January 2011
Vespa, now Piper, happily joins the Kessler family and her new Aussie sister Belle
in Kennesaw, Ga.
NS 0610
January 2011
Ginny found a great new home with Mary Mathewson  
near Hudson,WI.
NS 0824
January 2011
Haas chose Helen and Paul Ciesla of Aberdeen, MD as his forever family.
NS 0805
Cool Blue Taylor
January 2011
Judy Papciak and Cool Blue Taylor are starting a new life together in Cape May Court House, NJ
NS 0854
January 2011
Delilah adopted Tracy Wiater-Herbert from Wrightstown, NJ!!
NS 0489
January 2011
Kasia Panza of Whitehall, MD picked Ella to be the perfect aussie companion!
NS 0488
January 2011
Jubilee found her happy place with Heather Reed in Mankato, MN
What a great start to the new year!
NS 0842
January 2011
Emma was a foster failure!!  She will stay right where she is with her foster home and new family, Sofia Morales & Trey Thomas.  Emma will live her days out in style in Oviedo, FL
NS 0744
January 2011
Holly Jones of Stafford, VA is happy with her new pup RJ
NS 0662
Lei Lei
Gunner Becker
January 2011
Azel traveled all the way to South Charleston, WV to find his forever home with Martha Mozingo
NS 0755
January 2011
Bindi is now a resident of St. Cloud, MN with her new family, Larry Outhwaite & Jessica Hotz
NS 0841
January 2011
Heather Kandiko of Madison, WI is now the proud new family of our handsome Gunner Becker
NS 0738
January 2011
Ted & Ann Buckley are helping Larry to settle in nicely at his new home in  Blaine, MN
NS 0848
January 2011
Tim and Bonnie think that Lei Lei will be the perfect addition to their Plymouth, MN home
NS 0846
January 2011
Arlene & Billl Robey moved Grethchen to Mt. Airy, MD so their family could be complete
NS 0812
January 2011
Myles is now with his family, Jennifer Davis and Correl Roush
in Hatboro PA.
NS 0830
January 2011
Mable is home how with John Woznisky of Paoli, PA
NS 0600

January 2011
Kathy Anderson of Crystal, MN is so happy to welcome her new pup Joe into her home!
NS 0849
January 2011
Neekoh is finally home with new family, Heidi & Philip Canaan of Farmington, MN
NS 0850
January 2011
Betsy slides into her new home in Chattanooga, TN with the Dillards.
NS 0598
January 2011
Bonny joins her new family the O'Donnells in Atlanta, GA.
NS 0611
January 2011
Evan Clark & Louise Ward of Winona, MN are the proud new family of Elfie!
NS 0845
January 2011
Timothy chose his forever home with Bill Deerr in southern
New Jersey
NS 0836
January 2011
Chuy chose Jack Pawlik for his new family.  They are living in Tiverton, RI and getting along just great!
NS 0895
Bandit Bob
January 2011
Bandit Bob stole the hearts of the Guerrero Family in Normal, IL
NS 0442

January 2011
Imrah found her forever home in Pasadena, MD with new mom Holli Broerman
NS 0838
January 2011
Harlan is home sweet home with his new family, the Manthey's in Manitowoc, WI
NS 0847
January 2011
Richard and Christine Cushing in Casselbery, FL went from foster home to forever home for our dog Hero!
NS 0745
January 2011
Roy & Joanne Whitehead of Winter Springs, FL have made Jordan  the newest addition to their family!
NS 0750
Cat Bandit
January 2011
Cat Bandit stole the Floyd's
hearts in Westford, MA
NS 0687
January 2011
Beatrice is now Zoey who strode into her foster home in Powder Springs GA and decided to stay.
NS 0612
January 2011
Wes & Amanda Fischer
gave Cocoa a great home near Farmington, MN.
NS 0843
January 2011
Embry now resides in Carbondale, IL with
Andrew Carver.
NS 0857
January 2011
Berre had a long journey to get to her forever home in Lake Bluff, IL with Romain Wodja.
NS 0754
January 2011
Coral found her forever home with her foster family in Peoria Illinois.
NS 0893
February 2011
Scott and Karen Young of East Windsor, NJ decided Pacie was the perfect fit for their home.
NS 0907
February 2011
Whiskey found his forever home with Charles & Eileen Tlush of Coopersburg, PA
NS 0899
February 2011
Andromeda, now Roxy is now living the Life of Reilly in Mid-Atlantic area along with her New Spirit brother.
NS 0853
February 2011
DiVinci, now Vinnie has found his forever home in Ft. Thomas, KY with the Roughton Family and aussie brother Lucky, a previous rescue pup!!
NS 0484
February 2011
Jay and Nancy Leonard of Sykesville, MD are the proud new family of Tula!
NS 0925
February 2011
Lyna now resides in Lincoln University, PA with her new family, the Farinas
NS 0821
February 2011
Selma is right where she wants to be with her new family the Sirhals in Acworth, GA
NS 0604
February 2011
Rebecca Hilty is now the proud new family of Anna and they now reside in Deltona, FL
NS 0539
February 2011
Cinnamon is now living with Vernon & Cindy Hair in Oakland, FL
NS 0961
February 2011
Courtney Nelson adopted Dozer and they now live happily ever after in Waconia, MN
NS 0649
February 2011
Alison Jacobs decided Mia was the perfect addition to her Minneapolis, MN home
NS 0788
February 2011
Macy found her forever home with the Brown family of
Allentown, PA
NS 0883
February 2011
Jemma found herself a new home in Millstone, NJ with Maryanne Borowski
NS 0886
February 2011
Checkers, now Tiller was adopted by Jess Niederer of Pennington, NJ and is happy with his new family!
NS 0887
February 2011
Lilly, now Cabela, arrived at the Stern household and has made herself at home in Harrison, NY
NS 0884
February 2011
Maisie is now a member of the McShay family in
Collingswood, NJ
NS 0885
February 2011
Cora found her home with new family, the Katsarelis' of
Stafford, VA
NS 0696
February 2011
James DeWald and Dapp will be taking obedience classes together.  Dapp now resides in Philadelphia, PA
NS 0638
February 2011
Drew and Ellen Halperin plan to live happily ever after in
New York, NY
NS 0889
February 2011
Em found her new home in Pembroke Pines, FL with new mom Theresa Correa
NS 0761
February 2011
Bindy now resides in Swedesboro, NJ with new family John, Samantha and Brody the Golden Retriever brother
NS 0928
February 2011
Imnah, our lethal white cutie found a home with the Lebarron Family of Rock Falls, IL
NS 0837
February 2011
The Lamb family of Park Ridge, IL found that Lillie is the perfect pup for them!!
NS 0787
Roy Hinkley
February 2011
Roy Hinkley is settling into his new home in Elmhurst, IL with new family the Hilligers
NS 0859
February 2011
Kathy Cael and Neil Jenks along with Trotter the Setter have adopted Curtis, now Zorro and live happily in Schweknsville, PA
NS 0693
February 2011
Milo is now living in Lake Island, IL with the Nitz Family
NS 0923
February 2011
Wimsey joins her mom Lyna in their new home with Madelyn & Ed Farina in  Lincoln University, PA
NS 0888
February 2011
Rumples now resides in White Bear Lake, MN with new mom Kristin Rose
NS 0789
February 2011
Atticus found a home on Angela Black & Glen Henshaw's mini farm in Port  Republic, MD.  He will be living with goats,
sheep and guinea pigs!
NS 0891
February 2011
Neveah is in heaven with New Spirit foster home, the Fenlasons, who decided life woudn't be complete with out this angel!
NS 820
February 2011
Mary Ann Wurst took new puppy Agatha home to Lebanon, NJ
NS 0881
February 2011
Marlowe and Katherine Sobocinski are best buds and living happily in Williamsburg, VA
NS 0890
February 2011
The McDowell family adopted Kinsey and now all live together in Boyertown, PA
NS 0882
February 2011
Beverly Olson is the proud new parent of Xander and they are living happily in Altoon, WI
NS 0863
February 2011
Lydia is moving to a new home with a Jack Russell brother, horses and more!  She now lives with the Pries family in Dover, DE
NS 0898
February 2011
Ralphie joins the Carter family who fell in love with his laid back and gentle nature.  They now live in Pinelake, GA
NS 0609
February 2011
Mascara joins her new family, the Moncrief's of Pipersville, PA.
NS 0936
February 2011
  Betsy and David Anstrand are the proud new parents of sweet puppy Theo.  They now live in Caotesville, PA
NS 0938
February 2011
  Kenny is now Murphy and has a loving family in Suwanee, GA and a Collie best friend next door.
NS 0911
March 2011
Onyx has found a great home with Ronald Burman
of  Orland Park, IL.
NS 0929
March 2011
Letre is now one of the Kallebachs with several human siblings and a border collie sister in Pipersville, PA.
NS 0902
March 2011
Jeannette & Sam Harpold
have given Gibbs a wonderful home in Paoli, PA.
NS 0937
March 2011
Samuel has been adopted by
Tim Messink of Gurnee, IL.
NS 0782

March 2011
Queenie was adopted by her foster family and now has 2 kitty siblings and 2 aussie siblings along with her human 12 year old twin sisters in Allentown, PA. 
NS 0926
March 2011
Galli, now Macie, has a loving home with the Galli Family of
Lambertville, NJ 
NS 0934

Maureen O Hara/Morgan
March 2011
With a new name and a new home, Maureen (now Morgan) is living it up in Brooklyn, NY with her new parents Mira and Jordan. 
NS 0808
March 2011
Tink has a wonderful new family with Blaine Claypool & Shannon Harbour who flew from Reno, Nevada to Minnesota to find this perfect match! 
NS 0872
March 2011
Paige & JD Skaggs of Marietta GA took Tootsie to her new "fur"ever home!
NS 0523

March 2011
Gianna found a wonderful home with the Mayberry Family of Jacksonville, IL
NS 0858

March 2011
Julie Elsup fell in love with Adah and they are now living in
Elburn, IL
NS 0904

March 2011
Stilts and Lynne Gibson of Yardley, PA are best of friends now!!
NS 0894

March 2011
The Urbanski Family has found the perfect new addition to add to their Coatesville, PA home, AMBER!!
NS 0499
March 2011
Baxter was adopted by James Ramano and Dempsy, a previous New Spirit rescue.  They now reside in Philadelphia, PA
NS 0945
March 2011
Becky found her forever home
with her foster mom, Janna Weil, and will stay in Lancaster, PA
NS 0760
March 2011
Merab found a wonderful home in Kankakee, IL with the Ashline Family
NS 0851
March 2011
Frodo found his perfect home
with the Busch Family of
O'Fallon, MO
NS 0871
March 2011
The Lugtu Family chose Harlo to the newest addition to their Maple Grove, MO home.  Welcome home Harlo!
NS 0861
March 2011
Gilly stole the Bekiempes Family's hearts when they met.  She will be joing their Bangor, PA home with new sister Suki
NS 0946
March 2011
Felix adopted the Pekarske Family of Muskego, WI
NS 0866
March 2011
Sidney found herself a wonderful home with the Bloch Family of Bedford, MA
NS 0947
March 2011
Jefferson found a great home in Leaf River, IL with new family, The Ramages
NS 0955
March 2011
Flye "flew" into the arms of the  Dorrance Family and now lives in Rice Lake, WI with his new family
NS 0865
March 2011
Cana is now a pround member of the Gum Family in Springfield, IL
NS 0906
March 2011
The Lazarus Family picked
Glitter to add some sparkle to their lives in North Brunswick, NJ
NS 0943
March 2011
Josie joins the Jackson
household in Suwanee, GA
NS 0910
March 2011
Trapper found his family in Lawrenceville, NJ with new mom Shoshana Gutschow
NS 0957
March 2011
Tuxie has HIT THE JACKPOT with Denise, and former NS pup, Keeokee from Glen Mills, PA.
NS 0833
March 2011
Sterling is right at home with the Lamantia's in Columbus, OH
NS 0700
March 2011
Smudge found his perfect home with the Villarreal family of
Union, NJ
NS 0935
March 2011
Cassandra found a wonderful home with her new family, The Ellisons in Mason, OH
NS 0701
March 2011
Hawkeye is now living at the Cincinnati Zoo in Cincinnati, OH and is a companion to the baby animals in the nursery!!
NS 0691
March 2011
The Heims are now the proud new family of Barnard are reside in Silver Spring, MD
NS 0703
March 2011
Smiley found his forever home with the Jacob family in New Britain, PA
NS 0688
March 2011
Nana found a wonderful home in Newton, NJ with new family, the Kahles
NS 0912
March 2011
The Sanders Family chose Adelaide to be their first family pup and they are living happily in Marietta, PA
NS 0951
March 2011
Spandana Reddy and Eddie are living their happily ever after in Tulsa OK
NS 0903

March 2011
This little hot pepper will be showing her stuff in agility
and other dogs sports with Melissa Ferguson of
Plainville, CT
NS 0892
April 2011
Chandler has joined the Sundararaman Family where he will assist Sesh with his doctoral dissertation at UPenn and train
for triathlons in their spare time!
NS 0942
April 2011
This darling girl is home to stay with Ryan and Dana Milhiser
of Reisterstown MD
NS 0664
April 2011
Jesse joins his new family, The Murph's and now has two kids to keep him busy.
NS 0613
Lil Girl
April 2011
After a long ride to KY, Lil Girl joins her new family the Wilsons in Hopkinsville
NS 0608
April 2011
Dana joins Anne and her Aussie Bo on their gorgeous Alpaca farm.  Check them out at
NS 0916
April 2011
Deanna joins her new family, the Sells in Crawfordsville, IL
NS 0705
April 2011
Dylan may have finished 1rst in his obedience class but his new family the Potter's failed "Foster 101" with him!!  Congrats to the Potter family on their newest addition!
NS 0896
April 2011
The Krahn Family of Hortonville, WI has chosen Lincoln to be their new family companion.
NS 0948
April 2011
The Martin Family of Downers Grove, IL have chosen to Mauli to be their new forever pup!
NS 0729
April 2011
Liberty found her new home with the Blier Family of
Pittsburgh, PA
NS 0749
April 2011
Bellayre slid flawlessly into the Tapaninen Famiy and now resides in McHenry, IL
NS 0900
April 2011
Samba joins Pam Prouty
of Stafford, VA
NS 0909

April 2011
Zest found a wonderfu new
home with Dakota Korth
of Washington, DC.
NS 0672
April 2011
This lovely girl has gone home with Lillian Janos and Kerin Hogan of Hewitt, NJ
NS 0932
April 2011
Mocho decided she wanted to stay with her foster family in Rockledge, FL.  She is now a Brooker family member!
NS xxx
April 2011
Bounce bounded right into the Martin Family in Chicago, IL and is making himself right at home!!
NS 0839
April 2011
Nero found his forever family in Grayslake, IL with the Lamadrid Family
NS 0585
April 2011
Merlot has settled nicely into the Gehl Family of Mequon, WI
NS 0731
April 2011
Toowoomba, now Shadow now resides in Cloverdale, IN with new family, the Griffin's
NS 0944
April 2011
Abila found a wonderful home with the Morley's of Caledonia, IL
NS 0960

April 2011
Ian is now Orin and joins the
Fults family and their Aussie Mako in Stone Mountian, GA
NS 0916
April 2011
Russell travels to the beach to joins Ellen in Savannah, GA
NS 0614

April 2011
Artie joins his new family, the Gard's, in Alexandria, VA.  He may be be an only dog now, but the family cat will keep him company!
NS 0614
April 2011
The Wichhart family of Oskaloosa, IA is the pround new parents of our very own, Prissy!
NS 0873
April 2011
Biscuit went around the world to find his way into the Wiggins household where he will be the apple of their eye.
NS 0917
April 2011
The Haines Family, their two children and Nana are now one big happy family in Berwyn, PA!
NS 0912
April 2011
Farrah joins the Sunderland's in their home in Atlanta, GA
NS 0915
April 2011
This little puffball rules the roost at the Harvey household in Long Valley NJ
NS 0924
April 2011
This lovable fellow has charmed
the Holstine Family of Boyds MD into giving him everything
his heart desires!
NS 0663
Petunia/Sofie Belle
April 2011
Rosa joins the Bachtel Family and Buddy the Golden Terrier in Columbus, OH!
NS 0707
April 2011
Petunia, now Sofie Belle is a proud member of the Nichols family and plays great with Jackson her older puppy brother!
NS 0716
April 2011
Lotus, now Molly found her happily ever after with the Brown Family and Boxer Rocky in Springboro OH
NS 0718
April 2011
Clarabell found the Keopp Family in Pleasant Plain, OH.  She now plays basketball with her new human brother!
NS 0704
April 2011
Indiana is now one happy boy in Lowell, IN with the very happy Santelik Family!
NS 0713
April 2011
This sweet girl was adopted by Trevis & Kristy Burkett of Springboro, OH
NS 0708
April 2011
Cam will be traveling from MN to SC to find his forever home with the Watkins Family in Greenwood
NS 0876
April 2011
Washington joins Sue in Woodstock IL
NS 0954
April 2011
Brenda happily joins her foster family forever!!  Congrats to the Spaide family in Spring Grove PA
NS 0677
April 2011
Zoomer joins the Vosburgh family who also adopted his sister, Sassy!!  They are reunited in Granby CT
NS 0508
Buddy Jones/Cooper
April 2011
Buddy Jones, now Cooper, found his forever home with foster family, the Holdens in Pottstown, PA
Yet another successful failure!!
NS 0940
April 2011
Honey found her forever home just across the Ohio river in Delhi, OH.  She is now a proud member of the
Hamad Family
NS 0706
April 2011
Orchid joins her new family, the Berlinger's in Lebanon, OH
NS 0715
May 2011
Magnum joins
Caitlin McEntee in
Norristown, PA to be her new "fur-ever" friend!! 
NS 0973
May 2011
Maury found a simply wonderful home with Cal and Annette Johnson of New York, New York.  This fellow will live out his days in style!!
NS 0798
John Adams
April 2011
KayCee found a great home in the Rochester, MN with the Feils Family
NS 0790
April 2011
Jason Meyers of Muskegon, MI has welcomed our very own Swan into his home!
NS 0972
April 2011
John Adams is settling in nicely with the Beatty Family in Montgomery, IL
NS 0956
April 2011
Breezy found a home in Ingleside, IL with the Schumann Family!
NS 0726
May 2011
The Peterson Family of Faribault, MN have made Mr. Melby their very own aussie.  He will live a happy and wonderful life with them!
NS 0868
May 2011
Izzy found her place in this life in the great town of Phoenixville, PA with the Tuckman Family
NS 0975
May 2011
Elivis now happily lives with the McClements family in
Hinesburg, VT with his new
aussie sibbling
NS 0976
May 2011
Hazel is now the 3rd New Spirit dog to join the Alvarino - Farinas Family!  She joins Lyna and Whimsy, now Sparky!!  
NS 0979
May 2011
Esme has found a great forever home with Judy and Earl Richards of Venango, PA.
NS 0941
Miss Mollie Mae
May 2011
Adopted by the Cat & Brian Kamman of Milaca, MN, Mollie now has horses, cats and dogs to play with now!
NS 0877
May 2011
Dexter is now at home with Sandy and Steve Lane of Valrico, FL.
NS 0763

May 2011
Crescendo (formerly Chester) has a new name and a new life with Kathryn Hearons in near Chesterbrook, PA.
NS 0999
May 2011
Marty has a loving new home with Julie & Dennis Lingo
of Buffalo, MN.
NS 0870
May 2011
Scott Albright has given Poncho a wonderful new home in Jefferson, IA.
NS 0982
May 2011
Snickers (now Rufus) has a loving forever home with Susan and Nicholas Demartini of Virginia.
NS 0974
May 2011
Oakley is now at home with Tim & Heather Brown of Andover, MN.
NS 0640
Angel Spirit
May 2011
Angel Spirit found her home at the NS Fun Day! She is now a part of the Colon Family of Pottstown, PA
NS 0827
May 2011
Mirek Skital of Chicago, IL has given Teman his dream home!
NS 0978
May 2011
This young KY beauty stole a lot of hearts at Fun Day but ultimately chose the Mistretta Family of Wyncote PA to go home with!
NS 1002
May 2011
Abilene is a mature and sensible girl who picked the  Family of  to be her forever people.
NS 0988
May 2011
Mr Chaz, the poster child for
nice dogs, is at home now in Maine with the Bickfords
NS 0986
Anna Belle
May 2011
James and Robin Moncrief of Flemington NJ have welcomed Anna Belle to her forever home with them.
NS 0991
May 2011
After a long 18 months in rescue, our Lara has finally made her journey home with new family the Tudge's, of MS.  Welcome home Lara!!
NS 0391
May  2011
Carter had to go a long way to find his forever family.  He now lives with the Mayer's in CO!!!
NS 0711
May 2011
Mozart is making beautiful music with his new family in Hilliard OH.  He is a proud memeber of the Watson Family
NS 0714
May 2011
Barkley made his way home a New Spirit home, the Manzo Family!!  They now reside in PA
NS 1062
May 2011
Jackson is now a running partner and loving every minute of it, for John in Cincinnati OH
NS 1063
Mr. Burns
May  2011
Mr. Burns is now residing as a very spoiled senior along with his bossy “sisters” Abby and Roxy and the Elhers Family of Oconomowoc, WI.  "He is bringing much joy to our household"
NS 0780
May  2011
It was love at first sight between Doodles and Dave Miller, now happy together in Tobyhanna, PA.
NS 0901
May  2011
Bud was adopted by Larry of Sunrise, FL.  Bud now has two Aussie siblings, Keto and Griffin.
NS 0963

May  2011
Chili has a wonderful new home with Sally Collins of Carmel, IN our newest Heartland foster home!
NS 1066
Black Beauty

May  2011
Black Beauty fit right in with
Greg & Margaret Brodjeski
of Savage,  MN.
NS 0862
May  2011
Cassie has a great new family with Joel & Betsy Stone
of Dike,  IA.
NS 0867
June  2011
Melea Fombelle fell in love with Scrapper and now they are happy together in Monticello, IL.
NS 0958
June  2011
Rudd has been lovingly taken in by Susan Radzilowicz
of Cortlandt Manor, NY.
NS 0680
June  2011
Claire has moved in with Ron & Deanna Puterbaugh in Greenville, OH, and couldn't be happier!
NS 0709
June  2011
Bandy's foster home has fallen in love with him so he is staying put!
He's now a permanent part of the Lewis gang of Winter Springs, FL.
NS 0966
June  2011
Bison now rsides with Bob in St. Petersburg, FL, where the two LOVE to play fetch all day long!
NS 0965
Wagga Wagga
June  2011
Wagga Wagga has wagged her way into the heart of Alison Kriegel from Cedarburg, WI.
NS 0983
June  2011
Harmony has a great new home with Colgan Learning & Kevin
Love of Wayne, PA.
NS 0678
June  2011
Akachan has won the hearts of Lillian Janos & Kerin Hogan in Hewitt, NJ
NS 0933

June  2011
Susan & Jim Schilling have given Ringo a wonderful new home in Dallas, PA.
NS 0927

Black Jack
June  2011
Black Jack joins Cathy Turner & Martin Fazio and gets some new dog and cat siblings too!
Syracuse, NY
NS 0921
June  2011
Matt happily joins Greg Marcario in Holiday, FL, to live a wonderful life together!
NS 0764

June  2011
This guy who is stunningly beautiful inside and out, has joined Victoria & Dan Kurtz in Sellersville, PA,
and has another New Spirit
adoptee, Tex, to play with.
NS 0950
June  2011
Iris aka "The Rocket" auditioned
for Chris Vitali of NJ and will join
his happy, high energy crew
of disc dogs.
NS 1021
June  2011
The Burkes of VA welcome Bert into their home, and hope to add
a New Spirit sibling for him soon.
NS 673
June  2011
Patricia Misyak-Peters of
Howell NJ walked off with
a real prize when she chose
Dottie to come home with her!
NS 337
June  2011
Ginka was adopted by the Wills
Family of Plymouth NY.  They own
a greenhouse and she will be helping
to greet customers!
NS 1024
June  2011
Houston's new family is Ann & Brian Draghi of Galloway, OH.
NS 1065

June  2011
Chex joins her new family and is the light of their eyes in
Smyrna, GA
NS 0918
June  2011
Erin found her just right home with previous NS adopter Traci and her Aussie Marra in Conyers, GA.
NS 0913
June  2011
Kiya has been adopted by the Tower Family in Merritt Island, FL, she’s living the good life!
NS 0964
June  2011
Jimmy joins Lauren Zambroski-Zagnit and three doggie siblings
in Harrisburg, PA .
NS 0981
June  2011
Brandi has a wonderful new home with Jack Bard
in Bonita Springs, FL.
NS 0550
June  2011
Ann & Darrell Leibson fell in love with Bernard and have taken him home to Cincinnati, OH.
NS 1043
June  2011
Kentucker joins Amy and John Kolander as "the only child" in Littlestown, PA.
NS 0990
June  2011
Redlands is now at home with Sara Thorne in Chicago, IL.
NS 1016

June  2011
Keller has been given a wonderful new home by Linda Bruce of
Fort Madison, IA.
NS 0835
June  2011
Crosby now lives with Theodore Nenov near Pt. Barrington, IL.
NS 0930

Greater Taree
June  2011
Katie Rae Weichert fell in love with Greater Taree and has taken her home to North Mankato, MN.
NS 0939
Happy Endings January - June 2011
The dogs below have found new homes thanks to the efforts of the many New Spirit volunteers and other rescue people who help so much in all we do.

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