and John Andrews have made Trooper a special part of their home in Deering, NH.
NS 1603
November 2012
Storm joins the Heisler family where she has 2 little boys to play with - her favorite thing!
NS 1555
November 2012
Sisters Alicia and Barbara will happily spend their lives together with Bettina Sturm in Cornwell, NY.

NS 1559                                            NS 1560
Alicia and Barbara
November 2012
Kole joins his new family in Lenoir City, TN along with his NS brother Blaze now Mic.
NS 1611
November 2012
Shey is enjoying the dog park near her new home in Atlanta w/ her best friend Aaron Wood.
NS 1576
November 2012
Tahoe joins Ed Henck at his home near Atlanta, GA.  The two are becoming fast friends.
NS 1580
November 2012
Docker has found his forever home with Andrew Haslett in Elizabethtown, KY.
NS 1424
November 2012
Pippa is happy at home w/ Tina Christian & 2 Aussie fursiblings in Lexington, KY.
NS 1473
November 2012
Pewter, now Polly, is enjoying the good life with Jim and Bridget Rogier in Epping, NH.
NS 1521
November 2012
Tito happily joins Olivia & Todd Shumate in West Harrison, IN.
NS 1579
November 2012
Dapp has found a wonderful forever home with Jennifer and Jason Smith in Centerville, VA.
NS 0638
November 2012
Benicia, now Rosie, is making her new home with the Jayo / Hecht family in PA.
NS 1556
November 2012
Cecilia, now Cassandra, has her new forever home in Lancaster, PA with the Proviano family.
NS 1557
November 2012
Friar is now that very special something at Karen Haupt's home in Crestwood, KY.
NS 1670
November 2012
It was love at first sight with
Jason and Jessie Sabella
of Tidioute, PA.
NS 1538
November 2012
Conner joins his new family w/  Aussie sister to show him how to enjoy life in Riverside, RI.
NS 1552
November 2012
Carlisle will be a study buddy for Stephanie Seller in Ithaca, NY.
NS 1533
November 2012
Farley found his forever home with Colleen Howland in Ellicott City, MD
NS 1624
November 2012
Halsey joins the Davis family in GA where she has a canine buddy named Charlie.
NS 1613
December 2012
Rexie has found a wonderful forever home with Jeffrey Brune in Washington, DC.
NS 1625
November 2012
Reddy happily joins the Burns family and NS sister is Newtown, PA.
NS 1558
November 2012
Zoey found her forever home with Deb Leef & Arlene Kluizenaar in Downington, PA.
NS 1506
November 2012
Jete, now Drake, joins Lynn & David. He will do agility with brother River & sister Dream.
NS 1657
December 2012
Jovi found a fantastic forever home with Susan Benson in St. Petersburg, FL.
NS 1658
December 2012
Kramer has found his forever home with Fonda Poland in Carmel, IN.
NS 1476
December 2012
Duchess has a new family with 2 sisters and an aussie brother named Toby.
NS 1663
December 2012
Scoobby happily joins his new family Marie & Jerry Spangler in Deland, FL.
NS 1564
December 2012
Josanne has found a
wonderful forever home with Colleen Nolan.
NS 1537
December 2012
McIntosh joins empty-nesters looking to fill their house again with rescued Aussies in VA.
NS 1597
December 2012
Cowboy,now Cobey, wiggles his way into a new family, joining 2 human siblings in Bethesda, MD.
NS 1540
December 2012
Mooch has found a wonderful forever home with Stew and Karen on Capitol Hill!
NS 1368
Darlin' Dixie
December 2012
Darlin' Dixie happily joins her forever family - Tony and Rita Nunez in Newark, DE
NS 1600
December 2012
Bingo has found a terrific forever home with Regina Turner in Coatesville, PA
NS 1601
December 2012
Amelia finally found the perfect forever home with the Edmonds family in Atlanta, GA.
NS 1274
December 2012
Joel happily joins his forever home with Mallory near Augusta GA.
NS 1618
December 2012
Indiana will be living on a wonderful horse farm and training facilily in Ashland, OH.
NS 0713
December 2012
Carlton joins big brother Rowdy and the Moore's in Graysville, OH.
NS 1549
December 2012
Benedict is thrilled to have his new humans all to himself in Pontiac, MI
NS 1581
December 2012
Gabbie, now Pippa, joins NS brother Templeton, now Orso, at the Sirkins in Devon, PA.
NS 1622
December 2012
Chuck will make New York City his new home with Kristina Alfonsi.
NS 1662
December 2012
Heather joins Jeanette Nelson, Karen Eck and previous NS dog Littlefoot in Lansdale, PA.
NS 1668
December 2012
Lanka will be well loved by the Little Family of Yardley, and will go to work with his vet "mom."
NS 0959
December 2012
Dani fits seamlessly into her forever home with the Mayfield family in Marietta, GA.
NS 1615
December 2012
Ethan happily now calls the Crosby family of Atlanta his very own
NS 1619
December 2012
Bubby, now Kendal, joins NS Motley, now Caymus, with the Charlton's in Tampa, FL.
NS 1562
December 2012
Fuzzy has found a wonderful forever home with Emily Mccamy in Nashville, TN
NS 1550